This subject is related to the Combine era.


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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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The following is a list of quotes from Larry.

Half-Life: Alyx[edit]

Location: sounds/vo/larry

Filename(s) Quote
12_00001 [Struggling] Son of a…
12_00002 [Struggling] Come on, y'damn thing… get… off… my… foot! Gimme — Gah!
12_00003 [Struggling] Y'know, I thought we had an agreement: you keep your tongue to yourself and I don't shoot you in it.
12_00004 [Struggling] We are through, just so you know.
12_00005 [Struggling] Man…
12_00006 Oh! Hey! Hey! You with the, uh, with the blood on you. You with the blood!
12_00007 I, uh, got a little situation here?
12_00008 You, uh — you don't happen to have a gun on you, do you?
12_00009 Yeah, look at that. It's a — Oof! It's a nice one too.
12_00010 Unhh. Nicer than mine, which is up inside this guy.
12_00011 Speaking of which, could you shoot this thing? Please?
12_00012 Look, I got uh, probably four, maybe five good hours of arm strength here, so…
12_00013 So yeah, just take your time, but if it's no trouble… Urragh — maybe put a plug in this thing for me.
12_00014 Ah, hey, great.
12_00015 Ah, nice. My hero.
12_00016 Uh, hey, little help?
12_00027 Mmph. Thanks.
12_00028 Oh, that's Jeff.
12_00029 Oh, don't worry, he can't see. Hears just fine, though.
12_00030 Got an ear like Mozart.
12_00031 Ugh. Alright, now let me help you out.
12_00032 Alright. See ya on the other side, greenhorn.
12_00033 And keep your voice down.
12_00035 [Whispering] There he is.
12_00036 [Whispering] Right. Watch this…
12_00037 See? He's totally predictable. But he will rip your arms off if he finds you.
12_00038 Whoa whoa whoa what! Jeff is bulletproof!
12_00039 My advice is just avoid him.
12_00041 Hey hey! Those things are nasty! You gotta cover your mouth!
12_00044 I'm taking off. But good luck in there. And don't underestimate our boy Jeff. He, uh, he doesn't have much patience.
12_00046 Whoa! What did you do to Jeff?
12_00047 Goddamn! Well, I uh, I hope you came across some of the good stuff. See you around!
12_00049 What's your name?
12_00509 Hey, I-I almost forgot: What's your name?
12_00511 Hey, Alyx. I'm Larry. Nice to meet you. Try not to get killed.
12_00516 Cover your mouth so you don't cough!
12_00517 You're giving away your position! Cover your mouth so you don't cough!
12_00518 Jeff can hear you coughing! Cover your mouth!
12_00519 Hey! Hey! Cover your mouth so you don't cough!
12_00600 Hey! Alyx Vance! You made it!
12_00602 Goddamn!
12_00604 Well, I hope you came across some of the good stuff. Uh, I'll see you around!
12_50000 <sfx:1>[Struggling]
12_50001 [Struggling] …hate… barnacles… so much…
12_50002 [Struggling] …been…surviving in this…stupid factory for years. How do I…keep getting caught…by barnacles?
12_50003 [Struggling] Alright, that is it. Gotta cut the leg off. You win, hope you choke on it, you creep.
12_50004 [Struggling] There would've been so many better ways to die than this. The indignity.
12_50005 Oh — and uh, nice hat, by the way.
12_50006 Nice hat, by the way.
12_50007 Nice helmet, by the way.
12_50008 Oh — and nice helmet, by the way.
12_50009 Nice hats, by the way.
12_50010 Oh — and nice mask.
12_50011 That'll come in handy.
12_50012 Oh, by the way — that look? It's a good one.
12_50013 Oh, by the way — whatever that is on your head? I like it.
12_50014 Ooh! Nice mask, by the way.
12_50015 Ooh, nice mask! That'll come in handy here.
12_50016 And uh, in case you lose it, be sure to cover your mouth around those things.
12_50017 Oh! But if you lose it? Cover your mouth around those things. It's — gross.
12_50018 [Struggling] Drowning. Run over by a Combine patrol. Run over by a Strider. Drowned by a Strider. Ripped in half by a Strider. Tuberculosis.