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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Biographical information


Function(s) / Belongings
  • Modified construction helmet
  • Bolt cutter
  • Bottles of vodka
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Combine occupation

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Voiced by

Rich Sommer

Voice sample(s)
"Y'know, I thought we had an agreement: you keep your tongue to yourself and I don't shoot you in it."
― Larry[src]

Larry is a character who appears in Half-Life: Alyx.


Larry mentions that he has been surviving in the Distillery out in the Quarantine Zone for years where he regularly deals with Barnacles, which he has developed a deep hatred for, and a terrifying mutated beast he's nicknamed "Jeff". He wears a pair of goggles, a bloodied white construction helmet with nails stuck through (to pierce any Headcrabs that attempt to pounce on his head), a bandana around his neck, and a backpack carrying a bolt cutter (likely for Barnacle tongues) and filled with bottles of vodka, presumably to help sneak around Jeff. He maintains his safety by staying on the upper levels and inside the walls of the factory where he has gained an understanding of the creatures inhabiting it over time. He's shown to have a somewhat eccentric personality, showing little concern for the great dangers he's in or the outside threat of the Combine.

While Alyx Vance is traveling through the Distillery on her way to the Vault, she comes across Larry whose leg has been caught by a Barnacle that's already eaten his weapon. After Alyx kills the Barnacle and frees him, he introduces her to the monstrous Jeff, explaining to her how he's actually blind and will predictably follow any nearby sounds, such as the smashing of a vodka bottle. He also instructs Alyx to cover her mouth around spore clouds so as not to cough and attract Jeff's attention. After Alyx manages to trap Jeff in a trash compactor, he bids her farewell (also expressing some amazement if she chose to crush the creature in the machine) and returns inside the Distillery.


Larry will offer some unique compliments depending on the type of hat the player is wearing and if the player has brought a respirator mask early.


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