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The following is a list of quotes from Alyx Vance, from Half-Life 2.

Kleiner's Lab 1[edit]

Location: sound/vo/trainyard and sound/vo/k_lab


Filename(s) Quote
al_overhere Over here!
al_noyoudont Ha! No you don't!
al_hmm Hmm.
al_presume Doctor Freeman, I presume?
al_suspicious We'd better hurry.
al_suspicious_b The Combine can be slow to wake, but once they're up, you don't want to get in their way.
al_nomap Dr. Kleiner said you'd be coming this way. I don't think it occurred to him that you might not have a map.
al_imalyx I'm Alyx Vance. My father worked with you, back in Black Mesa. I'm sure you don't remember me though.
al_elevator02 Man of few words, aren't you? (from sound/vo/novaprospekt)
al_oldadmin Remember him from Black Mesa? Your old Administrator?
al_dadstarted Heh. Don't get my dad started on Dr. Breen.
al_thruhere Through here.
al_thisday Funny, you showing up on this day in particular.
al_thisday01 to al_thisday04 We've been helping people escape the city on foot. It's a dangerous route to my father's lab, through the old canals. Today we're finally on the verge of having a better way.
al_buyyoudrink01 to al_buyyoudrink03 Hmm. Here. Let me buy you a drink.


Filename(s) Quote
al_nicetomeet Oh, and by the way?
al_nicetomeet_b Nice to finally meet you.
al_allrightdoc Uh-oh. Everything all right, Doctor Kleiner?
al_foundhim I found him wandering around outside. Bit of a troublemaker, isn't he?
al_aboutthecat Hey, uh, yeah. About that cat…
al_animalperson Barney… You're not an animal person?
al_careful Careful there.
al_careful02 Careful.
al_carefulthere Uh, careful there.
al_cmonfreeman Uh, Doctor Freeman, come on.
al_comeon Come on.
al_comingthru He's coming through, Dad.
al_comingwith Don't worry. He's coming with me.
al_docsays01 If Dr. Kleiner says you should wear that thing,
al_docsays02 you should wear it.
al_heydoc Hey, Doc!
al_itsthere It's right there, Gordon.
al_keepitgoing Keep it going, Gordon!
al_kleinerswaiting Well, come on. Dr. Kleiner's waiting.
al_letsdoit Then let's do it.
al_lostgordon We just lost Gordon! What's going on?
al_moveon01 Ahem.
al_moveon02 Let's get a move on.
al_readyforus Are you ready for us, Dad?
al_seeifitworks Let's just see if this thing works, okay?
al_showonroad Meanwhile, let's get this show on the road.
al_takecredit I can't take any credit for the breakthrough, Doctor.
al_takeiteasy Take it easy, Gordon.
al_thatsit That's it.
al_theplug Uh, Doctor? The plug?
al_there Uh, there.
al_thereheis There he is!
al_theswitch The switch, Dr. Freeman.
al_throwswitch You going to let Gordon throw the switch?
al_uhoh01 Uh-oh.
al_whatcat01 What cat?
al_whatcat02 What cat?
al_whatsgoingon What's going on?
al_wontlook Don't worry, I won't look.
al_woohoo Uh...okay...oh ah oooh!
al_youcoming You coming?

Station 6[edit]

Location: sound/vo/canals

Filename(s) Quote
al_radio_stn6 Black Mesa East to Station 6. Do you read? Dr. Freeman is on his way downriver. Lend him the airboat and give him all the help you can. Repeat. Gordon Freeman has returned! It is critical he reaches Black Mesa East.

Black Mesa East[edit]

Location: sound/vo/eli_lab

Filename(s) Quote
al_allright01 All right.
al_anotherdog Another one, Dog.
al_autocycle We're in the scrapyard airlock stuck in a full autocycle.
al_awesome Awesome.
al_blamingme Are you blaming me?
al_buildastack Come on, Gordon, build a stack and get up here.
al_cavedin_b Gordon, you need to get out of here.
al_cavedin_c I can't leave my father.
al_cmongord01 Come on, Gordon!
al_cmongord02 Come on!
al_comeongord01 Come on, Gordon.
al_comeongord02 This way, Gordon.
al_dad_ques01 Dad?
al_dad_scared01 Dad?
al_dad_scared02 Dad!
al_dadplease Dad, please…
al_dadwhatsup What's going on in there?
al_dogairlock01 Damn it!
al_dogairlock02 Dog, open the airlock. Get us out of here.
al_dogcome Dog, come!
al_doggetnow [no transcript available]
al_doyouread Dad, it's Alyx, do you read?
al_earnedit01 Well, he earned it.
al_excellent01 Excellent.
al_getitopen01 Hurry! Now!
al_getitopen02 Tear it apart if you have to! Just get it open!
al_getoutnow [no transcript available]
al_getyourball Dog, go get your ball.
al_giveittry Give it a try.
al_goaheaddog Go ahead, Dog, throw!
al_godog no trascript available
al_goodcatch Good catch.
al_gooddoggie Good doggie.
al_goodthrow Good throw.
al_goongord [no transcript available]
al_grabthrow The secondary trigger lets you grab things. You can throw them with the primary.
al_gravdrop Once you've picked something up you can drop it gently by pressing your secondary trigger again.
al_gravgun Sure…
al_havefun Come on, Gordon. Let's go have some fun.
al_hazmat It's designed for handling hazardous materials, but we mainly use it for heavy lifting.
al_hereyougo02 Here you go.
al_heshere He's right here.
al_hums [humming]
al_hums_b [humming]
al_hurry [no transcript available]
al_intoairlock01 Dog! Come!
al_intoairlock02 Get in here!
al_intoairlock03 Into the airlock! Now!
al_intoairlock04 Come on, hurry!
al_intoairlock05 Before they spot us!
al_laugh01 *laughter*
al_laugh02 *laughter*
al_letmedo Then maybe you should let me do the calculations next time, as well as installing it.
al_liketofetch When I told you Dog liked to play fetch, I didn't tell you who'd be fetching, did I?
al_metmossman01 So, I see you've met Dr. Mossman. She's one of the main reasons I spend so much time outside.
al_metmossman03 You should hear her drone on about how it should have been her in the Black Mesa Test Chamber that day.
al_metmossman04 I'm sorry, I shouldn't be talking behind her back. It just gets a bit claustrophobic down here.
al_minefield I've found it handy for clearing minefields.
al_nicecatch01 Nice catch!
al_niceshot Nice shot!
al_noboydown No! No, boy! Down! Put that down!
al_nodog No, Dog!
al_nowcalldog Now let me call Dog. He loves to play fetch.
al_okletsplay Okay, Dog, let's play catch with Gordon.
al_pickuptoss Pick up some stuff and toss it.
al_placeobjs You can place objects by moving them into position and hitting the secondary trigger again.
al_primary The primary trigger emits a charge. You can punt stuff and send it flying.
al_pullfromdistance You can also pull stuff over from a distance.
al_pullfromdistance_b Try grabbing those barrels from that ledge up there.
al_ravenholm01 That's the old passage to Ravenholm. We don't go there anymore.
al_ravenholm02 We used to be able to go right up there to Ravenholm. It was an old mining town inhabited by some escapees from City 17.
al_ravenholm02b We used to be able to go right up there to Ravenholm. It was an old mining town inhabited by some escapees from City 17.
al_ravenholm06 Believe me, that tunnel is sealed for a reason.
al_scanners01 What is it, Dog?
al_scanners02 Oh my god! What was that?
al_scanners03 Scanners!
al_scanners06 The Combine's sweeping the area!
al_scanners07 We've gotta head back to the lab. Come on, Gordon.
al_scrapyard So, here we are. The scrapyard.
al_seeifyoucanstack See if you can stack some stuff to climb up here.
al_somethingbigger Dog, throw something bigger.
al_somethingelse Okay, Gordon, let's try something else.
al_soquickly01 Oh, Gordon!
al_soquickly02 The vortigaunts said you were here!
al_soquickly03 I can't believe you made it so quickly on foot.
al_standbackdog That's enough, Dog.
al_sweet Sweet!
al_takegord02 Dog, take Gordon to the Ravenholm tunnel, then circle around and try to meet up with me. Hurry!
al_takeit Take it.
al_takethis Take this.
al_thisisdog01 Gordon, this is Dog. My Dad built him to protect me when I was a kid.
al_thisisgravgun This is the gravity gun my father was talking about. You can call it the 'Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator' if you really want to.
al_throwanotherdog Throw another, Dog.
al_throwitdog Throw it, Dog.
al_throwtodog Okay, Gordon, now you throw something to Dog and let him catch.
al_thyristor02 I guess you proved you can handle yourself out there.
al_trystacking Try stacking some things. Grab something with your secondary trigger, then press the same trigger again to drop it gently.
al_ugh Let's get out of here.
al_usegravgun You'll need to use the gravity gun.
al_wasted01 The vortigaunts relieved me so I could come see Gordon.
al_wasted02 Anyway, I should be in here working on the portal.
al_wheresball Where's your ball, Dog?
al_yayhigh First model was about yay-high. I've been adding to him ever since. Haven't I, boy?

Shorepoint Base[edit]

Location: sound/vo/coast/cardock

Filename(s) Quote
al_needyourhelp Gordon, you made it through Ravenholm? Thank God! I need your help! They've taken my father!
al_hitcher01 He's been taken to Nova Prospekt. The vortigaunts tracked the ship that made off with him and Judith Mossman. While the trains are still running, I'm going to hitch a ride.
al_hitcher02 Here's where you come in, Gordon. I need you to make your way along the coast until you get to Nova Prospekt. It used to be a high security prison—it's something much worse than that now. But I think it's still easier to sneak in than to break out.
al_gotcar That's why I called you, Leon. I was hoping you still had the scout car we left with you last summer. The one my Dad rigged with the tau cannon.
al_goodhands Thanks, Leon. Gordon, I haven't driven the coast road in over a year, but I have no reason to think it's gotten any safer. Meet me in the depot where the trains unload. Take care of yourself and I'll see you in Nova Prospekt.

Nova Prospekt[edit]

Location: sound/vo/novaprospekt

Filename(s) Quote
al_almostthere Almost there.
al_backdown What's that? Hold on. Gotta bring this back down.
al_betyoudid01 I'll bet you did.
al_betyoudid03 It looks like it's waiting for us.
al_bringhimin All right, I think I can bring him in.
al_careofyourself Hey, take care of yourself.
al_combinespy01 No!
al_combinespy03 Damn her, I don't believe this!
al_combinespy04 Come on, Gordon, now we've really gotta hurry.
al_combinespy05 Go on ahead. I'll disrupt the next level of security, and catch up with you when I can.
al_comebackdad Get back here! Dad!
al_comeon01 Come on.
al_comeonin02 Come on in, Gordon.
al_covermegordon Cover me, Gordon! I've gotta reset the portal.
al_croom2_arrival Be there in a second, Gordon.
al_croom2_entry You're coming up to another control room. Looks like it's still occupied.
al_croom2_fields My guess is there's a bunch more soldiers heading your way.
al_croom2_incoming I can't shut down those fields from here, I'm going to have to catch up with you to get access to them.
al_croom2_incoming_2 I'm picking up a lot of incoming soldiers, hold the fort til I get there.
al_croom2_search Quick, search the room. There should be some Combine turrets nearby.
al_dadallright Dad, are you all right?
al_daddownhere01 Dad! Down here!
al_daddownhere02 Sorry we took so long. I hope that wasn't too bad for you.
al_dadswork That's my father's work you stole.
al_docstop Dr. Kleiner, you have to stop them!
al_done01 Hah. Done. (transcript listed as al_shielddoor02)
al_drk01 Dr. Kleiner!
al_drk02 We're in Nova Prospekt, and we're running the Xen emulation for the first time. Are you ready for us?
al_drkleiner01 I talked to Dr. Kleiner
al_drkleiner01_b His portal was almost working again.
al_drkleiner01_c If he's managed to repair it we'll end up there.
al_drkleiner01_d If he hasn't, well…
al_drkleiner01_e we couldn't be any worse off.
al_elevator03 Get ready…
al_enoughbs01 Enough of your bullshit!
al_enoughbs02 Look, Gordon, there's my dad. I'm going to bring him in.
al_findmossman01 Let's see if we can find Mossman. It looks like this station might give me better access.
al_findmossman03 There she is.
al_findmyfather Now, to find my father.
al_flyingblind I'm afraid I'm flying blind here. Every now and then a vortigaunt gets captured and sends back information, but we don't have a complete picture of the place. The little we do know is all bad.
al_followme01 Follow me. (trnascript listed as al_shielddoor04)
al_gasp01 *gasp* (No text data)
al_getopen All right, let me see if I can get this open
al_gladtoseeyou Boy am I glad to see you.
al_gladtoseeyoureok Glad to see you're okay.
al_goonthru01 All right, Gordon, go on through.
al_goonthru02 I'm going to head back to the security station and try to patch into your suit radio.
al_goonthru03 Wait till you hear from me.
al_goonthru04 Go on, get in there.
al_gordon01 Gordon!
al_gordongetin Come on, Gordon, get in!
al_gotyounow01 Ha! Got you now.
al_gotyounow02 Well, come on Gordon. We don't want to keep her waiting.
al_hacksecurity01 This'll get me into their security system.
al_halfway Looks like it's about halfway there.
al_hereweare All right. Over here.
al_holdit Hold it there.
al_holdon Hold on!
al_horrible01 Oh my God.
al_hurrymossman Hurry up, Mossman!
al_icanreprogram I can reprogram these turrets to attack the enemy. You set them up to defend the control room.
al_illtakecare I'll take care of that.
al_illtalk There she is. Leave the talking to me Gordon.
al_inhere01 He should be in here. Let me just get this open.
al_itsdone Thank god, it's done. Let's get the hell outta here.
al_justseconds Just a couple more seconds…
al_keepsetup01 Keep your turrets set up. You've got to hold on til I get there.
al_keepsetup02 Keep those turrets set up.
al_keepsetup02r Keep those turrets set up.
al_keepsetup03 Watch your turrets.
al_keepsetup03r Watch your turrets.
al_keepsetup04 Remember the turrets, Gordon.
al_keepsetup04r Remember the turrets, Gordon.
al_leapfrog01 Hey, it worked. Let's see what I can do to clear the way for you. Keep an eye out for Mossman. I'll get my dad through the prison as far as I can, then I'll catch up with you.
al_letsgetgoing Let's get going.
al_letsgetout01 Let's get out of here.
al_lookmonitor Uh oh. Look at the monitor.
al_mayneedher We may need her to get out of here.
al_meethim He's on the way. Let's go meet him.
al_meetmethere01 Gordon! Meet me over there!
al_meetyouthere01 I'm not saying goodbye, Dad. We'll meet you there.
al_moresoldiers01 More soldiers.
al_moresoldiers02 More soldiers are coming, Gordon.
al_moresoldiers04 We must have hit a motherlode of soldiers. They're coming in from everywhere.
al_mutter All right, let me think. Think, Alyx, think!
al_nostop No, stop! What are you doing?
al_notexactly Not exactly.
al_notleavinghere01 We're not leaving here without you. That's final.
al_notleavingyou01 I think I can recalibrate the Combine portal to get us out of here.
al_notleavingyou01_a No, we're not leaving you.
al_ohmygod Oh my god.
al_onepiece I'm glad you made it here in one piece.
al_overhere Over here!
al_perfecttiming03 My Dad's up there somewhere, in that holding area.
al_perfecttiming03_b It's gonna take some doing to get him out.
al_pickherup Don't worry, Dad, we'll find her. For now, I'm going to send you to the teleport chamber.
al_poorpeople Oh my God…these poor people…
al_readings01 These readings are scaring me.
al_readings02 Okay, Doc, we're locked on.
al_resetting Okay, it's resetting.
al_room1_blockedgate I'll have this open in a jiffy.
al_room1_blockedgate_2 Damn! It's jammed. Okay, I've got an idea. Head back to that office.
al_room1_blockedgate_2_nag Head back to that office, Gordon.
al_room1_gate Hang on, I'll see if I can figure out how to get that gate open.
al_room1_lights I'm looking for the light switch now.
al_room1_lights_on There we go.
al_room1_move_shelves According to the schematics, there should be a vent behind those shelves.
al_room1_move_shelves_nag Gordon, go through the airvent behind the shelves.
al_room2_gate I'll start working on this gate. Just a sec.
al_room2_gate2 Okay, got it.
al_room2_vent Be careful, Gordon, I'm picking up a lot of Combine sensors in the area ahead.
al_room5_done Okay, Gordon, I'm going to leave off here and catch up with you. Be there as soon as I can.
al_room5_entry I'm picking up more incoming soldiers! See if there are some more turrets nearby!
al_room5_incoming Here they come.
al_room5_turrets Quick, get these set up. I'm seeing soldiers in all directions.
al_sealdoor01 Let me seal this door.
al_sealdoor02 No turning back now.
al_senddadthru Good. We'll send my dad through first. He's in position for…
al_setturrets Get some turrets set up!
al_sheupto01 Wait a minute
al_sheupto02 How'd she…?
al_sheupto03 What's she up to?
al_shielddoor03 Come on.
al_shutupandbeglad01 Shut up and be glad you're still some use to us!
al_shutupandbeglad02 We're going to reconfigure this teleport and get the hell out of here.
al_sorrysolong Sorry to take so long, Gordon. Looks like you could have used some help. I won't leave you again though. Now let's track down Mossman.
al_sorrytooksolong Sorry it took me so long.
al_takingforever God, this is taking forever!
al_thecoords The coordinates, Dr. Mossman.
al_there There!
al_thereheis01 There he is.
al_theyrecoming They're coming, Gordon.
al_uhoh_np Uh-oh.
al_useturrets Gordon, use the turrets!
al_warmeditup So you've warmed it up for us. Good. And just in time.
al_werecomingin Damn it! Move back, Mossman, we're coming in.
al_whatcoords Oh my god! What coordinates are these? Where the hell did she take him?
al_whereareyou01 Great, another security station.
al_whereareyou02 All right, Mossman, where are you…?
al_whereareyou03 Ha! Found her!
al_youandbreen We know all about you and Breen. You've been a spy for the Combine the whole time.
al_youbeenworking And you've been working with this thing? For how long?
al_youcoming You coming?
al_youmadeit Gordon, you made it!
al_yououtdad We're here to get you out, Dad.
al_youput01 No thanks to you.
al_youput02 Just enter the coordinates for Dr. Kleiner's lab and let's get moving.

Kleiner's Lab 2[edit]

Location: sound/vo/k_lab2

Filename(s) Quote
al_andmyfather But what about my father?
al_anotherpet We'll find you another pet headcrab! There are plenty to go around!
al_aweek A week…
al_aweek_b Then what have we missed?
al_catchup Okay, Gordon, you heard him.
al_catchup_b I'll catch up with you as soon as I've got Dr. Kleiner settled.
al_doggowithgordon Dog, go with Gordon.
al_dogyoumadeit Dog! You made it!
al_exploded I was afraid we might not make it either.
al_exploded_b I think the teleport exploded just as we were porting out.
al_getmyfather We've got to get my father out.
al_goodboy Good boy!
al_gordontakecare Gordon…
al_gordontakecare_b Take care of yourself out there.
al_headyourway Gordon and Dog can head your way. I want to get Dr. Kleiner somewhere safer, then I'll meet up with you.
al_illtakecareofthis Go on, Gordon, I'll take care of this.
al_klab2_exitnag01 You better hurry.
al_klab2_exitnag02 Go on, Gordon!
al_klab2_exitnag03 Go on. Find Barney!
al_notime Oh no…
al_notime_b Dr. Kleiner, there's really no time.
al_optimism I wish I shared your optimism, Doctor…
al_wemadeit My God… we made it.
al_whatdoyoumean What do you mean?
al_whatdoyoumean_b Gordon and I were just there a minute ago.
al_whatswrong What's wrong?
al_whee_b [laughing] (No text data)
al_wheresdoc01 But where's Dr. Kleiner?
al_wheresdoc02 Dr. Kleiner! Let us out!

City 17 uprising[edit]

Location: sound/vo/streetwar/alyx_gate

Filename(s) Quote
al_ah Ah!
al_ahno Ah, no!
al_cmoncmon Come on, come on.
al_comeon03_r Come on, Gordon!
al_commandcenter There's a command center downstairs. I'm hoping to find information about generator locations.
al_coreexposed Okay, the core's exposed.
al_coreexposed_r Okay, the core's exposed.
al_disablegen Well, we're in luck. There's a generator in the square outside. We're trying to disable as many as we can to loosen the Combine's grip on this sector.
al_exposecore_a It'll take me a few minutes to expose the core.
al_exposecore_b Then I'll need you to hit it with a burst from the gravity gun.
al_extshield There goes the external shield.
al_extshield_r There goes the external shield.
al_farside Okay. Barney should be on the far side of that… canal.
al_gateisopen_r The gate is open.
al_gordonrun Gordon, run! Get out of here!
al_hadfeeling Gordon! I had a feeling I'd find you here.
al_heregoes All right, here goes.
al_hey Hey!
al_hurry Hurry!
al_imwaiting_r I'm waiting, Gordon.
al_inshield Inner shields are coming down.
al_inshield_r Inner shields are coming down.
al_letsgo Ready? Let's go!
al_letsgo01 Let's go!
al_letsgo02_r Let's go!
al_no No!
al_nottoolong This shouldn't take too long. As soon as the generator's down, I'll open that gate and we can get out of here.
al_nowtobarney I've got Dr. Kleiner in a safe spot. Now we can join up with Barney.
al_okthatsit Okay, that's it!
al_okthisisit Okay, this is it. You take that door. I'll take this one.
al_openinggate All right, I'm opening the gate.
al_readywhenyou Ready when you are.
al_scout Let me see if I can scout a new path.
al_standardpanel It's a standard panel.
al_thatsit That's it.
al_thatsit_r That's it.
al_thatway Let's head that way.
al_there There.
al_theysawus They saw us!
al_thrudownthere Looks like we might be able to get through down there.
al_usedtobe Well, there used to be a bridge here.
al_usegravgun01 Use the gravity gun, Gordon.
al_usegravgun01_r Use the gravity gun, Gordon.
al_usegravgun02 Go on, Gordon, give the core a jolt.
al_usegravgun02_r Go on, Gordon, give the core a jolt.
al_usegravgun03 Gordon, hit the core with your gravity gun.
al_usegravgun03_r Gordon, hit the core with your gravity gun.
al_waitforme Wait for me here.
al_watchmyback In the meantime, watch my back.


Location: sound/vo/citadel

Filename(s) Quote
al_ascent Great! Oh no. Breen's started his ascent.
al_beforeescape Hurry, Gordon, before he escapes.
al_betterhurry We'd better hurry, Gordon.
al_bitofit You haven't seen a bit of it yet.
al_bluff He's bluffing, Gordon. Don't listen to him.
al_cantshutdown I can't shut it down. Looks like he's turned over control to the other side. You'll have to go into the core and do what you can.
al_chancelikethis We'll never have a chance like this again. We've got to stop Dr. Breen.
al_comegordon Come on, Gordon, let's go!
al_comeon Come on.
al_comingafterme Gordon, we haven't known each other very long, but I know you didn't have to do this. I had to rescue my father, but you… well… Thanks for coming after me.
al_dad Dad!
al_dadgordonno Dad!
al_dadgordonno_b Gordon
al_dadgordonno_c No…
al_dadhangon Dad, hang on!
al_dadsorry Dad, I'm so sorry.
al_darkfusionreactor Oh my God. This is the Citadel's dark fusion reactor. It powers their tunneling entanglement device.
al_dienow [spit] (No text data)
al_dienow_b How dare you even mention her!
al_dontforget Don't forget to charge up your suit.
al_dontlisten Don't listen to him, Gordon.
al_dontlistentohim Don't listen to him, Gordon.
al_doworst Do your worst Gordon… but… be careful.
al_elevator Get in the elevator.
al_fail_no No!
al_gasp01 Huh…
al_gettingaway No, he's getting away!
al_gogordon Go, Gordon.
al_gordonwouldnever Gordon would never make any kind of deal with you.
al_heylisten Hey, listen.
al_hurrymossman02 Hurry!
al_itsbreen It's Dr. Breen. There he is!
al_keepgoing Keep going.
al_letyouin Get in the elevator and I'll let you in.
al_lookafterdad Dr. Mossman…
al_lookafterdad_b Judith…
al_lookafterdad_c Look after my father.
al_lookwhatheleft Hey, look what he left behind!
al_mixenergy [no transcript available]
al_noclue He doesn't have a clue, does he?
al_notagain02 Damn it, not again!
al_notsayinggoodbye Dad, I'm not saying goodbye.
al_outofhere Come on, Gordon, we've got to get out of here. Maybe we still have…
al_soldiers01_a Oh no, Combine soldiers. Where did they come from?
al_soldiers01_b What the hell?
al_struggle01 [struggling sounds] (No text data)
al_struggle02 [struggling sounds] (No text data)
al_struggle03 [struggling sounds] (No text data)
al_struggle05 [struggling sounds] (No text data)
al_struggle07 [struggling sounds] (No text data)
al_struggle08 [struggling sounds] (No text data)
al_success_yes Yes!
al_success_yes_nr Yes!
al_success_yes02_nr Yeah! You did it!
al_thatshim That's him.
al_thegravgun01 The gravity gun!
al_thegravgun03 Gordon, get the gravity gun.
al_thegravgun04 Take the gravity gun, Gordon.
al_thereheis There he is!
al_uptop Oh my God, the portal's opening.
al_watchout01 Watch out, he's gonna—
al_wonderwhere I wonder where he's going.
al_working Keep it up, Gordon, it's working.
al_yes Yes!
al_yes_nr Yes!

Unused quotes[edit]

Kleiner's Lab 1[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
al_checkguyout01 [no transcript available]
al_checkguyout02 [no transcript available]
al_checkguyout03 [no transcript available]
al_checkguyout04 [no transcript available]
al_checkguyout06 [no transcript available]

Black Mesa East[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
al_doggetnow [no transcript available]
al_getoutnow [no transcript available]
al_godog [no transcript available]
al_goongord [no transcript available]
al_hurry [no transcript available]

Shorepoint Base[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
al_captured My Dad and Dr. Mossman...they were captured in the fighting. Vortigaunts tracked them to Nova Prospekt, the converted prison up the coast. If you could meet me there, Gordon, then together we might have a chance of getting them out.
al_goodnews He's there?
al_goodtoseeyou It's good to see you, Gordon. Be careful.
al_out Out.
al_stowaway Good.
al_taucar Hey, Leon. Do you still have the car my Dad and I put together?

Nova Prospekt[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
al_betyoudid02 Look at it, Gordon.
al_boilerdoor01 Huh…
al_boilerdoor02 Get back!
al_combinespy02 [no transcript available]
al_croom2_turrets [no transcript available]
al_croom2_wave2 More soldiers are coming. Make sure to keep those turrets up to help defend.
al_elevator01 You ready for this?
al_gauntlet_exitnag01 You better hurry.
al_gauntlet_exitnag02 Go on, Gordon!
al_keepturrets Gordon, keep the turrets set up.
al_moresoldiers03 Get ready for another wave.
al_no01 No!
al_room1_gate_open Got it.
al_room1_move_shelves_2 Good job. You should be able to sneak through these vents.
al_room2_ambush [no transcript available]
al_room2_ambush_2 I'm picking up incoming soldiers. Here, I'll show you on this monitor.
al_room3_field This is a Combine filter-field. If you've never dealt with one of these before, you can sometimes break the switch by lobbing stuff through.
al_room3_field_2 The filter-field will screen you out. Combine soldiers can get through there, but you can't.
al_room3_field_3 This one isn't connected to the net. I can't turn it off. There must be controls for it nearby.
al_room3_field_success Good work.
al_room3_turret Stop!
al_room3_turret_2 There's a turret in the stairs right below you. Try knocking it over with a grenade, if you have any left.
al_room3_turret_3 Good enough.
al_room5_alyx_exitdoor1 I'll have this door open in a second.
al_room5_alyx_exitdoor2 Okay let's go. Follow me.
al_traitor01 Traitor!

City 17 uprising[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
al_almostdone Almost done.
al_bridge01 The bridge we've gotta cross is beyond that gate.
al_bridge02 I can hack the gate controls and hold it open till we're through, but you're gonna have to watch my back while I'm working.
al_coupleminutes It could take me a couple minutes to take control of the gate.
al_damn Damn!
al_firstbit First bit's done.
al_getoverhere Get over here!
al_goingthru01 Looks like instead of going over it
al_goingthru02 we'll be going through.
al_goodletsgo Good. Let's go.
al_iwasafraid I was afraid you weren't going to make it.
al_nowtricky Now for the tricky part.
al_onemorebit One more bit and we're ready.
al_onewill01 [no transcript available]
al_onewill02 [no transcript available]
al_thankgod Thank God.
al_thebridge The bridge!
al_thedeal Ok, here's the deal.
al_there There.
al_theresbridge01 There's the bridge
al_theresbridge02 Let's get across.
al_whatnow01 What now?
al_whatnow02 We have to get across this canal!


Location: sound/vo/citadel. These quotes either do not exist or are never played.

Filename(s) Quote
al_bothtypes [no transcript available]
al_chargeup Charge up your suit first.
al_critical It's gonna go critical. Just a few more.
al_exhaust Watch out for the exhaust. Try to find cover from it.
al_funnel [no transcript available]
al_ifonly [no transcript available]
al_keepgoing01 Good. Keep going.
al_launchtrip [no transcript available]
al_launchup [no transcript available]
al_lookout [no transcript available]
al_ohnogordon Oh no. Gordon!
al_pulses [no transcript available]
al_reactor01 [no transcript available]
al_reactor02 [no transcript available]
al_reactor03 I can't go in there while it's activated, but your suit should protect you. Look for some vulnerability in the core.
al_reroute [no transcript available]
al_right Right then.
al_shootbeam [no transcript available]
al_soldiers01_c I'm sorry, Gordon, I can't stop them from here.
al_stayawaycore Stay away from the core.
al_staybackbeam Watch out for the beams!
al_tearapart Once he teleports, the whole thing will tear apart. The beam is unshielded. We'll be cooked in the singularity.
al_triplet [no transcript available]
al_weak See if you can find a weakness in those plates. We'll have to expose the core if we plan to destabilize it.
al_whahappen Gordon. What happened to the gravity gun? It must be drawing power from the Citadel.


Location: sound/vo/npc/alyx

Filename(s) Quote
al_excuse01 Excuse me, Gordon.
al_excuse02 Sorry, Gordon.
al_excuse03 Pardon me.
bettergetmoving02 We'd better get moving.
brutal02 That was brutal.
careful01 Careful, Gordon.
careful02 Careful, Gordon!
comeon_dist01 Come on!
coverme01 Cover me!
coverme02 Cover me!
coverme03 Cover me!
followme_dist01 Follow me.
gasp02 Huh
gasp03 Ohh!
getback01 Get back!
getback02 Get back!
getdown01 Get down!
getmoving_action_dist01 Get moving!
go01 Go!
gordon_dist01 Gordon!
herewego_dist01 Here we go!
howlongwait01 How long are we just gonna wait?
hurt04 Ow!
hurt05 Ow!
hurt06 Ow!
hurt08 Ah!
keepmoving_dist01 Keep moving!
letsgetgoing_dist01 Let's get going!
lookout_dist01 Look out!
lookout_dist02 Look out!
lookout01 Look out!
lookout03 Look out!
no01 No!
no02 No!
no03 No!
ohgod01 Oh God!
ohmother01 Oh, Mother…
ohno_startle01 Oh no!
ohno_startle03 Oh no!
overhere01 Over here.
quick_dist02 Quick!
run_dist01 Run!
uggh01 Agh!
uggh02 Ahh!
watchout01 Watch out!
watchout02 Watch out!
youcoming01 You coming?
youcoming02 You coming?
youreload01 You'd better reload.
youreload02 You'd better reload.