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That Long Train Ride

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ThatLongTrainRide AlbumArt.jpg
That Long Train Ride

March 12, 2005[1]






Andrew "DJ Dain" Bowers[2][3]

That Long Train Ride is a fan-made remix created by Andrew "DJ Dain" Bowers of a Half-Life 2 track. It is an expansion of the song Triage at Dawn; it also briefly uses an excerpt from the sound file radio1.mp3.


The song was first posted on the OverClocked ReMix forums, a site dedicated to video game music, on February 19, 2005[4] where it received negative feedback. After some changes,[4] Bowers decided to upload it to which he believes "had a much more egalitarian reviewing system" and therefore "ended up contributing most of [his] time and effort".[3] As he hadn't seen the title of the original Half-Life 2 track (Triage at Dawn) while browsing the game files, he created a new one: That Long Train Ride.[3]

Bowers went on to produce other remixes to post on VGMix until the February of 2006 when the site was closed. That Long Train Ride and most of his others video game remixes wouldn't see the light of day again until he started his own blog in 2008 to promote his mash-ups. However, during the intervening years prior to his blog's launch, the song became a hit with the Half-Life 2 community.[3]

There has been a considerable amount of confusion throughout the fan community regarding the origins of the track, many initially arguing that it was part of the early versions of Half-Life 2. Its name was also unclear, thought at times to be titled "Path of/to (the) Borealis".[3] In 2007, a Half-Life 2 leak files pack which included That Long Train Ride and other non Half-Life-related songs was released which led to speculation within the community that these tracks were made by Valve. In 2010, a user on the Facepunch forums admitted that he was responsible for this misleading soundtrack compilation.[5]

As of November 2018, the song has reached more than 3,000,000 plays and over 30,000 thumbs ups over many videos on YouTube, the most popular one, uploaded on July 12, 2008, having about 2,900,000 views.[6]


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