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Transmissions: Element 120/Achievements

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This subject is related to a real world perspective.
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Transmissions: Element 120, a free mod set sometime after Half-Life 2: Episode Two, comes with 11 Steam achievements, listed here in chronological order.


Image Achievement Official description Chapter How-to
TE120A Catch em all.jpg Catch em all Find and decode all qr codes. wake Hidden throughout the first chapter are QR codes that can be read by zooming in.
TE120A Wake.jpg Wake Complete chapter 1. wake Self-explanatory.
TE120A Gravity Jump.jpg Gravity Jump Use a special weapon to gravity jump. escape Right after acquiring the Zero-Point Energy Projector, a gravity jump must be performed in order to progress.
TE120A Metroidvania.jpg Metroidvania Find a way to get the magnum revolver. escape Upon entering the sewers in Chapter 1, a locked fenced area with a revolver in it can be seen a short way in. After acquiring the Zero Point Energy Projector in Chapter 2, it can be used to blow the lock off the door.
TE120A Escape.jpg Escape Complete chapter 2. escape Self-explanatory.
TE120A Scholar.jpg Scholar Find all journals. escape through animus The first journal is found in the bedroom at the start of Chapter 2. The next two are found in the laboratory along with the Zero Point Energy Projector. The fourth and final journal is found at the end of Chapter 3.
TE120A Reunited.jpg Reunited Reunite two little gnomes. escape through animus The first gnome is found in the practice range along with the Zero-Point Energy Projector. It must be carried to the end of Chapter 3, where it has to be left in a room that must be gravity-jumped out of. Above said room is an open courtyard area where a supply crate contains the second gnome which must be brought back down to the first gnome to unlock the achievement.
TE120A Slicer.jpg Slicer Cut a zombie in half with a large object. animus In Chapter 3, a large open arena is found containing a multitude of Zombies and large suspended steel beams. Using the Zero Point Energy Projector to hit the steel beams will result in them bisecting nearby Zombies.
TE120A Animus.jpg Animus Complete chapter 3. animus Self-explanatory.
TE120A Strider Smasher.jpg Strider Smasher Smash two striders with shipping containers. terminus During the final battle, multiple Striders perform an assault in an arena with several shipping containers suspended above by cranes. Using the Zero Point Energy Projector to hit the containers results in them dropping down and killing any Strider caught beneath.
TE120A Terminus.jpg Terminus Complete chapter 4. terminus Self-explanatory.