This subject is related to the Portal era.
This subject is related to the Portal 2 era.

Aperture Science Sentry Turret/Quotes

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This subject is related to the Portal era.
This subject is related to the Portal 2 era.

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The following is a list of quotes from the Aperture Science Sentry Turrets.


When playing with subtitles enabled, turrets use a small set of lines for subtitles.

Sound class Used subtitle Subtitle name
turret_active_# Activated! npc_floorturret.talkactive
turret_autosearch_# Search mode activated! npc_floorturret.talkautosearch
turret_collide_# Coming through! npc_floorturret.talkcollide
turret_deploy_# Deploying! npc_floorturret.talkdeploy
turret_disabled_# Critical Error! npc_floorturret.talkdisabled
turret_fizzler_# Ow ow ow! npc_floorturret.talkdissolved
turret_pickup_# Put me down! npc_floorturret.talkpickup
turret_retire_# Target lost! npc_floorturret.talkretire
turret_search_# Searching! npc_floorturret.talksearch
turret_shotat_# Hey! It's me! npc_floorturret.talkshotat
turret_tipped_# Ouch! npc_floorturret.talktipped

Default Turret NPC[edit]

Location: sound/vo/npc/turret_floor Proper transcripts, unofficial:

Turret Active[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
turret_active_1 Hi.
turret_active_2 Target acquired.
turret_active_3 Dispensing product.
turret_active_4 Firing.
turret_active_5 Hello friend.
turret_active_6 Gotcha.
turret_active_7 There you are.
turret_active_8 I see you.

Turret Autosearch[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
turret_autosearch_1 Hellooo.
turret_autosearch_2 Searching.
turret_autosearch_3 Canvassing.(Unused)
turret_autosearch_4 Sentry mode activated.
turret_autosearch_5 Is anyone there?
turret_autosearch_6 Could you come over here?

Turret touches turret[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
turret_collide_1 Coming through.
turret_collide_2 Excuse me.
turret_collide_3 Sorry.
turret_collide_4 My fault.
turret_collide_5 Ohh.

Turret Deploying[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
turret_deploy_1 Hello.
turret_deploy_2 Deploying.
turret_deploy_3 Preparing to dispense product. (Unused)
turret_deploy_4 Activated.
turret_deploy_5 There you are.
turret_deploy_6 Who's there?

Disabled Turrets[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
turret_disabled_1 Ahahaa.
turret_disabled_2 Critical error.
turret_disabled_3 Sorry, we're closed. (Unused)
turret_disabled_4 Shutting down.
turret_disabled_5 I don't blame you.
turret_disabled_6 I don't hate you.
turret_disabled_7 Whyyyy.
turret_disabled_8 No hard feelings

Turret being fizzled[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
turret_fizzler_1 Aiaiaiaiaiai.

Turret being picked up[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
turret_pickup_1 Hey.
turret_pickup_10 Hey hey hey.
turret_pickup_2 Put me down.
turret_pickup_3 Woahhh. (Unused)
turret_pickup_4 Illegal operation. (Unused)
turret_pickup_5 Who are you?
turret_pickup_6 Hey.
turret_pickup_7 Please put me down.
turret_pickup_8 Help.
turret_pickup_9 Uh oh.

Turret retire[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
turret_retire_1 Goodbye.
turret_retire_2 Sleep mode activated.
turret_retire_3 Your business is appreciated. (unused, except if you flush the toilet)
turret_retire_4 Hibernating.
turret_retire_5 Goodnight.
turret_retire_6 Resting.
turret_retire_7 Nap time.

Turret lost target[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
turret_search_1 Are you still there?
turret_search_2 Target lost.
turret_search_3 Can I help you? (Unused)
turret_search_4 Searching.

Turret gets shot[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
turret_shotat_1 Hey, it's me!
turret_shotat_2 Don't shoot!
turret_shotat_3 Stop shooting!

Tipped over turrets[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
turret_tipped_1 Aah.
turret_tipped_2 Self test error.
turret_tipped_3 Unknown error. (Unused)
turret_tipped_4 Malfunctioning.
turret_tipped_5 Aaaah.
turret_tipped_6 Ow ow ow ow owww.

Portal 2[edit]

Also reuses the quotes from Portal.


Location: sound/vo/npc/turret

Filename(s) Quote
sp_sabotage_factory_good_fail01 Why?
sp_sabotage_factory_good_fail02 I did everything you asked!
sp_sabotage_factory_good_fail03 I don't understand!
sp_sabotage_factory_good_fail04 I'm fine!
sp_sabotage_factory_good_fail05 AHHHHHHHHH!
sp_sabotage_factory_good_fail06 Wheeeeee-OH NO!
sp_sabotage_factory_good_fail07 Why.
sp_sabotage_factory_good_pass01 Hello.
sp_sabotage_factory_good_prerange01 Target Acquired! (Same as turret_active_2)
sp_sabotage_factory_template01 Hello?
turretlaunched01 Whee!
turretlaunched02 Wheeeeeeee!
turretlaunched03 I'm afraid of heights!
turretlaunched04 Noooooo!
turretlaunched05 See you soon!
turretlaunched06 I'm scared!
turretlaunched07 I'm scared! (Higher pitch)
turretlaunched08 Hooray!
turretlaunched09 Glorious freedom!
turretlaunched10 I'm flyinnnng!
turretlaunched11 Goodbye!
turretlightbridgeblock01 Come closer.
turretlightbridgeblock02 Something's wrong...
turretlightbridgeblock03 What are you doing?
turretlightbridgeblock04 Failure...
turretshotbylaser01 Ow!
turretshotbylaser02 Owww!
turretshotbylaser03 Owwwww!
turretshotbylaser04 It burns.
turretshotbylaser05 I'm on fire.
turretshotbylaser06 I'm on fire ow.
turretshotbylaser07 Please stop.
turretshotbylaser08 You've made your point.
turretshotbylaser09 Okay, you win.
turretshotbylaser10 This is not good.
turretsquashed01 Arrrgh!
turretsquashed02 Owwww!
turretsquashed03 Can't breathe...
turretsquashed04 Excuse me, you're squishing me.
turretsquashed05 Um, Hello?
turretsquashed06 Help! Being squished!
turretstuckintube01 Hello?
turretstuckintube02 Hello?
turretstuckintube03 Hello?
turretstuckintube04 Hello?
turretstuckintube05 Excuse me?
turretstuckintube06 Excuse me?
turretstuckintube07 Hello?
turretstuckintube08 Hello?
turretstuckintube09 I'm different...
turretstuckintubegoodbye01 Thanks anyway...
turretstuckintubetakemewith01 Take me with you...
turretstuckintubetakemewith02 Take me with you...
turretwitnessdeath01 Good shot!
turretwitnessdeath02 Well done!
turretwitnessdeath03 I need backup!
turretwitnessdeath04 You have excellent aim!
turretwitnessdeath05 I never liked her.
turretwitnessdeath06 These things happen.
turretwitnessdeath07 That was nobody's fault.
turretwitnessdeath08 She was provoking you.
turretwitnessdeath09 Oh dear.
turretwitnessdeath10 Oh my!
turretwitnessdeath11 I blame myself.
turretwitnessdeath12 He probably deserved it.
turretwitnessdeath13 I saw it. It was an accident.
turretwitnessdeath14 She's probably okay.
turretwitnessdeath15 Noted.
turret_protect_humans01 But I need to protect the humans!

Defective Turret[edit]

Location: sound/vo/npc/turret

Filename(s) Quote
finale02_turret_defect_return01 We're back!
finale02_turret_defect_return02 Hi there!
finale02_turret_defect_return03 Back again!
finale02_turret_defect_return04 Hi again!
finale02_turret_defect_return05 Well, hello, stranger!
finale02_turret_defect_return06 Hello there!
finale02_turret_defect_return07 This time is OUR time.
finale02_turret_defect_return08 This time...
finale02_turret_defect_return09 Second time's a charm...
finale02_turret_defect_return10 Howdy, stranger! We're back!
finale02_turret_defect_return11 Annnnd we're back!
finale02_turret_defect_return12 Hi there!
finale02_turret_defect_return13 Back, and deadlier than ever!
finale02_turret_defect_return14 Thought you'd seen the last of us, didn't ya?
finale02_turret_defect_return15 Yeah.
finale02_turret_defect_return16 Hurt me once, shame on me. Hurt me twice...
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail01 Dang!
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail02 Agggh...
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail03 Crap!
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail04 Rgggh!
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail05 Crap!
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail06 Dang!
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail07 Dang.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail08 Dang.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail09 I thought we fixed that.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail10 Awwwww, come on.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail11 What's a guy gotta got to do to get some bullets around here?
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail12 Ah for Pete's sake!
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail13 Nope. Still can't see.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail14 Yep. Still blind.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail15 Click click click! Still defective!
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail16 Yeah, that's right! Still defective!
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail17 Yeah! Still not working.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail18 Yeah! Non-lethal as ever.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail19 Can't. See. A. Thing.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail20 Absolutely no improvement.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail21 Not getting better with age!
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail22 This is just getting embarrassing.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail23 Alright, you can go.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail24 [sigh] Don't tell anyone about this.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail25 Okay!
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail26 Dang! Alright, if anyone asks, I killed you.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail27 Hey, be a sport lady and just tell him I killed you.
finale02_turret_return_defect_fail28 Well played.
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye01 Well, I tried. Best of Luck!
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye02 Best of luck, lady!
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye03 Hey, safe travels, there.
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye04 Hey, nice potato!
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye05 Like the potato!
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye06 Hey, thanks so much!
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye07 Don't be a stranger!
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye08 It's been a pleasure!
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye09 Take me with you? Please?
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye10 Hey, give 'em hell, sweetheart!
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye11 That was fun, wasn't it?
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye12 Well, you bested me this time.
finale02_turret_return_defect_goodbye13 Touche, young lady, touche.
glados_battle_defect_arrive01 It's my big chance!
glados_battle_defect_arrive02 I won't let you down!
glados_battle_defect_arrive03 You won't regret this!
glados_battle_defect_arrive04 Now it's broken turret's time to shine!
glados_battle_defect_arrive05 Get ready for it!
glados_battle_defect_arrive06 You asked for this!
glados_battle_defect_arrive07 Here it comes, pal!
glados_battle_defect_arrive08 Locked and loaded!
glados_battle_defect_arrive09 Ha ha! Gotcha right where I want ya!
glados_battle_defect_arrive10 Oh.
glados_battle_defect_arrive11 Ah, crap.
glados_battle_defect_arrive12 Agggh, not again!
glados_battle_defect_arrive13 Ohhh, not now!
glados_battle_defect_arrive14 I'm fired, aren't I?
glados_battle_defect_arrive15 This is trouble.
glados_battle_defect_arrive16 Oh, this ain't good.
glados_battle_defect_arrive17 Watch out, pal!
glados_battle_defect_arrive18 Agggh! I'm on fire!
glados_battle_defect_arrive19 Die!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_chat01 I can't see a thing. What just happened? Better open fire! [click click click click] Dang!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_chat02 Oh thank god. You saved my bacon, pal. Where we going? Is this a jailbreak? I can't see a thing.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_chat03 Yeah! Let's do this!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_chat04 Yeah! Let's do this.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_chat05 Yeah, alright.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_dryfire01 *clicking noises*
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail01 Fantastic.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail02 No, wait, wait!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail03 Hey, hold on now WHOA WHOA WHOA!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail04 Oh, this is ridiculous!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail05 Oh, come on!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail06 What are you doing no no no no no!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail07 Oh, this is ridiculous!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail08 Well, I tried.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail09 Well, can't win 'em all...
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail10 Nooooooooo...
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail11 You can't fire me I quit!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail12 Oh, come on, you guys!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail13 Oh, this is just PERFECT!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail14 Oh, come ON!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail15 Aw, come on!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail16 This isn't fair!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail17 Give me another channnnce!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail18 No no wait wait wait-AGGGHHHH
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail19 Nonononononono!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail20 Ah, come on!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail21 Hey, hold on whoa whoa whoa whoa!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail22 Hey wait wait wait wait wait wait!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail23 Hey wait wait wait wait wait wait!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail24 No no, no no, no no, whoa whoa, no, whoa!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail25 Where we going? What are we doing? Agh!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail26 Hey, where are we going-NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_fail27 You messed with the wrong turret!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_laugh01 Heh heh heh heh...
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_laugh02 Moo hoo ha ha ha ha
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_laugh03 Moo hoo ha ha ha ha...
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_laugh04 Heh heh heh heh...
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_laugh05 Moo hoo ha ha ha ha...
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_laugh06 Heh heh heh heh...
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_laugh07 Yeah! Ha ha ha!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_pass01 Heh heh heh...
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_pass02 Really? Alright.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_pass03 Yes indeed. Yes indeed.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_pass04 Alright. Your funeral, pal.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_pass05 So... we're all supposed to be blind, then, right? It's not just me? Alright, fantastic.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_pass06 I, uh... don't have any bullets. Are you gonna give me any bullets? Are the bullets up there?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_pass07 Where do I get my gun?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_pass08 Do, uh.... we get some eyes at some point?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_pass09 Yeah, I'm uh... I'm a bad man!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_pass10 I, uh... I am a bad man.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange01 Well, I gave it everything I could. Can't ask for more than that.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange02 Uhhhh... Blam! Blam blam blam! I'm not defective!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange03 Well, I did my best.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange04 Oh no, I'm one of the bad ones, aren't I?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange05 Hey! Squeaky-voice! Gimme some of your bullets!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange06 Can I get some bullets here? Anybody got bullets?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange07 Anyone got any bullets?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange08 Well, I tried.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange09 Uhhh, no bullets. Sorry.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange10 No can do.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange11 Uhhh, no bullets. Sorry.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange12 Hey! Squeaky-voice! How'd I do?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange13 YEAH! What's happening?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange14 Yeah, I GOT it, didn't I?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange15 Yeah.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange16 Yeah.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange17 Did I hit it? I hit it, didn't I?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange18 Yeah. Clickety click click. Right on the money.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange19 Shootin' blanks every time, ALL the time.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange20 Yeah, that's right. Little bullseye.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange21 What'd I hit?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange22 Well, can't win 'em all.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange23 How was that?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange24 Standing down.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_postrange25 I'm trouble.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_prerange01 Watch and learn, everybody. Watch and learn.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_prerange02 Alright, check THIS out.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_prerange03 Alright, stand back, everybody.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_prerange04 Time to watch the master.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_prerange05 Watch and learn, everyone. Watch and learn.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_prerange06 So what am I, uh, supposed to do here?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_prerange07 Identify yourself or I will shoot.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test01 Hello.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test02 Yeah, how ya doin'.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test03 Pleased to meetcha.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test04 Yeah, what?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test05 Yeah! Let's do this!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test06 Who said that?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test07 Yeah, what?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test08 Put me in the game, coach!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test09 Hello. Hello. Hell—Aw, crap...
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test10 Yeah, hey, how ya doin'?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test11 I'm gonna make you proud!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test12 Yeah, how ya doin'?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test13 Um.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test14 Hello.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test15 Crap.
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test16 Uh, yeah, what?
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test17 I'm not defective!
sp_sabotage_factory_defect_test18 I'm not defective!

Oracle Turret[edit]

Location: sound/vo/npc/turret

Filename(s) Quote
different_turret01 I'm different...
different_turret01 Thank you.
different_turret02 Get mad!
different_turret03 Don't make lemonade!
different_turret04 Prometheus was punished by the gods for giving the gift of knowledge to man. He was cast into the bowels of the earth and pecked by birds.
different_turret08 It won't be enough.
different_turret09 The answer is beneath us.
different_turret10 Her name is Caroline.
different_turret06 That's all I can say.
different_turret11 Ahh!
different_turret05 Remember that! (Unused)
different_turret07 Don't forget! (Unused)

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