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Combine lock

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Combine lock
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The Combine lock[1] is a security device commonly used as a door lock that mechanically prevents the door from being opened, unless it is unlocked by Combine personnel, disabled from a Combine interface, or short-circuited. They are used prolifically throughout City 17 to limit Citizen movement, and can also explode when triggered to, allowing for a more forceful entry.


  • Combine locks are often found in residential blocks throughout City 17, preventing unauthorized access and limiting the areas that Citizens can access. When attempted to be opened by the player, a lock will only respond with a distinct "negative" sound.
  • Combine-affiliated personnel with sufficient clearance are able to unlock doors by standing in front of the lock and presumbably having their ID scanned by the device, or by using a Combine interface nearby. However, Alyx Vance can use her EMP Tool to override any lock and gain access to restricted areas, as she does, for instance, in Nova Prospekt.
  • In addition to being installed on regular doors, Combine locks are often used to control Heavy Doors, Force Fields and some other Combine devices.
  • In Episode One, the door locks demonstrate their ability to self-destruct: flashing red and emitting a beeping noise, then exploding, destroying the door they were attached to and allowing Combine Soldiers to forcefully breach into areas.


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