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Portal Stories: Mel

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Portal Stories Mel logo.jpg
Portal Stories: Mel

Prism Studios

Release date(s)

June 25, 2015


First-person shooter, Puzzle video game




Windows, macOS, Linux


Keyboard and mouse



Portal Stories: Mel is a Portal 2 modification exploring the story of Mel, protagonist cut from Portal 2.


Portal Stories: Mel was developed over the course of four years by a small independent team of fans under the name Prism Studios.[1] Development for the mod was first announced in May 2011,[2] and it was originally intended to launch in early 2012.[3] On July 27, 2014 it appeared on Steam Greenlight and got approved by Valve within the following week,[4][5] before being released free of charge on Steam on June 25, 2015.[6]


Portal Stories: Mel has gained critical acclaim since its release, which was reported by several major websites. PC Gamer praised its length and the lack of a price tag,[7] Polygon described it as "impressive",[8] and The Washington Post called the mod "imaginative " and noted its "unusually difficult" puzzles as a unique aspect.[1] As of August 2017, user reviews of Portal Stories: Mel on Steam are overwhelmingly positive, with 95% of reviewers praising the game one way or another.[6]


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