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Shotgun Origins[edit]

Are we sure this is resistance made? When put inside a combine fabricator it has an identification number in the upper left hand corner, unlike Russel’s pistol. Further more, it’s wielded by a zombified combine worker when you find it. It might still be resistance modified, but I find that detail odd — Unsigned comment by

All of the Alyx weapon articles currently need much additional research and review. I'll personally get around to this eventually, but here's my quick notes on the subject:
  • The Shotgun doesn't have Combine gene-coding, which they make a big deal out of with the SMG.
  • The zombie corpse Alyx grabs the Shotgun from is not randomized. It's always a Combine Worker. However, we don't know if Combine Workers are genetically modified in any way like the soldiers (something I also need to double check on for the Combine Worker). The whole gene-coding thing doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the bigger picture.
  • We don't know why this particular Combine Worker had the Shotgun. However, it's very clear that this Worker is a Zombie since Alyx specifically says so, so apparently this Zombie kept this Shotgun post-mortem.
  • The Shotgun has an animal logo on it with the name "RATEL". Seems to be a human manufacturer, but I have not closely examined any of the other weapons in Alyx yet.
Marphy (talk) 22:17, 5 April 2020 (MSK)

You make some good points, and in retrospect you made me realize a couple things

  • Where ever a serial number is normally on 1911 may just have been scratched off by Russel, so the presence of a serial number doesn’t mean it is a combine design (or even a contracted weapon made post-war)
  • Combine workers are likely unmodified, since Russel wears a slightly different outfit to them (the oranges and greys are flipped), and Jeff and other zombies don’t appear to have mechanical augmentations or experience the same disfiguration that combine zombies have (their face isn’t swelled like a Combine Captain Zombie’s is).
  • Just cause you’re unmodified doesn’t mean you can’t use gene coded weapons, they’re likely coded to the user’s specific genetic code (thus why alyx can use the smg), which might explains why, as pulse weapons became more refined and wide spread (I believe the smg has the word “proto” written on it, but I’ll have to double check), they removed that feature for ease of rearming their troops.

Of course, none of this helps with solving the origin of the shotgun XD. HL:A implies alot but rarely concretely says anything.

  • In regards to the assertion that it is a resistance-built shotgun, I don't think so. Alyx's shotgun has some Civil Protection markings on the top of the "slide" between the front and rear sights, and Alyx's shotgun bears similarities to the rear half of the Charger's shotgun, suggesting that these shotguns are two variants of a manufactured gun.
  • This is entirely speculation, but it seems likely that Combine Workers had armed escorts (some of the dead workers wear masks resembling those of civil protection) or were possibly even armed themselves given the danger of their work. Given that the gun is empty when found, and that the shotgun-clutching zombie has shotgun shells on his belt/pockets when found, it seems likely that this worker took up arms before meeting his demise at the hands of a headcrab. In any case, as Marphy pointed out, what's clear is that the zombie kept the weapon post-mortem.
I Just noticed the similarities to the rear of the Charger's gun too. Considering the way Fabricators work, this is likely the "base", and Heavy Shotguns are them fully upgraded. This would also explain why charger's seem to have a farther range than you, since their shotguns have longer barrels. Essinatially making Alyx's Shotgun a sod-off. I'll add a quick note in the overview about the similarity. We still don't know if it is resistance made. considering the spray paint, someone could have stripped it down and added the charging handle and fold-able stock. Ihonnyboy (talk) 04:18, 21 April 2020 (MSK)