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Vortigaunt/Quotes/Half-Life: Alyx

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The following is a list of quotes from the Vortigaunts, from Half-Life: Alyx.

Location: sounds/vo/vortigaunt

Filename(s) Quote
06_00001 The Alyx Vance!
06_00002 You received my messages!
06_00003 Come! Enter.
06_00004 You are welcome!
06_00005 Cooking!
06_00006 I have a brain injury.
06_00007 My brain is injured!
06_00008 Ow.
06_00009 The…
06_00010 …Eli Vance!
06_00011 Yes.
06_00012 The Combine. Yes. Do not go yet! I must show you something!
06_00013 This way!
06_00014 It is important!
06_00015 The Alyx Vance must go this way anyway…
06_00016 The Combine have other of my kin.
06_00017 Held, like the Eli Vance.
06_00018 The Alyx Vance will free them!
06_00019 You will not save him. He is dead.
06_00020 Or he will be…
06_00021 It is a matter of perspective. But Alyx Vance alone cannot prevent his fate.
06_00022 No riddles! The Combine drilled here. I do not know when I am. I am severed from the Vortessence. I am alone in my head.
06_00023 You have saved my kin!
06_00024 Then you will! Courage, Alyx Vance!
06_00025 I will help the Alyx Vance! Look to the Northern Star.
06_00026 For guidance!
06_00027 I am not! Here.
06_00028 Sustenance!
06_00029 You will be welcome.
06_00030 Come in, come in!
06_00031 Enter, Alyx Vance.
06_00032 Your journey brings you this far. Just a little farther, perhaps.
06_00033 I have been waiting for you, Alyx Vance.
06_00034 In here!
06_00035 I must show you why I've brought you here.
06_00036 Through there, Alyx Vance.
06_00037 You must go!
06_00038 Your mission begins, Alyx Vance.
06_00039 Go!
06_00040 The Eli Vance! The Alyx Vance! I am here to help as I said I would. Go! I will ensure your father's safety.
06_00042 [Grunting]
06_00043 I will lead the Eli Vance to safety.
06_00045 Then you will.
06_00046 Courage, Alyx Vance!
06_00050 [Eats Noisily]
06_00051 [Slurps Noisily]
06_00052 Hrrmph!
06_00053 Mmph! [Sniffs]
06_00054 [Sniffs] Mmm!
06_00055 [Hums Contentedly]
06_00056 Yes, creature.
06_00057 [Channelling Vortessence]
06_00058 Hrrmm… ah… mmmhmm… Interesting… ah, excellent…
06_00063 We have been in trapped… in the dark.
06_00064 The Alyx Vance… you are our friend.
06_00065 The Combine drain from us the power they use to protect their weapon.
06_00066 …We are ripped from ourselves.
06_00067 No… the Vortigaunt will extract ourselves and exact our own vengeance. YOU must go to the weapon.
06_00068 Do not worry, Alyx Vance. They will not be. We will not allow it.
06_00072 Now, go! We each have our paths. We cannot fail.
06_00073 There…
06_00074 There…
06_00075 There…
06_00076 There…
06_00078 [Gasps]
06_00080 [Groans]
06_00081 What they do to us all.
06_00082 [Channelling Vortessence]
06_00100 [Gasping]
06_00101 I must show the Alyx Vance.
06_00102 Come!
06_00103 Look here!
06_00104 The Alyx Vance must come.
06_00105 Please, come.
06_00106 I will clear the path.
06_00107 Go. Our paths diverge. But remember: There is no distance between us. We are coterminous.
06_00109 I am diminished. The Vortessence is distant from me… I hear its song, but faintly.
06_00115 [Chuckles]
06_00200 Alyx Vance! I have come to help, as I said I would.
06_00201 Look to the Northern Star…
06_00202 I will accompany the Eli Vance and ensure his safety!
06_00203 No riddles! The Combine drilled here. I am severed from the Vortessence. I am alone in my head.
06_00206 I love you too!
06_00208 [Channelling Vortessence]
06_00210 [Channelling Vortessence]
06_00212 Rraaagh!
06_00214 [Hums Contentedly]
06_00216 The Vortigaunt will extract ourselves and exact our own vengeance. YOU must go to the weapon.