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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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The following is a list of quotes from Father Grigori. His religious monologues (usually referred to as monk_## in the Half-Life 2 leak files and monk_rant## in the retail game files) are taken from the Pistis Sophia, an Ancient Gnostic text.[1]

Half-Life 2 leak[edit]

Obsolete monk[edit]

Location: sound/vo/obsolete_monk

Filename(s) Quote Play
monk_01 Judge, oh Lord, those who do injustice to me. Fight for those who fight with me. (The Filename can also be found in temp\distance_test, with the last sentence excised)
monk_02 Thou hast caused my companions to be distant from me and those that know me on account of my wretchedness.
monk_03 Woe to me, for my dwelling was far off and I was in the dwelling of the chaos.
monk_04 And I flattered those merciless ones, and when I flattered them they attacked me without cause.
monk_05 May they become like dust before the wind and may the Angel of the Lord pursue them. (May their paths become dark and slippery and may the Angel of the Lord afflict them.)
monk_06 For without cause they have hidden from me a snare to their own destruction and in vain they have slandered my soul.
monk_07 May the snare which they do not know come to them and may the net which they have hidden from me catch them and may they fall into the snare.
monk_08 I commend you to the light my beloved Jakov and wish you peace from this place of chaos. Go and join your family in the place of glory, flee from the desertions of the demiurge.
monk_balc01 Look here, brother! (No text data)
monk_balc02 You survived! There is hope for you if you can reach the church. (No text data)
monk_balc03 I concealed a gun behind those pallets. You take it.
monk_balc03a Here! Before you go, you might find it useful. (No text data)
monk_balc03b I have concealed some ammunition behind those pallets. (No text data)
monk_balc04 Quickly-find the gun!
monk_balc05 Behind those pallets, brother!
monk_balc06 The gun! Quickly!
monk_balc07 Very good, brother! Keep it close!
monk_balc08 Now, brother-get to the church. I will meet you there!
monk_balc09 They come!
monk_balc10 Hurry!
monk_balc11 Run!
monk_balc12 Remember - keep out of the streets!
monk_balc13 To the church!
monk_bucket01 You are almost there, brother! Now wait while I send a bucket for you!
monk_bucket02 Guard yourself well! This will take but a moment!
monk_curse01 To lift the curse from this town, it's too much for one man. (No text data)
monk_evil You have found the source of evil. Good. (No text data)
monk_fire01 I have cried out to thee, O Light of Lights, and thou hast heard me.
monk_fire02 Have mercy on my once-beloved Sampsa. Let me remember his former face, and obliterate my memory of what he has become.
monk_fire03 I am numbered with those who have gone down to the pit. I have become like a man without a helper. (No text data)
monk_greet01 You! What brings you here? Have you not heard that Ravenholm is no longer safe?
monk_greet02a Once this was a haven, but now it is a town accursed. Evil spawns in the depths. (No text data)
monk_greet02b Darkness has its heart here, and I am unable to still that cursed pulse. (No text data)
monk_greet03 You never should have come here, brother. You and all who follow you are doomed.
monk_greet04 I would welcome you, but soon it may be you I throw upon the fire.
monk_greet05 Do not look to me for help, unless you are a man of stronger mettle. (No text data)
monk_greet06 Perhaps, you have come in answer to my prayers? I have begged for a companion to make this place again a haven. Are you that one? (No text data)
monk_greet07 Well. If you can survive, then I will take that as a sign. Press on until you see my church, and then perhaps we can work together.
monk_savior I was hoping for another kind of savior, but you'll have to do. (No text data)
monk_stake You must find the heart of evil and drive a stake through it. (No text data)
monk_wrong01 How came you here? Did I not tell you to seek the church? You must get out of the streets, brother!
monk_wrong02 Still, my hopes for you are improving. You may not be the savior I was hoping for, but perhaps you will do after all. (No text data)
monk_yard01 Greetings, my brother! It is truly remarkable what you have done. You are the first to survive the streets of Ravenholm since the enemy first swept us with its shadow.
monk_yard02 I have been alone here so long. Forgive me if I seem unfit for proper company. Still, I will make a place for you. And though I have little enough to offer, please consider all I have to be yours. (No text data)
monk_yard03 Now come, let us enter the sanctuary. Be wary still, for even here there are dangers. (No text data)


Location: sound/vo/monk

Filename(s) Quote Play
monk_allover I've been looking all over for you.
monk_bettergun I found a better gun for you. You'll need it.
monk_catch Catch!
monk_closer Come closer.
monk_gunquick Quickly - take the gun!
monk_hurry Hurry!
monk_hush Hush!
monk_keepitclose Good - now, keep it close.
monk_keepoutstreet Keep out of the streets!
monk_moveon We can't stay here. Move on, I will meet you at the church.
monk_overhere Over here, brother!
monk_partner I warned you not to come this way! But I confess, a partner would be welcome.
monk_run Run!
monk_sothere So there you are!
monk_stirredup You stirred up Hell! Heh, a man after my own heart!
monk_takethis Here, take this.
monk_theycome They come.
monk_tochurch To the church!
monk_toomany There are too many!
monk_verygoodbro Very good, brother.

Half-Life 2[edit]

Location: sound/vo/ravenholm

Filename(s) Quote Play
aimforhead Aim for the head!
attic_apologize Ah, it is you, brother! I apologize! But no harm done. My bullets are the least of your concerns.
bucket_almost Almost there, brother!
bucket_brake The hand-brake, brother! Release it and come down!
bucket_guardwell Guard yourself well!
bucket_patience Patience, brother!
bucket_stepin Now, brother! Step into the cart!
bucket_thereyouare Ah, there you are! At last!
bucket_waited I will send the cart for you, brother. It will be but a moment.
cartrap_better Better and better!
cartrap_iamgrig I am Father Grigori! You have already met my congregation.
engage01 Yes, come to me! Come!
engage02 Come!
engage03 Come!
engage04 I will end your torment!
engage05 Let me end your torment!
engage06 Yes, my children, it is I!
engage07 Come to the light I carry! Come!
engage08 It is not me you want, but the light that shines through me!
engage09 Come to the light!
exit_darkroad Farewell, Brother! I fear I deliver you to a darker place. May the Light of Lights illuminate your path.
exit_goquickly Go quickly!
exit_hurry Hurry while I hold the gate!
exit_nag01 Flee, brother!
exit_nag02 Onward to the mines!
exit_salvation Look to your own salvation!
firetrap_freeuse Make free use of my traps, but take care not to fall in them yourself.
firetrap_lookout Look out, brother! Behind you!
firetrap_vigil In Ravenholm, you do well to be vigilant.
firetrap_welldone Well done, brother!
grave_follow Follow me, brother. And tread lightly. For this is hallowed ground.
grave_stayclose Stay close to me, brother!
madlaugh01 Ha ha ha ha!
madlaugh02 Ha ha!
madlaugh03 Ha ha ha ha ha.
madlaugh04 Hee hehehe
monk_blocked01 Out of my way!
monk_blocked02 Look out!
monk_blocked03 Stand aside, brother!
monk_coverme01 Cover me, brother.
monk_coverme02 Your assistance, brother!
monk_coverme03 Over here, brother!
monk_coverme04 To me, brother!
monk_coverme05 I require your assistance, brother!
monk_coverme07 Where art thou, brother?
monk_danger01 Look out!
monk_danger02 Beware!
monk_danger03 Careful, brother!
monk_followme Follow me.
monk_giveammo01 Here, brother! Ammunition!
monk_givehealth01 Heal thyself, brother!
monk_helpme01 I am outnumbered!
monk_helpme02 Help me, brother!
monk_helpme03 I cannot fight them all alone!
monk_helpme04 Lend a hand, brother!
monk_helpme05 I need help, brother!
monk_kill01 Woe to thee!
monk_kill02 Woe betide thee, child!
monk_kill03 Rest, my child.
monk_kill04 I think no worse of thee.
monk_kill05 May the Light of Lights be with you.
monk_kill06 You meant no harm.
monk_kill07 Return to your true nature.
monk_kill08 Balm for your affliction, child.
monk_kill09 Be free, my child!
monk_kill10 The grave holds nothing worse for you.
monk_kill11 I remember your true face!
monk_mourn01 Well, brother, if I survive this night, I shall build you an honest pyre.
monk_mourn02 Oh Light of Lights! Why have you taken my helper?
monk_mourn03 So... again I am alone.
monk_mourn04 Well, brother... you have found another egress from the house of Chaos.
monk_mourn05 Rest now, brother. For you will surely live again.
monk_mourn06 Rise, brother. Rise!
monk_mourn07 Live again, brother!
monk_overhere Over here, brother.
monk_quicklybro Quickly brother!
monk_rant01 Iniquity's snares are cunning, but by the Light of Lights, mine are greater still.
monk_rant02 Woe to all, for our dwelling place is distant, and we wander through the domiciles of Chaos.
monk_rant03 My power was lost in places which were not mine. Affliction besought me, and the merciless ones attacked me without cause.
monk_rant04 Although they call me crazy I care not, for thou art my helper, my strength, and my saviour.
monk_rant05 Thy will be done, Oh Light of Lights. I bless the glory of thy greatness all the day and through the darkness of this night.
monk_rant06 I pray do never turn away thy light. Give heed to me, and spring thy traps upon my enemies when I cry out to thee.
monk_rant07 For it was said they had become like those peculiar demons, which dwell in matter but in whom no light may be found.
monk_rant08 Turn not thy face away from me; incline thy ear and hear me when I shall cry to thee in my affliction.
monk_rant09 For the days of my life have vanished like smoke, and my bones are parched like ash, and let all my impurities be as fuel for that fire until nothing remains but the Light alone.
monk_rant10 From the voice of my groaning my bone has cleaved to my flesh.
monk_rant11 For my soul is filled with evil, and like this place must be purged.
monk_rant12 For the dead know no sleep in their graves, nor dost thou remember them, until they are destroyed through thy hands.
monk_rant13 I have been laid down in a pit of darknesses and the shadow of death. And thy anger has pressed down upon me; and all thy cares have come down upon me. And from this bed I cry out for the kindling of thy Light!
monk_rant14 And what terrible wonders are these those hast done among the dead. What shades rise to confess thee, and what specters shall know thee by thy name?
monk_rant15 Oh Light, may thy name be spoken in the graves, and spelled in bones and ashes!
monk_rant16 Thy rages have come down upon me, and thy fears have agitated me.
monk_rant17 Judge those who do injustice to me; fight with those who fight with me.
monk_rant18 Take hold of a weapon and shield, and rise to help me.
monk_rant19 Draw forth a sword and sheathe it in those that afflict me; say to my soul: I am thy salvation.
monk_rant20 May they become like dust before the wind; may the angel of the Lord pursue them.
monk_rant21 May their paths become dark and slippery; and may the angel of the Lord afflict them.
monk_rant22 May the snare which they do not know come to them; and may the net, which they have hidden for me, catch them in my place.
monk_stayclosebro Stay close, brother.
pyre_anotherlife But who is this? Another life to save?
pyre_keepeye I'll keep my eye on you. More than that, I cannot promise.
shotgun_advice My advice to you is... aim for the head!
shotgun_bettergun Here, I have a more suitable gun for you. You'll need it.
shotgun_catch Catch!
shotgun_closer Come closer.
shotgun_hush Hush!
shotgun_keepitclose Good. Now keep it close.
shotgun_moveon There is no rest in Ravenholm. Move on and I will meet you at the church!
shotgun_overhere Here, brother!
shotgun_stirreduphell You've stirred up Hell! A man after my own heart!
shotgun_theycome They come!
wrongside_howcome How came you here, brother?
wrongside_mendways Mend your ways, before it is too late!
wrongside_seekchurch Did I not tell you to seek the church?
wrongside_town This is the wrong side of town for you!
yard_greetings Greetings, brother! And so we meet at last.
yard_shepherd As for me... A shepherd must tend to his flock. Especially when they have grown unruly.
yard_suspect I suspect you have little wish to remain in Ravenholm, so I will show you to the mines.
yard_traps You are to be commended for avoiding my traps. The work of a man who once had too much time on his hands, and now finds time for nothing but the work of salvation.

Unused quotes[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
pyre_purge [no transcript available]
pyre_looknot [no transcript available]
pyre_roadahead [no transcript available]
shotgun_toomany [no transcript available]
shotgun_outnumbered [no transcript available]
shotgun_hurry [no transcript available]
shotgun_outstreets [no transcript available]
shotgun_tochurch [no transcript available]
climber_nag01 [no transcript available]
climber_nag02 [no transcript available]
climber_nag03 [no transcript available]
bucket_oneminute [no transcript available]
yard_pieces [no transcript available]
yard_device [no transcript available]
exit_mines [no transcript available]
exit_farewell [no transcript available]