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The Scientist

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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"We need to move the box, or this thing is going to be Black Mesa all over again."
― Scientist[src]

The Scientist, also referred to as the Collaborator,[1] is a character of unknown identity and affiliation briefly heard and glimpsed by Alyx Vance during the ninth chapter of Half-Life: Alyx, Revelations.


Almost nothing is known about the Scientist aside from being a female human collaborating with the Combine during the events pertaining to the Vault. She expresses familiarity with the events of Black Mesa and indicates she's familiar with the individual in the Vault, evidently having been attempting to catch him for some time.


Half-Life: Alyx[edit]

The Scientist appears late in the game when Alyx is making her way through the Tanker Yard to disable the last power station to bring down the Vault. Seemingly working in collaboration with the Combine, the Scientist is heard arguing with an Advisor in regards to moving the Vault before Alyx inevitably reaches it. She speaks with derision towards the Advisor (apparently one not of high rank), proclaiming herself her own supervisor and acting with incredulity at the Combine's inability to act swiftly in this matter.

Positioned in an inaccessible room, the Scientist is never physically seen nor interacted with, the player only witnessing her shadow silhouetted against a wall.

Behind the scenes[edit]

A model exists for the Scientist, but the only included textures are for her hair, rendering the rest of her appearance pitch black. She wears a pantsuit and ascot and has a square pin on her lapel as well as multiple rings on both hands. Based on her appearance, she appears to be middle-aged. Despite not being able to directly see her, her model has facial animations in her conversation with the Advisor.

The character's name is not mentioned in the game, but she is referred to as "Scientist" in the voice credits and model name, "contractor" in her dialog lines, and "shadow_lady" in her animations. That she's identified as a contractor may suggest she works for an unknown organization providing service to the Combine.

According to Erik Wolpaw, the developers already have some future plans for the Scientist and are currently unwilling to disclose any further information about her.[2]


Her character shares similarities with Dr. Mossman being a female scientist colluding with the Combine.

In The Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx, she appears to have similarities with the concept art of a character known as "Hahn". Interestingly enough, the Resistance member Olga wears a name tag with the surname "Hahn" on it. A separate folder in the game files captioned "Hahn" also has hair textures which are used for the Scientist.




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The Scientist
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