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Arne Magnusson/Quotes

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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The following is a list of quotes from Arne Magnusson.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two[edit]

The Outlands[edit]

Victory Mine[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_01/intro

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_transmit_whatnow Yes, yes, I'm not deaf.
mag_transmit_linchpin Well, of course they have. You see, Kleiner, it's the linchpin of all of their plans.
mag_transmit_sequence01 Somewhere in that sequence, they would have had to establish a connection with the far side.
mag_transmit_sequence02 What you have there young lady, is the specific contact code for the Combine Overworld.
mag_transmit_nodoubt01 Now, if I'm right about this – and I have no reason to doubt myself – you are carrying the very code Doctor Mossman had hoped to recover.
mag_transmit_nodoubt02 Now, how soon can you get here?
mag_transmit_nowaste01 There is no time to waste.
mag_transmit_nowaste02 We'll need to step up the launch schedule.
mag_transmit_nowaste03 Now as soon as you get here with the signature data, we'll encode the satellite and get the damn thing into orbit.

Radio Tower settlement[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_06a/radio

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_rad_expectedyou01 Alyx?
mag_rad_expectedyou02 Alyx Vance?
mag_rad_expectedyou03 Where are you?
mag_rad_expectedyou04 I expected you hours ago.
mag_rad_gravity01 Don't you understand the gravity of the situation?
mag_rad_gravity02 The survival of Earth depends on the data you carry.
mag_rad_hopeso01 What – what's that? What?
mag_rad_hopeso02 You're heading our way? Well I should hope so!
mag_rad_hopeso03 What? What was that?
mag_rad_hopeso04 Oh.
mag_rad_hopeso05 You're breaking up, Alyx.
mag_rad_whatwhat01 What?
mag_rad_whatwhat02 What?

White Forest[edit]

First meet[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/silo

When the alarm goes off after Gordon enters the base:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_silo_backtowork01 All right, back to work, everyone!
mag_silo_backtowork02 It's just another false alarm in the secondary silo.

When Gordon, Alyx and Eli arrive at the rocket:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_silo_kleinercert01 The last thing on my mind was submitting it for the Kleiner certificate of approval.
mag_silo_kleinercert02 Whatever troubles we might have had were the result of staffing and supply deficiencies.
mag_silo_lamarr And get your cranio-conjugal parasite away from my nose cone!

While Isaac Kleiner is greeting Alyx and Gordon:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_silo_datapeople The data, people, the data!
mag_silo_reunion Kleiner, are you going to sync up the satellite? Or should I postpone the launch to make time for a family reunion?
mag_silo_redcarpet Oh, fine – no one grants me a moment's peace, but by all means – unroll the red carpet.
mag_silo_guarant You have my word on it!

When the alarm goes off again:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_silo_parade01 Oh, what next in the parade of constant interruptions?
mag_silo_falsealarms01 Hello.
mag_silo_falsealarms02 Hello, is anyone there?
mag_silo_falsealarms03 Anyone?
mag_silo_falsealarms04 False alarms all day – damn crows have been nesting in the tracks. I do not know how I am supposed to concentrate with all of this racket.
mag_silo_makeuseful Freeman – Freeman, you're not doing anything. Make yourself useful and find out what the hell is going on in there.
mag_silo_follownags05 Freeman!
mag_silo_sendtosecondsilo02 The blast doors will have sealed due to the alert, so you'll have to go through the bottom of the launch tube.
mag_silo_sendtosecondsilo01 I'll open this hatch to let you down.
mag_silo_sendtosecondsilo03 Now, once you're down there, I'll have Uriah let you into the secondary silo.

If Freeman refuses to go down the ladder:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_silo_waitingforhug01 Well what are you waiting for Freeman, a hug?
mag_silo_waitingforhug02 The situation is not going to investigate itself!
mag_silo_laddernags02 Quickly man – the ladder.
mag_silo_laddernags03 Hurry and get down that ladder.
mag_silo_laddernags04 The ladder's here.


Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/absilo While Gordon descends on the elevator:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_aband_popular01 Attention, personnel.
mag_aband_popular02 This is Dr. Magnusson!
mag_aband_popular03 Since the secondary silo staff seem incapable of solving their little crow problem, you will be happy to hear we have put the popular Dr. Freeman on the job. We all look forward to his remedy.
mag_aband_popular04 And I look forward to hearing the staff's excuses for why they couldn't handle it themselves.
mag_aband_popular05 Thank you for your patience.

After Gordon enters the secondary silo:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_aband_racket For God's sake, Freeman, what is taking you so long? Oh, I cannot concentrate with all of this racket!
mag_aband_fiends01 These feathered fiends are the most persistent I've ever...
mag_aband_fiends02 Wait... What is this?

After the Rebel is killed by a Hunter:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_aband_dearbreach Oh my god! Oh dear. This is a breach. A breach!
mag_aband_pinpoint Attention! Attention, personnel! This is Dr. Magnusson. We are experiencing a breach of internal base defenses. Please bear with us while we pinpoint the location of the breach.

While Gordon is fighting the Combine forces:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_aband_critical Attention, Freeman! It is critical that you seal the overhead silo doors and stop this infiltration!
mag_aband_decom01 Freeman, I repeat! There has been a breach of the secondary silo by way of the overhead launch doors.
mag_aband_decom02 I will trust you to seal the silo doors.
mag_aband_onceagain01 Freeman!
mag_aband_onceagain02 Freeman! Have you heard a word I've been saying?
mag_aband_onceagain03 It's up to you to seal the launch doors!
mag_aband_stillalive Is anyone still alive in there?
mag_aband_forgodsake If you can hear me, Freeman, for god's sake close the overhead silo doors!
mag_aband_stillthere Freeman! Are you still in the secondary silo?
mag_aband_apex01 Freeman.
mag_aband_apex02 Freeman can you hear me?
mag_aband_apex03 The base is vulnerable until you find the controls and shut the overhead door assembly.

When the secondary silo doors are closed:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_aband_pleased This is Dr. Magnusson. And I am pleased to announce the secondary silo has been sealed. Well! Back to work!

Borealis transmission[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/silo

After the Borealis discussion:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_silo_needahand01 Kleiner, where are you?
mag_silo_needahand02 Why isn't the decoding finished?
mag_silo_goahead If you're waiting for the Combine's go-ahead, they'll soon be here to give it to you in person!

After Alyx comes back with the cup of tea:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_silo_changeplans01 All right, people – change of plans.
mag_silo_changeplans02 There is no way we can launch before those striders are —
mag_silo_excuseme01 and mag_silo_excuseme02 Oh – oh, excuse me if I'm interrupting tea time. I'll just step out until you've finished if that's more convenient.
mag_silo_followquick01 Well, Freeman.
mag_silo_followquick02 I believe I've found the perfect use for you.
mag_silo_followquick03 Follow me.
mag_silo_followquick04 Quickly.

Magnusson Device training[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/magtraining

The briefing:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_darelaunch01 Freeman, Striders are coming.
mag_tutor_darelaunch02 A single one of those damn things could shoot down our rocket.
mag_tutor_darelaunch03 We don't dare launch until all Striders are destroyed.
mag_tutor_brawn01 Now, you've proved yourself capable, and the staff seem to respect you. Therefore, I'm putting defense of White Forest, and this ingenious new weapon of mine, in your hands.
mag_tutor_magdevice01 and mag_tutor_magdevice02 We call it the Magnusson Device. Not my chosen label you understand, but it seemed to please the personnel.
mag_tutor_looklively Now look lively in there. Warm up the delivery port.
mag_tutor_rdu01 Now, what it is, is a sort of a sticky-bomb, although cleverer than that makes it sound.
mag_tutor_rdu02 From your point of view, you merely pitch the device at the Strider's hull, then blow it up.
mag_tutor_rdu03 I've struggled with a mechanism for launching the device, but... well, your Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator clears up that little problem.
mag_tutor_getinpractice Follow me and we'll let you get in some practice while we still have time.

After opening the door:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_impaling Don't be alarmed, Freeman. This Strider's days of impaling your friends are a thing of the past.

In the training area:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_outinfield Now, out in the field, we'll supply you with all the Magnusson Devices you need through delivery ports like this one.

If Gordon doesn't pick up the device:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_takeoutdevice Go ahead and take the device out of the dispenser.
mag_tutor_wanttousegravgun Now you'll want to use your Gravity Gun to throw it.

When Gordon picks up the Strider Buster:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_tossatbody That's right. Now toss it at the main body of the Strider.

If Gordon doesn't shoot the device:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_firearm Good. Now take out the firearm of your choice and shoot the device.

When Gordon detonates the Strider Buster:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_nottoohard01 There you go.
mag_tutor_nottoohard02 Not too difficult at this range, is it? Gets a bit harder when it's moving about and firing at you, of course.
mag_tutor_moveon Now, let's move on to a more challenging task.
mag_tutor_fartarget Uriah, send the target to the far end of the rails.

After the dead Strider is moved:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_verywell Very well, Freeman. Try it now.

When Gordon misses the Strider:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_bitmore A bit more challenging at this range, isn't it.
mag_tutor_fragile As you can see, the Magnussons are fragile. They will disintegrate immediately if they miss their target.
mag_tutor_aimforcarap Aim for the carapace.
mag_tutor_carapfreeman The carapace. Freeman.

When Gordon launches and detonates the device:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_magnif Magnificent device, isn't it?
mag_tutor_overhere I'll be right over here when you are ready to head out.

When Gordon approaches Magnusson:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_hadenough Had enough?
mag_tutor_fueled Your car is fueled and ready to go.
mag_tutor_amplesupply Now, every building in the valley has its own dispenser port so you'll have ample supply of explosives.
mag_tutor_backtorocket Now, I must get back to my rocket, Freeman.
mag_tutor_squander I'm relying on you not to squander my trust... or my Magnussons!
mag_tutor_debacle Oh, and Freeman! If you pull this off, I might just forgive you for that debacle at Black Mesa. You know the one I mean – involving a certain microwave casserole.

Rocket launch and finale[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_12a/launch

Kleiner and Magnusson consulting the rocket checklist:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_launch_check01 Telemetry data links.
mag_launch_check03 Tracking beacon...there's another bit of cruft we can ignore. Support equipment powered down.
mag_launch_check04 Satellite payload powered and ready...
mag_launch_check05 Already closed out launch support equipment checklist...
mag_launch_check02 That must be an ancient entry. There are no backup sites. If we fail, the best we can hope is that the rocket falls on the enemy. Now...inertial navigation systems...
mag_launch_check06 Safety test of FTS...
mag_launch_check07 Ground and high-altitude winds...
mag_launch_check08 Guidance computer voltages and currents...
mag_launch_check09 FTS switched over to internal power.
mag_launch_check10 And armed?
mag_launch_check11 Don't ever say of course. We can't take anything for granted!
mag_launch_check12a [Sigh]
mag_launch_check12b Avionics to internal power?

When Gordon and Alyx come by the lower control room:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_launch_holdon Hold on a moment, Kleiner.
mag_launch_flawless01 Ah, Freeman.
mag_launch_flawless02 Well, I see the Magnusson Device performed flawlessly.
mag_launch_thankyou01 I feel compelled to thank you, personally, for saving my rocket.
mag_launch_thankyou02 So, um...
mag_launch_thankyou03 Thank you.
mag_launch_chitchat01 Ahem... Well, that's enough chitchat.
mag_launch_chitchat02 I've got a rocket to launch.

When Gordon and Alyx arrive at the upper control room:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_launch_tolerance01 Well... that's within tolerance, certainly not worth scuttling the ...
mag_launch_forgetmd01 Ah, let's not forget that with the Magnusson device, those striders practically destroy themselves.
mag_launch_startauto02 I suggest we adjourn this meeting of the mutual admiration society until after we have launched our rocket.
mag_launch_readytostartauto I believe we're ready to start the autosequence.

If Gordon refuses to push the button:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_launch_whose Just launch the damn thing!
mag_launch_onlyabutton Oh, for God's sake. It's only a button. Just press it, that's all I ask.
mag_launch_doitmyself Hurry up or I'll do it myself!

During and after the launch:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_launch_launchsequence01 Silo doors open.
mag_launch_launchsequence02 Stations everyone.
mag_launch_launchsequence03 Power to main thrusters.
mag_launch_launchsequence04 Steady on.
mag_launch_launchsequence05 We are launching.
mag_launch_launchsequence06 Steady, steady.
mag_launch_launchsequence07 We... we have lift-off.
mag_launch_launchsequence08c Lift-off! Oh, it worked... it worked!
mag_launch_launchsequence08d Oh, oh I must, I must get control of myself. Oh, deep breaths, deep breaths.
mag_launch_premature01 Now... now, it's still too early to celebrate.
mag_launch_premature02 We need to reach altitude and transmit the signal.
mag_launch_cutclose We couldn't have cut it any closer if that was our intention.

To Alyx, while she is exiting the room along with Eli and Gordon:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_launch_indeed Indeed.

After the portal is closed:

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_launch_launchsequence09a Oh my rocket! Oh my rocket works! Ah...
mag_launch_launchsequence09b I'm a genius!
mag_launch_launchsequence09c I told you it would all work! I knew it would work!

Unused quotes[edit]

The Outlands[edit]

Radio Tower settlement[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
mag_rad_hopeso06 I cannot hear you.

White Forest[edit]

First meet[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
mag_silo_follownags01 Now, follow me.
mag_silo_follownags02 Freeman!
mag_silo_follownags03 Follow me.
mag_silo_follownags04 Follow me, Freeman.
mag_silo_follownags06 Freeman – follow and quickly!
mag_silo_follownags07 Freeman – where the hell are you?
mag_silo_laddernags01 Take this ladder down.
mag_silo_notagain Oh, not again. What the hell is going on in the secondary silo?

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/absilo

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_aband_freeman Freeman? Freeman, I hope you can hear me. This is Dr. Magnusson.

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
mag_aband_assume01 Freeman...
mag_aband_assume02 Freeman, I'm going to assume you are in the secondary silo and able to hear me.
mag_aband_assume03 I have identified the overhead launch door assembly as the source of the breach.
mag_aband_assume04 Move toward the top of the launch tube and take all necessary steps to seal the area.
mag_aband_dontanswer If not...don't answer.
mag_aband_notcrows Not crows, people! Combine!
mag_aband_ominous I'm beginning to think that something more ominous than crows is...
Magnusson Device training[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/magtraining

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_tutor_takeyourtime The Combine are nearly upon us. But by all means, take your time.

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
mag_tutor_aimforupperbody Aim for the upper body, man.
mag_tutor_anothermiss And... another miss.
mag_tutor_attach You needn't attach more than one.
mag_tutor_debacle_dist Oh, and Freeman! If you pull this off, I might just forgive you for that debacle at Black Mesa. You know the one I mean... involving a certain microwave casserole.
mag_tutor_exprop I said we should expropriate that hazard suit and give it to Doctor Mossman. Maybe now they'll listen to me.
mag_tutor_figuratively When I remarked that with the Magnusson Device the Striders would destroy themselves, I was speaking figuratively.
mag_tutor_finally Finally.
mag_tutor_giveitathrow Give it a throw.
mag_tutor_gravitygun01 Hmm? The Gravity gun?
mag_tutor_gravitygun02 What those loafers back there would call your Gravity Gun.
mag_tutor_homing The device has an inbuilt homing function... if you get it in close range of the Strider, it will close the gap and affix itself to the carapace.
mag_tutor_longasyoulike Practice as long as you like.
mmag_tutor_miss01 Miss.
mag_tutor_miss02 Miss!
mag_tutor_miss03 Miss!
mag_tutor_noisaidcarap No, I said the – the carapace!
mag_tutor_notshot You've ably demonstrated what happens when the device is not shot. Now shoot it.
mag_tutor_onedevice01 One device at a time is sufficient, Freeman.
mag_tutor_onedevice02 Don't waste them. Each one is a marvel of craftsmanship.
mag_tutor_perfect More than adequate.
mag_tutor_rocketsci This isn't rocket science. Well, my contribution is. All you need to do is shoot the device.
mag_tutor_settarget Uriah – set the target for close range practice.
mag_tutor_shell Good God, man. Carapace. It means 'shell.' Aim for it!
mag_tutor_shootthemagdev Shoot. The. Magnusson. Device.
mag_tutor_thatsright That's right
mag_tutor_thereuare There you are.
mag_tutor_timeforrealthing Go ahead now. It's time for the real thing.
mag_tutor_unless Well, unless there's something else...
mag_tutor_welldone Good enough.
mag_tutor_wearedoomed We are doomed.
N/A Consider yourself encouraged with all the usual aphorisms regarding practice. I'll be right over here.
After the Strider battle[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
mag_post_pa01 That's it! The last Strider has been destroyed!
mag_post_pa02 The Combine have been repelled!
mag_post_pa03 Everyone return to base! Repeat! All personnel, return to base immediately! This rocket must launch!
mag_post_pa04 Clear the field! White Forest personnel, please clear the field!
mag_post_pa05 Evacuate the area! All personnel, return to base or take shelter immediately. We must clear the area for launch!
mag_post_pa06 Freeman, if you're still out there, return to base immediately!
mag_post_pa07a All personnel, return to base!
mag_post_pa07b And if you see Gordon Freeman, tell him to get his butt in here!
Rocket launch and finale[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
mag_launch_haventseenhim No, no – haven't seen him.
mag_launch_launchsequence08a We have lift-off.
mag_launch_launchsequence08b Lift-off.
mag_launch_launchsequence09d Thank you, Freeman.
mag_launch_premature03 Assuming Kleiner decoded it correctly.
mag_launch_pushingit That's it then – I'm pushing it. Try and stop me!
mag_launch_solong01 What could possibly be taking him so long.
mag_launch_solong02 Where the hell has he gotten to.
mag_launch_standaround Well, doesn't everyone have more important things to do than stand around?
mag_launch_startauto01 Ready to start autosequence.
mag_launch_tolerance02 Ah, Gordon Freeman!
mag_launch_what What?
mag_launch_wherewerewe Now, where were we?

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/silo

Filename(s) Quote Play
mag_silo_needyouhere I need you over here.
mag_silo_thisway This way, Freeman.
mag_silo_wheregoing Where do you think you're going, Freeman?