This subject is related to the Combine era.

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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The following is a list of quotes from the Citizens, from Half-Life 2’s development.

City 17 Trainstation[edit]


Citizen conversations during the discovery of the City 17 Trainstation, in the playable leak map d1_trainstation_01.

Filename(s) Quote Play
cit_term_ans01 You're telling me?
cit_term_ans02 Keep it down!
cit_term_ans03 Don't make a stink about it.
cit_term_ans04 Keep your thoughts to yourself.
cit_term_ans05 Who asked you?
cit_term_ans06 No one cares.
cit_term_ans07 You're asking for trouble.
cit_term_ans08 Shut up!
cit_term_ques01 I hate these places.
cit_term_ques02 This is my third transfer this year.
cit_term_ques03 I think I've been here before.
cit_term_ques04 This place looks just like the last one.
cit_term_ques05 I thought this was supposed to be an improvement.
cit_term_ques06 I wonder why Doctor Breen picked this dump?
cit_term_ques07 I think we're still in Europe.
cit_term_ques08 I'm from Waukeegan originally.
cit_term_ques09 God I hate terminals.


Location: sound/vo/trainyard

In the playable leak map d1_trainstation_02, a Citizen approaches Gordon on the plaza but gets stopped by Metrocops.

Filename(s) Quote Play
scout_psst Hey, psst, buddy! Over here!
scout_bfriend Barney's friend, right?
scout_stickwith Stick with me.
scout_papers Gotta see about getting you some papers, then we can get you where you're going.
scout_stayclose Stay close to me. I can't guarantee your safety if we get separated.
scout_anyminute02 Let's wait here. Guy should be along any minute.
scout_anyminute Should be along here any minute.
scout_heywait Hey, wait a minute!
scout_wrongguy Hey, you've got the wrong guy!
scout_mistake This must be some kind of mistake!

Tenement buildings[edit]

Still in the playable leak map d1_trainstation_02, a Citizen directs Gordon out of the tenement buildings.

Filename(s) Quote Play
cit_goodtoseeyou Good to see you though.
cit_righttrack You're on the right track.
cit_comewithme Come with me.
cit_getdoor Here, let me get the door.
cit_hurrynow Hurry now.


Drainage Doug[edit]

Location: sound/npc/citizen

Citizen briefly met in the Canals, in the playable leak map d1_canals_01. Map text says "Hey get out of here! They'll kill us all if they find us!".

Filename(s) Quote Play
drainage_doug Hey, you in trouble buddy? Keep on the way you're headed, there's ways in here.

Boxcar Phil[edit]

Location: sound/npc/citizen

Predecessor of Boxcar Joe, met in the playable leak map d1_canals_01. Map text says "Hey there! Over here! I'm Boxcar Philly... blah blah blah...".

Filename(s) Quote Play
boxcarphil01a Who the hell are you, busting in here?
boxcarphil02a So? Known to you? What's he to me?
boxcarphil03a I'll let him pass all right. Let you pass. Damn vortigaunt.
boxcarphil04 What he said!


Location: sound/npc/citizen

A Citizen met in the Canals, in the map nether_01, a large area with steam, Stalkers and Manhacks made by Marc Laidlaw. He briefly talks to Freeman before being killed by Manhacks.

Filename(s) Quote Play
whistle_loop [whistle]
who00 Who's there?
joe00 It's you! The one they're hunting for! Get the hell out of here, you'll get us all killed!

Vienna sausages[edit]

Location: sound/vo/vienna

Set in the orange map vienna and vienna_talk, last edited July 2003, consists of a humorous scene between three Citizen refugees named Regis, Fludd, and Pettigrew discussing what to do with an old can of Vienna sausages. Designed for the "Temp hobocamp" from the playable leak map d1_under03. Marc Laidlaw, who also voiced all three characters, has stated that this scene wasn't meant for the game and was simply him reading a short radio play he wrote to use as an exercise for setting up scripted sequences.[1][2] Laidlaw had also recorded a similar radio play, one now thought to be lost, titled "Broken Records" in which a group of citizens digging through rubble come across vinyl records of Depeche Mode albums.[2]

Filename(s) Quote Play
hobo1_dingedin Dinged in? I - I thought that was if it was all swole up.
hobo1_figgers Uh, figgers. We're screwed either way.
hobo1_hepc What about hepatitis C? People still die of that, don't they?
hobo1_highblood I thought that was high blood pressure.
hobo1_shutupeat Shut up and eat your botulism.
hobo1_whatsthatcan What's that can you got there, Regis?
hobo2_aintgotwhat Ain't got what?
hobo2_dunno Dunno. The label come off. I figured we'd open 'er up and find out.
hobo2_gastro I thought gastrointestinal stasis was the silent killer.
hobo2_mansgotpoint Man's got a point.
hobo2_stilleatinit I'm still eatin it.
hobo2_suityerself Suit yourself. More for me.
hobo2_vienna Shit! Vienna sausages! I can't eat these!
hobo2_whichisit Well, fellas. Dinged, swole up, which is it?
hobo3_aintsilent Yeah, but that ain't exactly silent.
hobo3_dontremember I don't remember. Let's have a look at that can. Well, shit. This can's all swole up and dinged in.
hobo3_fittoeat Wait a minute, wait a minute with that thing. How do you know it's fit to eat? How do you know it ain't got botulism?
hobo3_highblood High blood pressure? No one dies from that anymore.
hobo3_lifeinhands Taking your life in your hands, Regis. Botulism is the silent killer.
hobo3_nopebotch Nope. It's botulism.
hobo3_what What?
hobo3_youknow You know. If your can's all dinged in, it might have botulism.


Location: sound/npc/citizen

Meeting with suspicious Citizens, probably also in the Canals.

Filename(s) Quote Play
undergreet01 Who the hell are you?
undergreet02 Hey, new guy, we don't want any trouble down here.
undergreet03 You must be new down here.
undergreet04 What are you doing down here?
undergreet05 Who's that?

The Coast[edit]

Shorepoint Base[edit]

Location: sound/vo/coast

Temporary sounds for Noriko.

Filename(s) Quote Play
cr_antlions Watch out for Antlions.
cr_bigbarr Now, those big barriers... I need a blast from your Tau Cannon. Sure to charge it up real good before you fire.
cr_driveforfeel Why don't you take a spin around the beach until you got a feel for the car? When you're done, head for the slope, down by the water.
cr_excellent Excellent.
cr_gravgun Use your Gravity Gun and flip that jeep over again.
cr_magfail Damn. Magnet's failing. Hold on.
cr_pier01 Gordon, come back up! Car's on the pier!
cr_pier02 I said get back up on the pier!
cr_pier03 Gordon, you're not getting anywhere on foot. Come back up and get in the car.
cr_playerincar Good. Here we go.
cr_ramp There's a ramp ahead. Keep going straight, you'll be alright.
cr_rockslide You never gonna get traction in that gravel. Try the slope down by the water.
cr_smallbarr Pay those small bars no mind. You can smash right through 'em.
cr_sorry Er, sorry Gordon.
cr_steep Okay, this is a steep slope. You'll have to use your turbo boost to get up there.
cr_surfaces Yeah, you gonna wanna be careful in mud gravel. You get stuck, try turbo boost, get yourself out. Or you might want to just get out of the car and push with your Gravity Gun.
cr_turbojump There's a jump up ahead. Gonna need to use your turbo to get across.

New Little Odessa[edit]

The placeholder for Odessa Cubbage is a Citizen.

Arctic regions[edit]

The Borealis[edit]

Location: sound/ambient/areas/borealis/scripted

Message from Kraken Base heard on the radio aboard the Borealis.

Filename(s) Quote Play
borealis_radio Hyberborea, come in, please! This is Kraken Base, do you read? Our situation is critical down here! We thought you were sending someone! I repeat: this is Kraken Base calling Hyberborea! Is anybody up there? We are in serious trouble!

City 17 uprising[edit]

E3 Street[edit]

Location: sound/vo/e3_street

Filename(s) Quote Play
allhere Okay, we're all here.
downtous01 Well, looks like it's down to us.
downtous02 Well, looks like it's down to us. (also found as "downtous")
gethellout Get the hell out of here!
gethellout02 Get the hell out of here!
gotyourback Got your back, Doc!
gunship01 Gunship!
gunship02 Gunship!
itscoming It's coming!
nonono No, no, Noooo!
quiet Quiet!
run01 Run!
strider Strider!
strider02 Strider!
strider_run Run!
strider_run02 Run!

E3 Tech[edit]

Location: sound/vo/e3_tech

Filename(s) Quote Play
likethemapples Like them apples?


Location: sound/npc/citizen

Temporary actors[edit]

Filename(s) Quote Play
answer01 That's you all over. (Same as retail)
answer02 I won't hold it against you. (Same as retail)
answer03 Figures. (Same as retail)
answer04 Try not to dwell on it. (Same as retail)
answer05 Could we talk about this later? (Same as retail)
answer06 Keep it to yourself. (Not in the final version)
answer07 Same here. (Same as retail)
answer08 Know what you mean. (Same as retail)
answer09 You're talking to yourself again. (Same as retail)
answer10 I wouldn't say that too loud. (Same as retail)
answer11 I'll put it on your tombstone. (Same as retail)
answer12 Doesn't bear thinking about. (Same as retail)
answer13 I'm with you. (Same as retail)
answer14 You and me both. (Same as retail)
answer15 That's one way of looking at it. (Same as retail)
answer16 Have you ever had an original thought? (Same as retail)
answer17 I'm not even gonna tell you to shut up. (Same as retail)
answer18 Let's concentrate on the task at hand. (Same as retail)
answer19 Keep your mind on your work. (Same as retail)
answer20 Your mind is in the gutter. (Same as retail)
answer21 Don't be so sure of that. (Same as retail)
answer22 You never know. (Same as retail)
answer23 Never can tell. (Same as retail)
answer24 Why are you telling me? (Same as retail)
answer25 How about that? (Same as retail)
answer26 That's more information than I require. (Same as retail)
answer27 Wanna bet? (Same as retail)
answer28 Wish I had a dime for every time somebody said that. (Same as retail)
cit1_downthere1 Down there!
cit1_overhere1 Over here!
cit1_upthere1 Up there!
didiletyoudown01 Did I let you down, Doc?
fine01 Fine.
gotcha01 Gotcha.
gotitdoc01 Got it, Doc.
illstayhere01 I'll stay here. (Same as retail)
okfreeman01 Okay, Freeman.
question01 I don't think this war is ever gonna end. (Same as retail)
question02 I used to be an insurance agent. (Similar text as that of the final game, but with a temp actor)
question03 I don't dream anymore. (Same as retail)
question04 When this is all over I'm ... ah, who am I kidding? (Same as retail)
question05 Whoa! Deja vu! (Same as retail)
question06 Sometimes I dream about cheese. (Same as retail)
question07 You smell that? It's freedom. (Same as retail)
question08 If I ever get my hands on Dr. Breen... (Same as retail)
question09 I could eat a horse, hooves and all. (Same as retail)
question10 I can't believe this day has finally come. (Same as retail)
question11 I'm pretty sure this wasn't part of the plan. (Same as retail)
question12 Looks to me like things are getting worse, not better. (Same as retail)
question13 If I could live my life over again... (Same as retail)
question14 I'm not even gonna tell you what that reminds me of. (Same as retail)
question15 They're never gonna make a stalker out of me. (Same as retail)
question16 Finally. Change is in the air! (Same as retail)
question17 Do you feel it? I feel it! (Same as retail)
question18 I don't feel anything anymore. (Same as retail)
question19 Can't remember the last time I had a shower. (Same as retail)
question20 Someday this will all be a bad memory. (Same as retail)
question21 I'm not a betting man but the odds are not good. (Same as retail)
question22 Doesn't anyone care what I think? (Same as retail)
question23 I can't get this tune out of my head. (Same as retail)
question24 I don't know what kind of meat this is. (Not in the final version)
question25 I just knew it was going to be one of those days. (Same as retail)
question26 This is bullshit! (Same as retail)
rightdoc01 Right, Doc.
rightdoc02 Right, Doc.
surething Sure thing.
understood01 Understood.
whatdoyaneeddoc01 What do you need, Doc?
whateveryousay01 Whatever you say.
yougotitdoc01 You got it, Doc.

Final actor[edit]

Filename(s) Quote Play
abouttime01 Well, Gordon Freeman! And about time, too. (Same as retail)
abouttime02 Well, Gordon Freeman! And about time, too. (Same as retail)
ahgordon01 Ah, Gordon Freeman. (Same as retail)
ahgordon02 Ah, Gordon Freeman. (Same as retail)
almosthityou01 I almost hit ya!
almosthityou02 I almost hit you!
areyoucrazy Are you crazy? I'm not going out in that!
cantbeseen02 I can't be seen talking to you.
cantgetawaywiththat I don't know where you came from, but you can't get away with that in City 17.
careful01 Careful, Freeman!
careful02 Careful, Freeman!
carefultherefm Careful there, Freeman!
cit2_downthere1 Look down there.
cit2_downthere2 Down there.
cit2_overhere1 Hey, over here! (Same as retail)
cit2_overhere2 Yo(?), over here!
cit2_upthere1 Up there!
cit2_upthere2 Up there! Up there!
combine01 Combine! (Same as retail)
combine02 Combine! (Same as retail)
cops01 Cops! (Replaced by "CPs" in the final game)
cops02 Cops! (Replaced by "CPs" in the final game)
docfreeman01 Doctor Freeman. (Same as retail)
docfreeman02 Doctor Freeman. (Same as retail)
doingsomething Shouldn't we be doing something? (Same as retail)
getawayfromme01 Get away from me.
getdown01 Get down!
getdown02 Get down! (Same as retail)
getgoingsoon Are we gonna get going soon? (Same as retail) (?)
gethellout Get the hell outta here! (Same as retail)
goodgod Good God! (Same as retail)
goodluckwherever01 Good luck, wherever you're going.
goodluckwherever02 Good luck, wherever you're going.
freeman Freeman. (Same as retail) (move this: f comes before g)
gotone01 Got one! (Same as retail)
gotone02 Ha ha, I got one! (Same as retail)
gotsomethingforya01 Got something for you.
gotsomethingforya02 Got something for you.
gunship01 Gunship!
gunship02 Gunship! (Same as retail)
hellodrfm01 Hello, Doctor Freeman. (Same as retail)
hellodrfm02 Hello, Doctor Freeman. (Same as retail)
heretakethis01 Here, take this!
heretakethis02 Here, take this!
heretohelp01 We thought you were here to help. (Same as retail)
heretohelp02 We thought you were here to help! (Same as retail)
hereyoucouldusethis Here, you could use this.
heya Heya.
heydoc01 Hey, Doc. (Same as retail)
heydoc02 Hey, Doc. (Same as retail)
hi01 Hi. (Same as retail)
hi02 Hi. (Same as retail)
holddownspot01 I'm gonna stay and hold down this spot. (Same as retail)
holddownspot02 I'm gonna stay and hold down this spot. (Same as retail)
howdoyoulike02 How do you like it?
howdoyoulikeit01 How do you like it?
imhurt01 Ah...I'm hurt. (Same as retail)
imhurt02 I'm hurt. (Same as retail)
imstickinghere01 I'm sticking here. (Same as retail)
imstickinghere02 I'm sticking here.
itsamanhack01 It's a manhack! (Same as retail)
itsamanhack02 It's a manhack! (Same as retail)
itscoming It's coming!
leadon01 Lead on, Freeman! (Same as retail)
leadon02 Lead on, Freeman! (Same as retail)
leadtheway01 You lead the way! (Same as retail)
leadtheway02 Lead the way! (Same as retail)
letsgo01 Let's go! (Same as retail)
letsgo02 Let's go! (Same as retail)
likethat Ha ha! Like that? (Same as retail)
likethemapples Like them apples?
littlecorner01 I've got my little corner and I'm sticking to it. (Same as retail)
littlecorner02 I've got my little corner and I'm sticking to it.
lookoutfm01 Look out, Freeman! (Same as retail)
lookoutfm02 Look out, Freeman! (Same as retail)
manhacks01 Manhacks! (Replaced by "Here comes the hacks" in the final game)
manhacks02 Manhacks! (Replaced by "Here comes the hacks" in the final game)
myturn Ha! My turn!
notthemanithought01 You're not the man I thought you were! (Same as retail)
notthemanithought02 You're not the man I thought you were. (Same as retail)
ohno Oh no! (Same as retail)
ok01 Okay! (Same as retail)
ok02 Okay! (Same as retail)
okdoc01 Yeah yeah, okay, Doc!
okdoc02 Okay, Doc!
okimready01 Okay, I'm ready.
okimready02 Okay, I'm ready.
okimready03 Okay, I'm ready!
oneless01 Ha ha! One less Combine freak!
onyourside Freeman! We're on your side! (Same as retail)
overhere01 Over here!
ow01 Remove this. (Same as retail)
ow02 Remove this. (Same as retail)
pain01 Remove this. (Same as retail)
pain02 Remove this. (Same as retail)
pain03 Remove this. (Same as retail)
pain04 Remove this. (Same as retail)
pain05 Remove this. (Same as retail)
pain06 Remove this. (Same as retail)
pain07 Remove this. (Same as retail)
pain08 Remove this. (Same as retail)
pain09 Remove this. (Same as retail)
quiet02 Quiet!
readywhenyouare01 Ready when you are! (Same as retail)
readywhenyouare02 Ready when you are! (Same as retail)
scanners01 Scanners! (Same as retail)
scanners02 Scanners! (Same as retail)
seehowyoulikeit Ha ha ha, see how you like it!
startle01 Huh! (Same as retail)
startle02 Hah! (Same as retail)
stopitfm Stop it, Freeman! (Same as retail)
strider Strider! (Same as retail)
strider02 Strider!
strider_run Run! (Same as retail)
strider_run02 Run!
thanksforhelp01 Thanks for your help, Doctor Freeman.
thanksforhelp02 Thanks for your help, Doctor Freeman.
turret Turret!
turrets Turrets!
uhoh Uh oh! (Same as retail)
waitingsomebody You waiting for somebody?
watchout Watch out! (Same as retail)
watchwhat Watch what you're doing! (Same as retail)
wetrustedyou01 We trusted you! (Same as retail)
wetrustedyou02 We trusted you! (Same as retail)
whatwaitfor What are we waiting for?
doiknowyoufromsomewhere Do I know you from somewhere?
whohellryou01 Who the hell are you?
wowniceshot01 Wow, nice shot!
wowniceshot02 Whoa, nice shot!
youcouldusemorethani You could use this more than I can.


Location: sound/npc/citizen

Used when commanding Citizens from afar during the City 17 uprising in the playable leak.

Filename(s) Quote Play
com_standby_multi01 We are standing by.
com_standby_solo01 I'm waiting for your signal, Doc.
com_onourway01 We're on our way.
com_onmyway01 I'm on my way.
com_cantgetthru01 I can't get through.
com_delayed01 I hit a snag, I'll be delayed.
com_movingout Okay, moving out.

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