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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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The following is a list of quotes from Alyx Vance, from Half-Life: Alyx.

Announcement Trailer[edit]

Quote File
I'm here. So what's the plan? TBA
There's no straight shot to the vault. I'm gonna head inside, find a way out. 01_12610
They've got dad. TBA


Location: sounds/vo/alyx

Quote File
Terrific. 01_01104
Go! We'll be in touch. 01_01106
What is it? 01_01107
One hundred percent. 01_01108
Keep your head down and be smart. 01_01109
What the hell was that? 01_01135
Jeff? 01_01139
Who? 01_01140
Jeff. 01_01141
You're kidding… 01_01142
[Coughing] 01_01143
[Coughs] 01_01144
[Coughing] Damn! 01_01145
[Coughing] Ugh… 01_01146
Russell? 01_01150
I've been in an accident. 01_01151
Wait. Wait. Where's Dad? 01_01152
Okay, got it. 01_01153
So… Dad's okay, right? 01_01154
But — 01_01155
…And you saved me? 01_01156
Do we know where they're taking him? 01_01157
Ready. 01_01161
Hm. Didn't work. 01_01162
Still not working. 01_01163
Uh uh. 01_01164
Nope. 01_01165
How's that? 01_01166
Thanks, Russell. 01_01171
I know. 01_01172
Oh! 01_01173
I did? 01_01174
So, what's a Vortigaunt doing here? 01_01176
Right, but I mean in general. 01_01177
Oh. I'm sorry to — 01_01178
…Eli Vance… 01_01180
The Combine have him, and I really do need to get moving. 01_01181
Look, I appreciate — 01_01182
I can't stick around, I — 01_01183
I'm sure it is, but — 01_01184
Okay. 01_01185
I would help. I really would. But the Alyx Vance is honestly very busy saving her Dad. 01_01186
What? 01_01187
Is? Or will be? 01_01188
I'm sorry. 01_01190
I… haven't. 01_01192
Why? 01_01193
Okay. Thanks. Are you done? Helping? 01_01194
Uh… I'll eat it later. Thanks for the help. 01_01195
Uh, sure. Yeah. I'll be there in a minute. 01_11107
Nope. It exploded. I'm fine, by the way. 01_11108
Russell. They've got Dad. 01_11110
Oh God… 01_11111
Which is…? 01_11112
Great. Let's hear it. 01_11113
Russell. 01_11114
Stop. 01_11115
And if he gets on that train… that's it, right? 01_11116
I thought you said "us." 01_11117
Okay. 01_11119
"Russells"? 01_11121
Got it. 01_11122
I'm already headed out on foot. 01_11126
Then I'm headed on foot. 01_11127
Thanks, Russell. 01_11131
Tell you what, Russell. If I die, I owe you a gun. 01_11132
I got a dead zombie here. I-I thought the Combine sealed up the QZ? 01_11133
Probably not a one-off, then. 01_11134
Oof, they're gross. 01_11135
Hey, Russell. I just found a loose syringe of God knows what. Is this medicine? 01_11140
I don't see one. 01_11141
I feel GREAT. 01_11142
I take it the Quarantine Zone is behind this hatch? 01_11143
I'll look around for a control panel to open it up. 01_11144
I'm gonna head in. How far is Fairview Junction? 01_11145
Have they started moving Dad yet? 01_11146
Oh, that's great. 01_11147
Mm-hmm. 01_11148
So when did you start calling the gravity gloves the "Russells"? 01_11155
How'd you meet my Dad, anyway? You guys worked together at Black Mesa, right? 01_11164
Russell. Russell — I didn't eat it. 01_11167
Um, nope. Not once. 01_11188
You guys had all that? That's insane. 01_11189
Wow! 01_11190
Yeah, you sure do. 01_11191
That is… Wow. 01_11194
What'd you…? 01_01197
Okay… 01_01198
Thanks. 01_01199
Whoa whoa whoa whoa, waitwaitwait! I just… I just live here! 01_01200
Hey! Wait wait no no no n — 01_01201
Russell… what did you guys find back there? 01_01205
The Citadel? 01_01206
Russell? Just hang on, I'm almost there. 01_01207
Oof. I think that's the last of them. 01_11309
Got it! 01_11310
Is it supposed to come off?! 01_11313
W-w-what do I do… What do I do now?! 01_11314
I'm not panicking! 01_11315
It won't stay! 01_11322
Got it! 01_11323
Holy crap! 01_11325
Train train train train TRAIN! 01_11326
I'm okay. Let's go find Dad. 01_11327
How do you know all of this? 01_11336
Hey, how do I disconnect the cables? 01_11337
Yep. 01_11338
I'm going to open it up and deactivate it. 01_11339
You're free now. It's okay, your friend sent me. 01_11340
What are they doing to you here? 01_11341
We have to stop them from killing your friends. 01_11344
I can't get into the Vault if the substations are still online. 01_11345
Oh my God. Where's Dad? 01_11600
Dad? DAD? 01_11601
Dad! 01_11602
I'm coming! 01_11603
I'll be right there! One sec! 01_11605
Okay. I'm going to reach out and pull you up. It's gonna be okay. You ready? 01_11607
Give me your hand! 01_11608
DAD! 01_11609
[Shocked Gasp] 01_11610
Thank you, oh my God, thank you! Dad, stay there! I'm gonna figure out how to get down to you! 01_11611
A superweapon? 01_11612
Then we've gotta steal it before they do! 01_11613
So what's the plan? 01_11614
Dad! Where's the vault? 01_11615
I… yes. Look to the star. Got it. Dad? 01_11616
Great! Thank you. 01_11617
I love you too! 01_11618
Wait w-wait wait! Don't shoot! 01_11300
DAD! 01_11301
Whoa. 01_11305
Yeah, what happened? 01_11306
Which means? 01_11382
Gotta go. 01_11400
Let's talk later. 01_11401
Hold on, I gotta go. 01_11402
Russell, I gotta go. 01_11403
Later, gotta go. 01_11404
Hold on, I'm busy. 01_11405
Hold on, I got company. 01_11406
Crap, Combine. 01_11407
It's good, Dad. Metro Cop movement is normal. Same for the Combine patrols. How's it going in the stockyard? 01_11409
I see it! 01_11413
Ahh! 01_11415
What is that? 01_11416
Oh boy. 01_11417
No shortcut? 01_11418
Well… let's take the long way. 01_11419
Oh, man. 01_11420
Thanks. You know, for all your talk about what a "lesser" gun this is, this thing isn't half bad. 01_11421
Russell, are you seeing this? 01_11423
It looks like it's just… cardboard. 01_11424
Yeah. Weird, though. 01_11425
I'm fine, Russell, what's up? 01_11426
Russell? Russell! Crap. 01_11427
I — Look. Thank you for… everything. But I really have to go. And I'm sorry, but I really don't have time for riddles. 01_11428
Look, if I can, if I run across your friends, I will see what I can do. 01_11429
Yeah. IF. 01_11434
Wow. Russ. 01_11435
Well, you asked. 01_11447
Where… where are we? 01_11448
What? Unless WHAT? 01_11449
You know, Russell; Now that I'm walking into the Quarantine Zone… It just hit me. I don't know any thing about the Quarantine Zone. 01_11456
Alllright. Cool. 01_11457
You downloaded the entire Internet. 01_11458
Nice. 01_11459
NOW it's gonna get weird? 01_11462
Okay, I'm bracing myself. 01_11465
I think… I think I killed all the aliens. I think they're all dead now. 01_11467
Now we just gotta get to the vault, get the weapon, kick the Combine off Earth — super easy — and they're — and there's sandwiches, there's gonna be sandwiches… 01_11468
Good. I hope they're good. 01_11469
Okay, so: Right now, what it's like to live on Earth, on a scale of one to ten — I'd say we're at a two. 01_11474
What would you rate it BEFORE the Combine showed up? 01_11475
Six? That's not great. 01_11476
Well, maybe we get the Combine off Earth and we could shoot for like an eight, you know? 01_11477
So when we get the Combine off of earth, what are you going to do? 01_11478
Oh, of course! You'll be sitting on a landmine! 01_11479
So… this whole three year Russell plan… you think, uh… you think you'd have a job for me? 01_11480
We could be partners. 01_11481
I don't know what any of that meant, but it sounds good, partner. 01_11482
Umm… uh, well, Dad and I would get a house and help rebuild, you know? And then I'd, you know probably start a secret lab. 01_11483
Well, yeah. So I'd start my lab and I wouldn't even need locks, or doors, or windows that close! 01_11484
Ohhh. Pfft, right. 01_11485
Gotta go. 01_11619
Alyx! Alyx Vance! 01_12202
Yep! I trapped Jeff in a trash compactor. 01_12203
And then I crushed him. 01_12204
Alyx! Alyx Vance! 01_12206
Whoa! 01_12005
AH! 01_12006
HOLY! 01_12007
GAH! 01_12008
J-J-OH GOD 01_12009
Alright, fair enough. 01_12011
Got it. Will it work on the Russells? 01_12012
Ngh! It's on my face! On my face! 01_12020
Oh my God, OH MY GOD… ON MY… OH GOD NO" 01_12021
Agh! Get off! Get off! 01_12022
[Straining, Gasping for Breath] 01_12023
Any news on Dad? 01_12040
Heard anything about Dad, Russell? 01_12041
Damnit. 01_12042
How is that good news? 01_12043
I'll take it. 01_12044
How do you know that? 01_12045
Russell! I'm good! How's Dad? 01_12046
I'm working on it. 01_12047
You're not gonna believe this, but I ran into a Vortigaunt. 01_12048
Hiding. I think he escaped from the Combine. 01_12049
You ever meet a Vortigaunt? He said crazy Vortigaunt stuff. 01_12050
Oh, that Vortigaunt I met? He did give me a headcrab to eat. 01_12051
The Combine off Earth. I want the Combine off Earth. 01_12052
I don't know. But we need to find Dad. 01_12055
You know — it got a bit messy back there, but we did get Dad back. 01_12056
What? 01_12057
Holy crap. That's gotta be the Vault. 01_12058
So even if we MAKE it there, we still have to get UP to it. 01_12059
And break whatever's at the other end. 01_12060
Will I have to look out any windows to bring the Vault down? 01_12061
Then I'm all for it. 01_12062
"Look to the Northern Star…" 01_12066
No, no — the Vortigaunt said "Look to the Northern Star" to help his friends. Which sounds like Vortigaunt nonsense, but I guess it isn't. 01_12067
Like the power and security you'd need for a giant vault. 01_12068
And… there's the vault. 01_12069
I can't figure out how to get into this thing. 01_12070
Russell? You're breaking up again. 01_12071
I'll use a little bit of technology I like to call "the stairs." 01_12072
Nevermind, I won't be using the stairs. 01_12073
Getting kinda crowded down here, Russ. 01_12080
Well, now I just want it more. 01_12081
I… I trust him. 01_12082
Russ. Trusting him is… our only plan here. He'll do this. We can do this. 01_12083
Well, it's huge so it shouldn't be hard to know which way I'm going. 01_12084
I don't understand what they're doing with it, here. 01_12085
If this weapon is so powerful, why keep it locked up in a dump like this? 01_12086
Why not use it HERE? 01_12087
Are you SEEING that?! 01_12088
What is it? 01_12089
Yes! 01_12090
It better. 01_12091
Okay. So, what do you think? 01_12092
Okay, I don't see a way into this building, so I'm going to look around. 01_12093
What is this place, anyway? 01_12094
Is… vodka… good? 01_12095
Russell doesn't like vodka, got it. 01_12096
But it's not good? 01_12097
But… 01_12098
Okay, that's all very confusing. 01_12099
There's definitely a bunch of old bottles in here. Does alcohol go bad? 01_12100
Russell? You're breaking up. 01_12101
Well, oh well. 01_12102
Hey, Russ. Vortigaunts just took down another one. 01_12103
Russ! The Vorts are taking down another substation! 01_12104
Russ? Ugh. 01_12105
More or less — you're breaking up. 01_12107
I made a friend named Jeff. 01_12108
Yeah, we're not really close. 01_12109
The Combine sealed up the exit in here. I'm getting it back open and getting outta here. 01_12110
I-I can't hear you. Russell! 01_12111
Great. Also, little heads up, I think the tunnel is full of antlions, just in case I cut out permanently. 01_12113
Yeah, you know. Aliens with stabby legs. 01_12114
…No. 01_12115
No, that's not them. These ones are pretty dangerous. 01_12116
Yep. Off I go. 01_12117
WHAT?! 01_12123
That's an antlion, Russell. 01_12124
Yes. So you DO know what antlions are. 01_12125
That's the last substation! He did it! 01_12126
Guys. Can we figure this out later? That cable stirred up an antlion nest. 01_12128
I don't know. But something's keeping it up there. And we're running out of time to find it. 01_12129
Great! What is it, Dad? 01_12130
Okay, got it. 01_12131
There's cables coming out of it. I think they connect to a power source. I'll get over there and disconnect them. Well. Shoot them. 01_12132
Right. What IS inside, anyway? 01_12134
Oh man, Russ, don't jinx me. 01_12135
Oh crap. Moving. Moving. 01_12136
Textbook! Textbook jinxing, Russell! 01_12137
Agh! Moving. Still moving. 01_12138
Gahhh! 01_12139
Ahhh… 01_12140
Russell! Big gun up ahead. 01_12143
Yeah, I just had it too. 01_12144
I just had it too. And it's a good one. 01_12145
I'm shooting it! 01_12146
Russell, lemme shoot! 01_12147
No. Probably not. 01_12149
Yeah. 01_12150
Everything'll be fine, Russ. Talk to you soon. 01_12151
Russell? I'm out. 01_12156
Hey, Russell? I, uh… I'm out again. 01_12157
Russell? I'm out. Again. 01_12158
Oh! Also — I spotted the Combine moving supplies into the Quarantine Zone. That place has been deserted for years. 01_12600
Ahh. Okay. 01_12604
Right. 01_12605
Russ, I promise, your gloves are safe with me. 01_12606
So is vodka any good? 01_12607
Let me figure out how to get in, and then I'll find you some. 01_12608
There's no straight shot to the Vault. I'm gonna head inside and find a way around this barricade. 01_12609
There's no straight shot to the Vault. I'm gonna head inside and find a way out. 01_12610
Got it, thanks. 01_12612
[Coughs] Got it, thanks. 01_12613
Got it, thanks. 01_12614
Hooooly crap! 01_12615
Have you heard any Combine chatter about Dad escaping? 01_12616
On the plus side, that means Dad is still on his way back to you. We'd have heard if they'd recaptured Eli Vance. 01_12617
Getting to the Vault isn't going to get any easier. 01_12618
So… I AM eventually gonna run out of ammo. 01_12646
Ahh! 01_12650
Ah! 01_12651
Ahh! 01_12652
Right. So… he's okay, right? He lives. My Dad lives. 01_12654
No! I-I-I just want to go home. Send me home! 01_12656
Yep — they got the reactor, easy peasy. 01_12658
I'm headed back to the safehouse right now to meet Dad. 01_12660
Don't get greedy, guys. We're not made of time here. 01_12700
Sounds good. Where's the train I'm taking? 01_12702
Yeah, we are. 01_12703
The brand name? 01_12704
That's THE Vort! 01_12706
Nah, I'm still looking. 01_12709
Here we go. 01_12710
Boom. Power back on. 01_12711
Now just have to get the elevator some juice. 01_12712
And up we… 01_12713
Hmm. 01_12714
This place is overgrown. How dangerous do we think this stuff really is? 01_12715
I'm really starting to think I shouldn't be breathing this stuff. 01_12716
Kinda… slimy? A little tingly. 01_12717
Ow. 01_12718
Sharp. 01_12719
Like a six. 01_12720
A strong six. 01_12721
Yep. Of course. 01_12722
Uh oh, this guy's not wearing a shirt. 01_12723
Gotcha. 01_12724
Thannnk you. 01_12725
Oh, that's not good. 01_12726
There was like a… dog-looking… lightning thing. 01_12727
I killed it and it crapped out this thing? 01_12728
Hey, Russell. This thing fell out of the dog. 01_12729
Ah crap, lightning dog. 01_12730
Oh my God, it went into a guy! Russell? 01_12731
New development: It went into a dead guy. 01_12732
Yes. I had to shoot both of them, it was NUTS, Russell. 01_12733
Oh, it was. 01_12734
Uh oh. 01_12735
Yeah, oof. This one was… kinda rough. 01_12736
Yeah Russ, I'm good. 01_12737
I'm working on it. 01_12738
Found an elevator up. 01_12739
Alright, we're getting close to the substation here. 01_12746
I'll figure out how to shut it down. 01_12747
Alright — this should turn off that wall. 01_12748
Oh man. 01_12749
[Gasps in Surprise] 01_12750
What do you think they're doing in here? 01_12751
Ewww. 01_12780
[Grunts in Pain] 01_20000
Thank you! 01_20001
[Coughing] …what… is…? 01_20003
…Dad? Dad? What… I-Is that me? What is this? What's happening? 01_20004
[Coughs] 01_20011
[Coughs] 01_20013
[Coughs] 01_20015
[Coughs] 01_20017
[Coughs] 01_20019
[Coughs] 01_20021
[Coughs] 01_20023
[Coughs] 01_20025
[Coughs] 01_20027
[Coughs] 01_20029
[Imitates Gun Noises] 01_20031
[Sneezes] 01_20035
That's terrible, and I hope… 01_20037
Look, I'm actually pretty busy looking for my father… 01_20039
Russell! 01_11408
[Grunts in Pain] 01_12754
[Grunts in Pain] 01_12755
[Grunts in Pain] 01_12756
Ahh! 01_12757
Ahh! 01_12758
Gahhh! 01_12759
[Coughs] 01_12760
[Coughs] 01_12761
[Coughs] 01_12762
Ahh! 01_12763
Ahh! 01_12764
Unh! 01_12765
I think you're right. 01_12766
It's too dark. I need a flashlight. 01_12767
I'll need a flashlight if I want to go in there. 01_12768
I'd never survive a jump from this height. 01_12769
Nope. 01_12770
I don't think so. 01_12771
Nope. That'll kill me. 01_12774
Ohh. Thank God. 01_12779
I'm on it. 01_20100
I can see that, Russell. 01_20101
Yep, doing great, no worries no worries no worries… 01_20102
I saw a lever outside! 01_20104
It switches the tracks! 01_20105
—to a wall. 01_20106
I don't know! 01_20108
There's gotta be another way to stop this train… 01_20109
You sure you can do that? 01_20111
Nice. 01_20112
Ahh! 01_20113
That's the switch! 01_20114
Russell! Check out this lever! 01_20115
I'll be ready. 01_20127
Yes, WHEN. 01_20129
Oh, Dad said he stole some files about this weapon. 01_20135
You're my guy?… 01_20136
Oh. 01_20137
But not data encryption. 01_20138
Oh my God, Jeff. Are you okay? [Laughs] 01_20140
Oh… Okay, will do. 01_20141
Ah, they're locking down the area. 01_20142
Yeah, good luck. 01_20143
Whoa! Russell! Vorts just took down the last substation! 01_20149
Wait, what the… 01_20150
I heard him. 01_20151
I hope whoever is in there is worth it. 01_20152
Maybe we'd have lasted eight. 01_20164
I'm on my way. 01_20166
Phew, thanks. 01_20169
Oh. Yeah, definitely. You're gonna want to put that in Year Two. 01_20170
Yeah, what is it, Dad? 01_20173
…What do you mean? 01_20174
Okay. 01_20177
Last three. 01_20179
Last three. 01_20181
Last three. 01_20183
Last three. 01_20185
Three more. 01_20187
Three more. 01_20189
Three more. 01_20191
Three more. 01_20193
Three left. 01_20195
Three left. 01_20197
Three left. 01_20199
Down to three magazines. 01_20207
Down to three magazines. 01_20209
Last one. 01_20223
Last one. 01_20225
Crap. Last magazine. 01_20227
Last magazine. 01_20229
Argh, I'm out. 01_20231
I'm out. 01_20233
I'm out. 01_20235
Out of mags. 01_20239
Out of mags. 01_20241
Out of mags. 01_20245
No more mags. 01_20247
No more mags. 01_20249
No more mags. 01_20251
No more mags. 01_20255
Out of mags. 01_20257
Out of mags. 01_20259
No more mags? 01_20261
No more mags. 01_20263
I'm out. 01_20267
I'm out. 01_20269
Russell, you've been watching everything that's happened today. 01_20271
Dad, I'm gonna go find this vault! 01_20272
Ewww. 01_20274
Yeuch. 01_20276
Ew. 01_20278
Yeuch. 01_20280
You see that? Russell? Russell! 01_20281
Gordon… Freeman? 01_13133
So… who are you? 01_13135
Alright, it looks like the bridge is fully extended… 01_05500
Okay, well, one of these has to bring in the vault for docking, right? Right? 01_055003
Um. That's not it. 01_055004
Oooh, kay, definitely not. 01_055005
Maybe?! 01_055006
That doesn't look good… Ugh! 01_055007
Just need to GENTLY dock the vault TO the bridge. 01_05501
How hard can that be? 01_05502
Keep what in? 01_05508
Huh, I think I can reroute this with my multi-tool. 01_13000
It's a tool with multiple functions. So, you know — multi-tool. 01_13001
Who am I gonna sell it to? 01_13002
Well, how about I call it the "Alyx"? 01_13003
Yeah, the "Alyx." 01_13004
Whoa! Here we go. 01_13005
Hey, Russ. Keep an eye out for Dad, okay? 01_13006
Aaaand the power's out. 01_13007
Looks like we're taking the stairs. 01_13008
Aaaand the stairs are out. 01_13009
Ooo, breaker boxes. 01_13010
Let's go back to the elevator plan. I'm gonna get the power back on. 01_13012
Here we go — breaker boxes. 01_13013
Power's back on. Let's check the elevator. 01_13014
Argh! Rat's nest. 01_13015
Elevator's still not on yet. 01_13016
Y'know, this all looks good. 01_13017
Maybe we missed something out by the elevator. 01_13018
Looks like we're taking the ladder. 01_13019
THAT'S Jeff. 01_13020
THAT'S Jeff — keep your voice down! 01_13021
He's an acquired taste. 01_13022
Ya know Russ, I'm sorry I didn't get you any vodka back there. 01_13023
You know, I hope you appreciate how much of a pain in the butt it is carrying this vodka around. 01_13024
Wait… Dad… What?! 01_13025
Whoa, okay. So if it's not a weapon, are we still doing this? 01_13026
True… 01_13027
We've come this far, I say we keep going. And if you find out it's something we really shouldn't mess with, we'll call it off. 01_13028
So, head towards those beams, right? 01_13029
Nothing, I'm on my way. 01_13030
Alright, here we go. 01_13032
Whoa, Russell, are you seeing this? 01_13033
Alright, Russ. REALLY need you to talk again. 01_13035
It's really dark… Russ? 01_13037
Can you just… talk? 01_13038
About anything, literally anything. 01_13039
Okay, that was my fault. I'll be more specific next time. 01_13040
There's somebody up there! 01_13041
Whoa whoa! Shh! 01_13042
Wait… SHH! 01_13043
Shh! Sh-sh-shh Quiet! 01_13044
Oh, wow. That's good, right? 01_13045
Alright. So… let's go save Gordon Freeman. 01_13046
Oh. Incoming. Hey, gimme a second. 01_13047
Okay, so the plan is to get to that control room and get Gordon. You know, I'll be honest, people talk about him a lot, but I always just assumed he was dead. 01_13048
Hey, Dad. Are you there? 01_13049
If Gordon survived Black Mesa… where's he been? 01_13050
Once we get Gordon back, we can really get ambitious, don't you think, Russ? Maybe we could take down the Citadel. 01_13051
And this time he won't have to do it alone. 01_13052
Yeah, Dad. 01_13053
What's the security like inside? 01_13054
I guess I'll have to improvise. 01_13055
There's the control room. 01_13056
Alright, here we go. Time to go rescue the savior of humanity. 01_13057
Oh God. 01_1305862
Damn it. 01_13059
Now what? 01_13060
Oh! Terrific. 01_13061
Okay, okay, well, one of these has gotta extend the bridge… right? 01_13063
Uhhh… 01_13064
THIS one. 01_13065
I know, Russ, I can see it not moving. 01_13066
Oh God. Oh God… Oh GOD! 01_13067
Ahhh! 01_13068
Russ! Russell! Put Dad on! 01_13069
Dad! We just took down a substation! 01_13070
We will. You've still got that datapod, right? 01_13071
For sure. You go ahead, I'll be fine, Dad — I promise. 01_13072
Holy crap, they must've been terrified of this thing. 01_13073
Nope. Still looking. 01_13086
Russel… the Combine use these. Are they safe for people? 01_13087
Are you sure? 01_13088
Ow! Ow-ow-ow. [Sucking in Air] 01_13089
Ahhhhh. Hey… 01_13090
Hey… you were right. These are great. 01_13091
Ahhh. Ooh. 01_13092
Ahhh. Nice. 01_13093
See it! 01_13094
Thanks. Thanks Russell. 01_13096
Yeah… When you guys were off stealing the reactor, I saw the Combine moving supplies in here. So, I guess they're interested in this place again. 01_13097
What IS that? 01_13098
It looks like pictures of Vortigaunts… 01_13099
Somebody spent a lot of time on this. 01_13100
Whoa! More floating cardboard. 01_13101
That's weird. 01_13102
Just stay there! I'm gonna figure out how to get over to you! 01_13103
Ooo, grenades. 01_13104
Ugh. Total waste of a grenade. 01_13105
Agreed. 01_13106
Heads up, zombie. 01_13108
Look out. 01_13109
Missed! 01_13111
Dammit! 01_13112
Ugh! 01_13113
Yes! 01_13114
Whoa! 01_13115
What do you think, Russ? Guess we'd better cooperate. 01_13116
We had a good run. 01_13117
[Hushed Gasp] 01_13118
[Hushed Gasp] 01_13119
[Hushed Gasp] 01_13120
Oof… 01_13121
Phew… 01_13122
Whew… 01_13123
…I hate you, Jeff… 01_13124
[Laughing in Relief] We did it, Russ. 01_13125
Got it. 01_13130
Whoa! Yeah, okay. I'm going up. 01_13131
Dad? Dad? 01_13132
Phew. Okay. 01_13140
Okay. 01_13141
Oof… 01_13142
Oof… 01_13143
Nice. 01_13144
Alright… 01_13145
[Choking] 01_13146
[Choking] 01_13147
[Choking] 01_13148
[Gasping for Breath] 01_13149
[Gasping for Breath] 01_13150
[Gasping for Breath] 01_13151
Where are you taking me? Where's my father? 01_13200
Hello?! 01_13201
Damn it! Where's my father?! 01_13202
Open the damn window! 01_13203
Thanks Russ. 01_13500
Oof. Okay. 01_60007
Whew. Okay. 01_60009
Phew. Okay. 01_60011
Okay. 01_60013
Okay. 01_60015
Whew… 01_60017
Alright… 01_60019
[Choking] 01_60021
[Choking] 01_60023
[Choking] 01_60025
[Gasping for Breath] 01_60027
[Gasping for Breath] 01_60029
Oh my God… 01_60030
What?… Oh my God… Thank you! Thank you! 01_60032
Russ, come on. At this point it's kind of "our" gun. 01_50600
You know, Russ — technically? I don't think there's a whole lot of your gun left anymore. 01_50601
Well, Russ, it's official. There is NOTHING left of your gun in this gun. This is just… this is MY gun. 01_50602
Umm… before. What was life like before the Combine? 01_13036
Oh! That zombie has a shotgun! 01_50700
Whoa! 01_50701
Yeah. Let's get this shotgun and get out of here. 01_50702
Got it! 01_50703
We did it. 01_50704
Aah! 01_60033
Just looking, Russ. 01_70000
I think… it's some kind of lock. 01_70002
I think we just got locked in here. 01_70003
Got it. Thanks. 01_70004
Oh boy… 01_70005
Health station! 01_70006
Ahh. Here, look. It needs power. 01_70007
Huh. 01_70008
Russell? How do you know all this. 01_70009
Whew, it is DARK. 01_70010
Nope. I'm good, I'm good. 01_70011
Oh, thank God. 01_70012
This is… this is fine. 01_70013
Oh boy. Getting dark again. 01_70016
Well… That worked. 01_70017
Okay. 01_70018
I'll find a way into the wreckage. 01_70019
Ah! Found it. 01_70023
Got it. 01_70024
Ah. There it is. 01_70025
Ah ha. 01_70026
I see 'em. 01_70027
Russ, you're not even here! 01_70028
There it is, Russ! 01_70029
The tunnel out of here? 01_70030
Russ? Do you think a headcrab could turn a gorilla into a zombie? 01_70031
On it. 01_70032
[Sniffs] Ugh. This stuff reeks. 01_70035
Like a rotting animal mixed with… ammonia. 01_70036
What if it GIVES me cancer? 01_70043
Russ, I'm gonna do less touching. 01_70044
Russell! These guys have automatic weapons! 01_70060
These guys have automatic weapons. 01_70061
I'll keep my fingers crossed on the, uh… option one. Just gonna roll with the genes I'm currently working with. 01_70063
That's a lot of words while a lot of bullets are flying at me, Russ! 01_70064
Oh my god, Russ. This ID card has a picture of a skeleton on it. 01_70099
Combine! 01_70500
Russ, these guys have automatic weapons. 01_70501
I'm… I'm good, Russ. I'm just going to roll with these genes that I've got. 01_70503
The more I touch this stuff, the more I think it's probably toxic. 01_70504
There it is. That elevator will take me up to the substation. 01_70505
Not to be a worrier, but shouldn't Dad be back by now? 01_70506
Yeah. So I should be worried. 01_70507
How are you sure? 01_70508
Nice. 01_70509
I know. You would've loved that. 01_70510
The substation is on the floor above me. 01_70511
Alright, there's the substation, I'll get up to the next floor and we'll shut it down. 01_70512
Nnngh! 01_70605
Nnngh! 01_70606
Nnngh! 01_70607
Nnngh! 01_70608
Nope. 01_70609
Nope. 01_70612
Uh uh. 01_70613
Ah, crap. 01_70614
Crap. 01_70615
Crap. 01_70616
Tsk. Didn't work. 01_70617
Didn't work. 01_70618
Alright. 01_70619
Alright. 01_70620
Alright. 01_70621
Sounds good. 01_70622
Sounds good. 01_70623
Hm. Sounds good. 01_70624
Got it. 01_70625
Aah! Got it. 01_70626
Got it. 01_70627
Sure. 01_70628
Sure. 01_70629
Sure. 01_70630
[Gasps] 01_70631
Whoa! 01_70632
Oh! 01_70634
[Gasps] 01_70635
[Gasps] 01_70637
[Gasps] 01_70638
Huh. 01_70639
Oof… 01_70640
Nice. 01_70641
Wow. 01_70642
Ha hah. 01_70643
Oof… 01_70645
Huh. 01_70646
Alright… 01_70647
Whew… 01_70648
Three mags left. 01_70649
Three mags left. 01_70653
Three mags left. 01_70654
Three mags left. 01_70655
Three mags left. 01_70657
Last mag. 01_70659
Last mag. 01_70660
Last mag. 01_70661
Last mag. 01_70662
Last mag. 01_70663
Last mag. 01_70664
Last mag. 01_70665
Last mag. 01_70666
Last mag. 01_70669
Last mag. 01_70671
Last mag. 01_70672
Last mag. 01_70677
Three shells left. 01_70679
Three shells left. 01_70680
Three shells left. 01_70682
Three shells left. 01_70684
Three shells left. 01_70687
Three shells left. 01_70689
Three shells left. 01_70690
Three shells left. 01_70692
Three shells left. 01_70694
Three shells left. 01_70695
Three shells left. 01_70696
Three shells left. 01_70697
Three shells left. 01_70698
Last shell. 01_70699
Last shell. 01_70700
Last shell. 01_70701
Last shell. 01_70703
Last shell. 01_70704
Last shell. 01_70706
Last shell. 01_70707
Last shell. 01_70709
Last shell. 01_70710
Last shell. 01_70713
Last shell. 01_70714
Last shell. 01_70715
Last shell. 01_70716
Last shell. 01_70717
Last shell. 01_70718
Outta shells. 01_70719
Outta shells. 01_70721
Out of shells. 01_70723
Out of shells. 01_70724
Out of shells. 01_70725
Out of shells. 01_70726
Out of shells. 01_70727
Out of shells. 01_70728
Out of shells. 01_70733
Out of shells. 01_70734
Out of shells. 01_70735
Out of shells. 01_70736
Three cells left. 01_70739
Three cells left. 01_70740
Three cells left. 01_70743
Three cells left. 01_70744
Three cells left. 01_70745
Three cells left. 01_70746
Three cells left. 01_70748
Three cells left. 01_70749
Three cells left. 01_70750
Three cells left. 01_70752
Three cells left. 01_70755
Three cells left. 01_70757
Three cells left. 01_70758
Last cell. 01_70759
Last cell. 01_70760
Last cell. 01_70761
Last cell. 01_70762
Last cell. 01_70763
Last cell. 01_70764
Last cell. 01_70769
Last cell. 01_70772
Last cell. 01_70774
Last cell. 01_70775
Last cell. 01_70776
Last cell. 01_70777
Last cell. 01_70778
Out of cells. 01_70779
Out of cells. 01_70782
Out of cells. 01_70783
Out of cells. 01_70787
Out of cells. 01_70789
Out of cells. 01_70791
Out of cells. 01_70795
Out of cells. 01_70796
Three left. 01_70799
Three left. 01_70801
Three left. 01_70802
Three left. 01_70803
Three left. 01_70806
Three left. 01_70810
Three left. 01_70811
Three left. 01_70812
Three left. 01_70816
Three left. 01_70817
One left. 01_70819
One left. 01_70820
One left. 01_70822
One left. 01_70823
Last one. 01_70824
Last one. 01_70825
Last one. 01_70826
Last one. 01_70827
One left. 01_70829
One left. 01_70832
Last one. 01_70834
Last one. 01_70835
Last one. 01_70838
I'm out. 01_70840
I'm out. 01_70844
Ugh. I'm out. 01_70845
I'm out. 01_70846
I'm out. 01_70848
I'm out. 01_70849
I'm out. 01_70854
I'm out. 01_70858
Russ, are they saying my name? 01_70859
Ugh. Amazing. 01_70860
Mmph. 01_70861
Come on— 01_70862
Mmph. Ergh. Ugh! 01_70863
Alright, this must be it. 01_70864
Okay, Gordon Freeman. I hope you were worth it. 01_70865
Alright Gordon, let's get you out of this thing. 01_70866
Apartments, just like Dad said. 01_70867
Okay, this is weird. But, I don't know. It doesn't look too dangerous. 01_70868
Whoa… 01_70869
Ohh… mmmph… ugh. 01_70871
Oof… Whew! Okay. 01_70872
Oof, okay. Last one. 01_70873
Hey Russ, you wanna swap in here? 01_70874
Combine! 01_70875
I… I think I just killed Gordon Freeman. 01_70876
Hey Russ, name a song. 01_70877
Coming right up. 01_70878
Alright, here it is. 01_70879
This isn't going to be as easy as it looked from the ground. 01_70880
I don't see any way to disconnect the cables in here. 01_70881
Russ, I can't figure out how to disconnect these cables. 01_70882
Ah! Got it. 01_70883
Ah, there's shielding on the connection. 01_70884
Nice. 01_70885
Thanks! Good luck! 01_70886
Those beams are coming from the top of THIS tower, right? 01_70887
Big fan of this flashlight. 01_70888
Oh, yeah? 01_70889
Oh. Nice. 01_70890
That's a lot of cables… 01_70891
Enh, I don't have enough resin for any of this stuff. 01_70892
No. What do they say about resin, Russ? 01_70893
Ohhh-kay. I'll keep an eye out. 01_70894
Whoa, this is weird. 01_70895
Wait. Hey, wait, wait, wait!… 01_70896
Russ — what do you think they're doing to Gordon Freeman in there? 01_70897
Are they — you know, sucking his brain out? 01_70898
Well, either way, let's not find out. I'll get there before it happens. 01_70899
Russ, what's the deal with the crowbar? 01_70900
Yeah. 01_70901
No way. 01_70902
Well, when I get him out, let's give him a gun. 01_70903
Russ! 01_70904
How's Dad doing? Does he seem okay? 01_70905
Good. Well, thanks. 01_70906
Yeah, you know he was missing a leg before. 01_70907
Thanks, Russ. 01_70908
Hey — Any news on the datapod? 01_70909
Great. 01_70910
Thanks, Russ. We're getting close. 01_70911
Eesh… 01_70912
Oh… Holy… 01_70913
Whup! 01_70914
Got it! 01_70915
Ahh. Gotcha. 01_70916
I think… I just killed Gordon Freeman. 01_70917
Thanks. Good luck. 01_70918
[Coughs] 01_71000
[Coughs] 01_71001
[Coughs] 01_71002
[Coughs] 01_71003
[Coughs] 01_71004
[Coughs] 01_71005
[Coughs] 01_71006
[Coughs] 01_71008
[Coughs] 01_71009
[Muffled Cough] 01_71011
[Muffled Cough] 01_71012
[Muffled Cough] 01_71013
[Muffled Cough] 01_71014
[Muffled Cough] 01_71015
[Muffled Cough] 01_71017
[Muffled Cough] 01_71018
[Muffled Cough] 01_71019
Nope. 01_71021
Nope. 01_71023
Alright. 01_71027
Alright. 01_71029
Alright. 01_71031
Sounds good. 01_71033
Sounds good. 01_71035
Sounds good. 01_71037
Got it. 01_71039
Got it. 01_71041
Got it. 01_71043
Three mags left. 01_71055
Three mags left. 01_71063
Three mags left. 01_71065
Three mags left. 01_71067
Three mags left. 01_71069
Three mags left. 01_71071
Unnnh. 01_71075
Ergh… 'kay. 01_71077
Uhn. 01_71079
Cmon… 01_71085
I'm trying! 01_12024
Yeah. It was. 01_12028
You know, I hope you appreciate how much of a pain in the butt it is carrying this crate of vodka around. 01_13900
Oh, I'm taking one of these for myself. 01_13901
Good point. I'll see if there are any upgrades that I could use. 01_90000
I was thinking about giving it to Gordon. 01_90001
Good to know. 01_90002
Oof. I'm okay… I'm okay... 01_90005
Last four shells. 01_90007
Last four shells. 01_90008
Four shells left. 01_90009
Last four. 01_90010
Last four. 01_90011
Last four. 01_90012
Four shells left. 01_90013
Four shells left. 01_90014
Four shells left. 01_90015
Last four shells. 01_90016
Last four shells. 01_90017
Last four shells. 01_90018
Last four. 01_90019
Last four. 01_90020
Last four shells. 01_90021
Four shells left. 01_90022
Four shells left. 01_90023
Four shells left. 01_90024
Last two shells. 01_90025
Last two shells. 01_90026
Last two shells. 01_90027
Last two. 01_90028
Last two. 01_90029
Last two. 01_90030
Two shells left. 01_90031
Two shells left. 01_90032
Two shells left. 01_90033
Last two shells. 01_90034
Last two shells. 01_90035
Down to two. 01_90036
Last two. 01_90037
Last two. 01_90038
Down to two. 01_90039
Two shells left. 01_90040
Two shells left. 01_90041
Last two shells. 01_90042
Two shells left. 01_99950
Two shells left. 01_99951
Last two. 01_99952
Two shells left. 01_99953
Two shells left. 01_99954
Two shells left. 01_99955
[Straining, Gasping for Breath] 01_99956
[Straining, Gasping for Breath] 01_99957
It's on my face! It's on my face! 01_99958
Russ! It's on my face! 01_99959
Russ! It's on my face! It's on my face, Russ! 01_99960
Okay. I'm okay. I'm okay. 01_99961
Yeah, it was. I was there. 01_99962
I know it's on my face, Russ! 01_99963
Nggggh, I can't get it! 01_99964
Russ, I know! 01_99965
Aah! 01_00001
Ah! 01_00002
Oof! 01_00003
Aah! 01_00004
Oof! 01_00005
Uhn! 01_00006
Ow! 01_00007
Whew! 01_00008
Uhn! 01_00009
Argh! 01_00010
Umph! 01_00011
Gyeeah! 01_00012
Umph! 01_00013
Blugh! 01_99966
Whew. 01_99967
[Coughing] Whew. 01_99968
[Coughing] Whew. 01_99969
Ugh! 01_99970
[Coughing] Ugh! 01_99971
Ugh! 01_99972
Ugh! 01_99973
Ugh. Okay. 01_99974
Ugh! 01_99975
Ugh! 01_99976