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Portal Reloaded

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This subject is related to a real world perspective.

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Portal Reloaded

PORTANIS (Jannis Brinkmann)

Release date(s)

April 19, 2021


First-person shooter, Puzzle video game


Single-player, multiplayer co-op


Windows, macOS, Linux


Keyboard and mouse




Jannis Brinkmann


Jannis Brinkmann


Jannis Brinkmann

Portal Reloaded is a free modification for Portal 2. It is centered around a new, third portal allowing time travel 20 years into the future.



An unnamed test subject, known only by their number - 4509 - is awakened to take part in a testing track, using the green time portal to travel between the pristine chambers of the present, and the same, now dilapidated chambers of the near future. Guided by the automated Announcer, she is initially led to believe that the decay of the future is intentional. However, the subject soon finds out that it was a lie - the Aperture Science Enrichment Center fell into decay after the entity in control of the facility stopped working, thanks to a rogue test subject. The testing track is intended as training for her mission to prevent the destruction of Aperture Science. After completing the tests, the test subject can either obey the announcer and let herself be put back into stasis in the present until the day of the incident, or she can escape the facility in the future, only to find herself facing a group of Headcrab Zombies.


The Cooperative Testing Initiative - Atlas and P-Body are sent to retrieve a valuable asset from the past. After completing a testing track, the two robots enter the Aperture Archives and discover the asset - a lost cake recipe.


Portal Reloaded features a new mechanic - a third, green portal which allows the traversing of the same point in the present and in the near future. The time periods are easily distinguishable - the present is clean, and the future is dilapidated. Moving an object (usually a cube) in the present will automatically move it to the same place in the future, but not vice versa. While present objects cannot be moved into the future, as it causes a paradox, future objects can be brought into the present, allowing the player to acquire a duplicate. Solving test chambers requires regularly moving between the two time periods. In the Singleplayer mode, the player has a Portal Device capable of shooting three portals, but in the coop mode Atlas's portal gun can only place regular portals, while P-Body controls the time portal.


Portal Reloaded has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from players on Steam, with 96% of 19,122 reviews (as of Febuary 05, 2024) being positive.[1]

Rick Lane of PC Gamer also praised the mod, saying that "[Reloaded] stands on Portal’s shoulders to deliver a mind-meltingly clever series of puzzles, and one of the smartest implementations of time travel that I’ve seen in a game."[2]



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