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This subject is related to the Portal 2 era.
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This article is about the Aperture Science Personality Construct. For the hermit Vortigaunt, see Gary.

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"My name's Grady, you can call me that. I mean, let's do introductions later, you should really already be... honestly I'm surprised you're not fired already."
― Grady[src]

Grady, also known under the witness protection program as Gary, is a Personality Construct who appears in Aperture Desk Job.


Like other Personality Constructs during this time of Aperture's history, Grady has an aqua blue exterior plating. He also possesses a mechanical arm appendage with a functional hand that's separate from his sphere which he can use to physically interact with his environments and gesture with. His support pole has a built-in pair of headphones connected via a spiral cord to an antenna that he can extend. Speaking with an American accent, Grady's job at Aperture Science is to greet new employees, ensuring the correct pre-recorded message on tape from Cave Johnson is played, and explain their responsibilities to them.


Aperture Desk Job[edit]

Grady guides the protagonist through their job as a Product Inspector for Aperture Science, and, after witnessing by an accident involving toilets and live ammunition, is inspired to invent the Sentry Turret. Grady instigated the protagonist to destroy an enormous warehouse with the newly invented turret, which got the latter into jail. In order to get him out, Grady learned for eighteen months through the mail to become a registered parole officer, and according to him, he is currently managing seven parolees at once. Following the apparent death of their boss Cave Johnson, the two join the witness protection program wherein Grady receives the new name of "Gary".

Grady explicitly expresses his fondness to the protagonist's neck tattoo depicting a dragon holding a knife, and he decided to have one himself to become "tattoo bros" with the protagonist. At the end of the game, he is seen wearing a fake moustache and a skeleton arm tattoo printed on his hull.


Grady is irresponsible and slightly incompetent at his job. He regularly breaks company policy and makes mistakes. He divides blame between himself and the player so that the player faces the harsher repercussions, which in one case results in the player's incarceration. However, Grady is not without a conscience and tries to help the player by learning to be a registered parole officer by mail so that he may personally supervise the player's release, presumably so he ensure that their parole is easy. Grady has a friendly nature evidenced by his desire to have a skeleton holding a knife tattoo to match the tattoo the player received in prison (a dragon holding a knife). He starts referring to himself and the player as "tattoo bros" suggesting that he sees the player as a friend.


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