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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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  • Modified construction helmet
  • Bolt cutter
  • Bottles of vodka
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Voiced by

Rich Sommer


Jamaal Bradley (animation)[1]

"Y'know, I thought we had an agreement: you keep your tongue to yourself and I don't shoot you in it."
― Larry to a Barnacle[src]

Larry is a minor character who appears in Half-Life: Alyx, serving as a handy survivalist and pseudo-resident of the Golden Lion Distillery. He plays a background role in guiding Alyx Vance on how to evade the monstrous being he dubs "Jeff."


Larry's identity and background remain largely unknown. However, as mentioned himself, he has been living in the Golden Lion Distillery for years, implying that he is an experienced survivalist. Life in the Quarantine Zone endowed him with a somewhat unkempt appearance and several makeshift survival techniques: he wears a dark blue jacket under an orange waistcoat with bottles in the pockets, and has a grey patterned bandana around his neck. On his head is a pair of construction goggles and a bloodied white hardhat with nails protruding from it, presumably used to repel pouncing Headcrabs. He carries a leather backpack that holds a bolt cutter, likely for cutting Barnacle tongues, and is filled with bottles of alcohol. While he claimed to have had a gun, it is apparently already eaten by a Barnacle.

In the Distillery, he regularly deals with Barnacles, which he has developed a deep hatred for, and carefully avoids a terrifying mutated monstrosity he nicknamed "Jeff". He maintains his safety by staying on the upper levels and inside the walls of the facility, where he gained an understanding of the creatures inhabiting it over time. He's shown to have a somewhat eccentric personality, as evidenced by his negotiations with Barnacles and personification of Jeff as "our boy". He also shows little concern for the great dangers he is in or the threat of the Combine outside.

While Alyx Vance is traveling through the Distillery on her way to the Vault, she comes across Larry, who is trying in vain to converse with a Barnacle that has caught his leg and is pondering whether he should amputate his own limb. After Alyx kills the Barnacle and frees him, he thanks her by kicking down a ladder for her and disappears. Moments later, he is met again on an upper floor, where he introduces Alyx to the monstrous Jeff, informing her how he is actually blind and will predictably follow any nearby sounds, such as the smashing of a vodka bottle. He also instructs Alyx to cover her mouth when near spore clouds so as not to cough and attract Jeff's attention. After Alyx manages to trap and possibly kill Jeff in a trash compactor, Larry expresses some amazement for her acts before awkwardly bidding her farewell and returning into the Distillery, not to be seen again.


Larry will offer unique compliments if Alyx wore hats or respirators early on, with the quote varying with the type of gear she is wearing. His farewell congratulations to Alyx will also differ depending on whether she crushed Jeff or not, with the former beginning with an impressed "Goddamn!".

Larry's eccentric habits of talking with monsters, living alone in dangerous places, and providing the player with vital advice for survival somewhat mirrors Father Grigori from Half-Life 2. His appearance is somewhat roughly based on his voice actor, Rich Sommer.


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