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Hazardous Environment Combat Unit/Quotes

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The following is a list of quotes from Hazardous Environment Combat Unit.

Half-Life (pre-release)[edit]

Location: sound/hgrunt/

Filename(s) Quote
gr_alert1 *Unintelligible chatter*
gr_cover2 Cover me!
*Unintelligible chatter*
gr_loadtalk I've got something for you.
gr_squadform Squad, form up!
makesquad Blast 'em!

Location: sound/hassault/

Filename(s) Quote
hw_alert You're dead! You hear me? Dead!


Location: sound/hgrunt/

Narrative quotes:

Filename(s) Quote
c2a2_hg_chat1a So who is this guy Freeman?
c2a2_hg_chat2a They say he was at ground zero.
c2a2_hg_chat3a Science team? You think he was responsible? Sabotage, maybe?
c2a2_hg_chat4a Yeah, maybe. All I know for sure is he's been killing my buddies.
c2a2_hg_chat5a Oh yeah, he'll pay. He will definitely pay.
c2a3_ambush_vox Get him! Heh, nice hit. Uh, all right, we got him.
c2a3_hg_1drag Where we taking this Freeman guy?
c2a3_hg_2drag Topside for questioning.
c2a3_hg_3drag What the hell for? We got him. Let's kill him now!
c2a3_hg_4drag Uh, and if they find the body?
c2a3_hg_5drag Body? What body?
c2a3_hg_laugh Laughter
c2a5_hg_lebuz Come in, Cooper. Do you copy? Forget about Freeman. We're abandoning the base. If you have any last bomb targets, mark them on the tactical map. Otherwise, get the hell out of there. Repeat, we are pulling out and commencing airstrikes. Give us targets or get below.
c2a5_hg_abandon Forget about Freeman! We are cutting our losses and pulling out. Anyone left down there now is on his own. Repeat, if you weren't already, you are now...
hg_sucks I killed twelve dumb ass scientists and not one of 'em fought back. This sucks.
hg_civvies I didn't sign on for this shit. Monsters, sure, but civilians? Who ordered this operation anyway?

Regular Marine quotes[edit]

Location: sound/sentences.txt (speech system sentences), sound/hgrunt/ (sound files)

Each quote is a combination of pre-recorded, sometimes programmed to resonate a bit different, sound files (in some cases they consist of a single statement). It is worth noting that almost every sentence beings and ends with (or simply utilizes) a clik sound, which will not be listed here. The same system applies to _comma and _period sounds.

When they spot a hand grenade:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
HG_GREN0 grenade! Grenade!
HG_GREN1 take!, cover! Take cover!
HG_GREN2 oh!, shit! Oh shit!
HG_GREN3 get!, down! Get down!
HG_GREN4 of!, god! Oh God!
HG_GREN5 no! No!
HG_GREN6 move! Move!

When they spot the player, Gordon Freeman:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
HG_ALERT0 squad!, we!, got!, freeman! Squad, we got Freeman!
HG_ALERT1 target! Target!
HG_ALERT2 movement! Movement!
HG_ALERT3 shit!, we!, got!, hostiles! Shit! We got hostiles!
HG_ALERT4 squad!, get!, freeman! Squad, get Freeman!
HG_ALERT5 squad!, neutralize!, freeman! Squad, neutralize Freeman!
HG_ALERT6 move!, in! Move in!

When they spot an alien:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
HG_MONST0 bogies!, my!, sector! Bogies, my sector!
HG_MONST1 we!, got!, bogies! We got bogies!
HG_MONST2 alien!, alert! Alien alert!
HG_MONST3 alien!, movement! Alien movement!

When they need to take cover:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
HG_COVER0 take!, cover! Take cover!
HG_COVER1 I!, need!, suppressing!, fire! I need suppressing fire!
HG_COVER2 we!, need!, backup! We need backup!
HG_COVER3 two!, hot!, here! Too hot here!
HG_COVER4 fall!, out! Fall out!
HG_COVER5 clear!, this!, area! Clear this area!
HG_COVER6 god!, damn! God damn!
HG_COVER7 cover!, fire! Cover fire!

When they throw a hand grenade:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
HG_THROW0 fire!, in!, the!, hole! Fire in the hole!
HG_THROW1 take!, this! Take this!
HG_THROW2 fire, in, the, hole Fire in the hole!
HG_THROW3 squad, stay, down Squad, stay down!

When they taunt the player:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
HG_TAUNT0 uhh, we, got, heavy, fire Uhh, we got heavy fire.
HG_TAUNT1 roger, hold, position Roger, hold position.
HG_TAUNT2 we!, will!, kick!, your!, ass! We will kick your ass!
HG_TAUNT3 mister, you, are, going, down Mister, you are going down.
HG_TAUNT4 you, got, nothing You got nothing.
HG_TAUNT5 request!, backup! Request backup!

When they move up:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
HG_CHARGE0 go!, recon! Go, recon!
HG_CHARGE1 move!, in! Move in!
HG_CHARGE2 go! Go!
HG_CHARGE3 lets!, go! Let's go!

When they are idle (questions):

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
HG_QUEST0 stay, alert, people Stay alert, people.
HG_QUEST1 radio, check, over Radio check, over.
HG_QUEST2 maintain, lookout Maintain lookout.
HG_QUEST3 squad, quiet, down Squad, quiet down.
HG_QUEST4 hold, position Hold position.
HG_QUEST5 sweep, that, sector Sweep that sector.
HG_QUEST6 uhh, go, tango, sweep, formation Uhh, go tango sweep formation.
HG_QUEST7 echo, mission, is, go Echo mission is go.
HG_QUEST8 fire, team, weapons, check, ok Fire team, weapons check okay.
HG_QUEST9 fire, team, objective, foxtrot, niner Fire team, objective foxtrot niner.
HG_QUEST10 ok, mission, zero, niner Okay mission, zero niner.
HG_QUEST11 squad, stay, alert, four, freeman, over Squad, stay alert for Freeman, over.

When they are idle (answers):

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
HG_ANSWER0 uhh, roger, that Uhh, roger that.
HG_ANSWER1 yessir Yes sir.
HG_ANSWER2 affirmative, sir Affirmative, sir.
HG_ANSWER3 negative Negative.
HG_ANSWER4 roger Roger.
HG_ANSWER5 ok, control Okay control.
HG_ANSWER6 that is, uhh affirmative That is, uhh, affirmative.

When an area is clear:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
HG_CLEAR0 all, clear, sir All clear, sir.
HG_CLEAR1 bravo, post, clear Bravo post, clear.
HG_CLEAR2 delta, team, clear Delta Team, clear.
HG_CLEAR3 no, sign, hostiles, sir, over No sign hostiles, sir, over.
HG_CLEAR4 no, sign, objective, sir, over No sign objective, sir, over.
HG_CLEAR5 no, movement, this, level No movement this level.
HG_CLEAR6 sir, sector, secure, over Sir, sector secure, over.
HG_CLEAR7 command, post, team, in, position, over Command post, team in position, over.
HG_CLEAR8 recon, in, position, all, quiet Recon, in position, all quiet.
HG_CLEAR9 lookout, post, all, quiet, over Lookout post, all quiet, over.
HG_CLEAR10 sir, I, here, something Sir, I hear something.
HG_CLEAR11 sir, uhh, zero, movement, over Sir, uhh, zero movement, over.
HG_CLEAR12 area, secure, sir, over Area secure, sir, over.

While routine checking:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
HG_CHECK0 ok, check, in Okay, check in.
HG_CHECK1 squad, are, hostiles, clear Squad, are hostiles clear?
HG_CHECK2 check, in, people Check in, people.
HG_CHECK3 lookout, check, in Lookout, check in.
HG_CHECK4 recon, team, check, in Recon team, check in.
HG_CHECK5 movement, check, over Movement check, over.
HG_CHECK6 check, your, zone, over Check your zone, over.
HG_CHECK7 everything, ok, there Everything okay there.

When injured:

Filename(s) Quote
gr_pain1 Is that all you got?
gr_pain2 You got nothin'!
gr_pain3 I'm hit!
gr_pain4 Uh, oh!
gr_pain5 Argh, medic!

Half-Life: Opposing Force[edit]

Location: sound/fgrunt/

Intro dialogue:

Filename(s) Quote
intro_fg01 Man, if this is another "search and rescue" operation, I'm gonna be pissed.
intro_fg02 Yeah, I'm gonna be pissed too when I gotta search and rescue your sorry ass.
intro_fg03 Hey, Shephard! I think Jackson here's got the hots for you.
intro_fg04 Screw you, Tower!
intro_fg05 Hey man, where the hell are we anyway?
intro_fg06 Well, the pilot thought we were headin' to your mother's house, heh. So far this all looks familiar.
intro_fg07 Yeah, that's real cute, Jackson.
intro_fg08 Anytime, anywhere.
intro_fg09 Hey man, you smell that?
intro_fg10 Smell what?
intro_fg11 Smells like... smells like another babysittin' job to me, man.
intro_fg12 Heh heh, no shit, man.
intro_fg13 Babysittin' job my ass. This has training mission written all over it. Why else would they have kept our orders from us for so long, huh?
intro_fg14 Yeah, what the hell is that all about? Throwin' our asses in this hunk of junk and not even tellin' us what we're goin' in for, man.
intro_fg15 Sir, yes, sir!
intro_fg16 Well, I don't really give a damn what we're going in for. Long as I get to kill me somethin'.
intro_fg17 I heard that.

Other level specific narrative quotes:

Filename(s) Quote
of1a6_fg01 Come in, Cooper. Do you copy? Forget about Freeman. We're abandoning the base. If you have any last bomb targets, mark them on the tactical map. Otherwise, get the hell out of there. Repeat, we are pulling out and commencing air strikes. Give us targets, or get below!
of1a6_fg02 Shephard, you've made it. I take it you didn't find Freeman? Forget it, Corporal. We are puling out. The air strike has started. Get to the hangar while we await evac.
of1a6_fg03 I said get to the hangar, Shephard. That is an order.
of1a6_fg04 Where's Freeman? We don't have time to mess around here!
of1a6_fg05 I'm not lettin' you go until you talk!
of2a1_fg01 You've got the get out of here. Listen to me, Shephard. Those things... they'll kill all of us...
of2a4_fg01 Looks like somebody really screwed up, Corporal. Seems the brass bit off more than they could chew.
of2a4_fg02 Yeah, well, forget about Freeman! We've got to save our own asses.
of2a4_fg03 You with us, Corporal?
of2a5_fg01 Shephard, what the hell were you doing down there? Listen, we need to get our asses down to the extraction point near Lambda sector. With any luck, we'll even get a shot at Freeman on our way out. Now, this transit system should take us there, but the door is sealed up pretty tight. Jeez, where's an engineer when you need one?
of2a5_fg02 Corporal, I don't think I'm gonna make it. I need a Medic... bad.
of2a5_fg03 Don't worry, soldier. I'll have you fixed up in no time.
of2a5_fg04 Thanks, doc.
of2a6_fg01 Corporal, what the hell is going on here? Nobody told us about Black Operations in the mission briefing.
of2a6_fg02 Yeah, I mean we're all on the same team, right? Right?
of2a6_fg03 Well, I'm not sure what their mission is, but we need to keep moving. There's gotta be a transit car somewhere on these tracks.
of3a4_fg01 Don't go in there, Corporal. That... monster... wiped out my squad... (Unused)
of5a1_fg01 Hey, man, good to see ya. Wow, I can't believe you made it pass those masked freaks.
of5a1_fg02 Those snipers have pinned us down here pretty good. We tried making a break for it, but they know we're here. They're just waitin' for their shots, and those bastards are patient.
of5a3_fg02 It's good to see you, sir. It's a real mess out there. I mean these... things are coming out of the damn walls. Ain't no way around them either. They just keep coming!
of5a3_fg04 I heard about some kind of big standoff at the dam up ahead. I say we make our break for it now. It ain't gonna get any better, that's for sure, and I bet they could use our help.
of5a3_fg05 It's Shephard! Hey, stand back, and I'll cut it. We're gonna need your help.
of6a1_fg01 Shephard! I don't know what those Black Ops are up to, but it doesn't involve getting us out of here alive. We've got no choice but to fight our way out!
of6a1_fg02 Let's go!
siryessir Sir, yes, sir!
yessir Sir, yes, sir!

Regular Marine quotes[edit]

Location: sound/fgrunt/

The following is a list of quotes from friendly grunts only. Some of them are said in more than one situation and therefore recur in several tables.

When they spot a hand grenade:

Filename(s) Quote
incoming Incoming!
grenade Grenade!

When they spot an enemy/an alien:

Filename(s) Quote
alert Alien alert!
down Get down!
bogies We got bogies!
hostiles Squad, we got hostiles!
alien Alien movement!

When they need to take cover:

Filename(s) Quote
clear Clear this area!
cover Take cover!
staydown Squad, stay down!

When they throw a hand grenade:

Filename(s) Quote
fire Fire in the hole!
grenade Grenade!

When they agree to follow the player, Adrian Shephard:

Filename(s) Quote
damage Sure, we can do more damage that way.
six I got your six.
moving Moving out, Corporal.
gotit You got it, Corporal. I'll be right behind you.
hellout Let's get the hell outta here.
sir Affirmative, sir.
right Right away, sir.
command At your command, sir!
notfail I will not fail you, sir.
yes Yes, sir.

When they are scared:

Filename(s) Quote
hearsome Hey, did you hear something?
hear Sir, I heard something.

When they are commanded to stay by the player:

Filename(s) Quote
secure Okay, I'll secure this area.
orders I'll stay here and await further orders.
scout All right, you scout ahead.
guardduty Guard duty, eh?

When they defeat an enemy/an alien:

Filename(s) Quote
oneshot One shot, one kill.
killer I'm a natural born alien killer.
sniper Heh, sniper school sure paid off today.
tag I'll tag 'em, you bag 'em.
corporal Did you see that one, Corporal?
talking That's what I'm talking about.
take Take this!
area Area secure, sir.

When they are shot by the player:

Filename(s) Quote
check Okay, check in!
wantsome You want some of me?
zone Check your zone.
watchit Watch it, Corporal.
watchfire Watch your fire, sir.
friendly Friendly fire, friendly fire!

When they are idle (questions):

Filename(s) Quote
seensquad Have you seen any other soldiers from my platoon?
current The current situation is looking pretty grim.
coverup Government cover ups were not in my job description.
chicken This whole operation is out of control!
charge Do you have any idea who's in charge of this operation?
bfeeling I got a bad feeling about this mission.

When they are idle (answers):

Filename(s) Quote
roger Uh, roger that.
quiet Squad, quiet down.

When they are idle (general statements):

Filename(s) Quote
guard I was told to guard this area.
mission Boy, this is some first mission.
babysitting I was told this is gonna be a baby sitting job.
coverup Government cover ups were not in my job description.
now If only Drill Instructor Barnes could see me now.
seensquad Have you seen any other soldiers from my platoon?
short Just when I thought I was getting short, I've gotta pull this assignment.
outof Man, if we make it out of here alive, I'm gonna buy you all a round of beers. Hell, I'll buy the whole damn bar!
lost I bet you can get lost in this place real easy.
fubar This mission is way beyond FUBAR.
dogs Man, my dogs are barking.
disney This place make boot camp seem like Disneyland.
checkrecon Recon team, check in!

When they attack:

Filename(s) Quote
flank Flank 'em!
wantsome You want some of me?
freaks Let's kill these freaks!
recon Go, recon!
rapidfire Let's go, rapid fire!
sweep Sweep that sector!
suppressing I need suppressing fire!
marines Let's go, marines!
moveup Move up!
go Let's go!
covering Covering fire!
ass We're gonna kick your ass!

When they are mad:

Filename(s) Quote
ass We're gonna kick your ass!
shephard Shephard!

When they greet the player:

Filename(s) Quote
sore Shephard! You're a sight for sore eyes.
tosee Sir! It's good to see another man in uniform.
hellosir Sir! Hello, sir!

When they take damage:

Filename(s) Quote
imhit I'm hit, but I'll hang tough.
fwound It's okay, sir. It's just a flesh wound.
makeit I don't think I can make it, sir.

When they take serious damage:

Filename(s) Quote
hitbad Corporal, I'm hit pretty bad.
critical That last shot was critical. I can't go on.
sdamage I've taken serious damage, sir.

When the player takes serious damage: (?)

Filename(s) Quote
needmedic Sir, I think you may need a medic.
hurt You look pretty hurt, sir.
hell Corporal, you look like hell.
feel Man, Corporal. You look just like I feel. *

When they taunt the player:

Filename(s) Quote
mister Mister, you're going down!
nothing You got nothing!
oneshot One shot, one kill.
getsome Get some!
corners Watch those corners.
backup We need backup!


Filename(s) Quote
allclear All clear, sir.
busted I'm pretty busted up, Corporal. I think I'm gonna need a medic.
checkfire Check your fire!
corporal_01 Corporal!
help Sir, you need medical attention ASAP.
medic Medic!
medical Keeping you in one piece is proving to be quite a challenge.
move Move in!
no Negative, sir.
nohostiles No sign of hostiles.
nomovement No movement on this level.
retreat Fall back!
sir_01 Sir!
stayalert Stay alert, people.
takecover Take cover!

HECU Engineer quotes[edit]

Location: sound/fgrunt/

While cutting through sealed doors:

Filename(s) Quote
locksmith Who needs a locksmith, eh, Shephard? Heh heh heh.
stand Stand back, Corporal. This should only take a minute.
through I'll have you through here in no time.

When he refuses to cut through a door:

Filename(s) Quote
blocked Sorry, Corporal. This door is barricaded from the other side.
thick That barricade is way too thick.
cutting Cutting through this door is not a good idea.
situations Sorry, sir, I'm not trained for situations like this.

HECU Medic quotes[edit]

Location: sound/fgrunt/

While healing the player:

Filename(s) Quote
sting This might sting a bit.
onepiece Keeping you in one piece is proving to be quite a challenge.
frosty This outta keep you frosty, Corporal.

When he refuses to heal the player:

Filename(s) Quote
nohealth Sorry, sir. That's all I can do for you.

Military Police quotes[edit]

Location: sound/fgrunt/

When interacted with:

Filename(s) Quote
restricted I'm sorry, Corporal. This is a restricted area.
restricted2 This is a restricted area, soldier!

When returning the Desert Eagle:

Filename(s) Quote
thanks Thanks, Corporal.

Radio announcements[edit]

Location: sound/intro/ (sound files)

Intro dialogue between Goose 3, Goose 7, and the HECU headquarters.

Filename(s) Quote
g3_copy Roger that, we copy.
g7_copy_hq Copy that, HQ.
g7_goose3_down Holy shit! Goose 3 is down! Goose 3 is down!
g7_view_lz Anyone out there got a good view of the LZ yet?
g7_watch_vector Watch your vector, Goose 3. It's getting little tight in here.
hq_proceed Okay, Goose 7. Proceed to sector 112 LZ and rendezvous with Alpha Bravo Tango. Over.
hq_the_hell What the hell is going on out there?
w6_cant_see Negative, Goose 7. I can see some activity up there, but I can't tell what it is.
w6_watchit Watch it Goose 7, you've got something coming up on your-

Location: sound/radio/ (sound files)

Other level specific narrative quotes:

Filename(s) Quote
bootcamp0 I hear you loud and clear. We'll move to your position.
of1a2_rd01 Shephard you're alive! Listen, we've been cut off pretty bad and orders are coming down to pull out. Repeat! Pull out! Apparently, they've got other plans for Black Mesa now. If you can make your way through the transit system, you can probably reach the surface where we are pulling out. Good Luck! Over.
of1a2_rd02 Get through the transit system to the extraction point. Don't-
of2a3_rd01 Corporal Shephard, we've been left behind as well. We are onto your position now. Stand back from the maintenance door. We're gonna blow it!
of2a5_rd01 Mayday! Mayday! Anyone copy? This is Tango Charlie Four Zero Niner and we are under attack. Repeat! Black Operators... have opened fire on us. Request backup immediately! Over!
of4a3_rd01 X-Ray Zulu, are you there? We need backup in the waste sector! It's some sort of worm creature. Tower and Eddy are down, and I've lost contact with the rest of the squad. We need backup now! Now, damn it, now!*
of6a2_rd01 Adrian? Is that you? Listen, we're hold up across the mortar field, but we're pinned down by a group of Black Ops. We'll open the bunker door, but you better get over here quick.

Unused quotes[edit]

Regular Marine quotes[edit]

Location: sound/sentences.txt (speech system sentences), sound/fgrunt/ (sound files)

Intro dialogue:

Filename(s) Quote
intro_fg18 Hey, you sleepin' over there? You want me to fluff your pillow for ya?
intro_fg19 What the hell kind of mission is this, anyway? We didn't even get a briefing before take-off.

When they refuse to follow the player:

Filename(s) Quote
sorry Not present in the sound files
post This is my post, sir.
stay I've been ordered to stay here, sir.
leave Sir, I can't leave my post.

When they defeat an enemy/an alien:

Filename(s) Quote
checkin Not present in the sound files

Other level specific narrative quotes:

Filename(s) Quote
of5a1_fg04 Hey, with you here now we have the element of surprise on our site. They're not expecting three of us. Heh heh heh.
of5a1_fg03 Yeah, I'd love to turn the table on those guys. Get my hands on one of those rifles, show them a thing or two about patience.
of5a3_fg01 Shephard! Oh man. We thought you made evac already.
of5a3_fg03 We may just have enough fire power to push through now. At very least, we can give it our best shot.
sirnosir Sir, no, sir!
sirtexas Sir, Texas, sir!

Military Police quotes[edit]

Location: sound/fgrunt/

Filename(s) Quote
athority (sic) Don't confuse your rank with my authority, Corporal.

Radio announcements[edit]

Location: sound/radio/

Filename(s) Quote
of1a6_rd01 All units, retreat to the rally point. I say, retreat to the rally point. Orders have been changed. We are pulling out. The safety of any units left behind cannot be guaranteed.

Half-Life: Blue Shift[edit]

The following is a list of HECU grunts quotes that are original to the Blue Shift expansion. The game also features the majority of quotes listed in the Half-Life section.

Location: sound/hgrunt/

Narrative quotes:

Filename(s) Quote
hg_canal1 Man, these civvies gettin' heavy!
hg_canal2 Yeah, why are we on disposal duty, anyway? Just because Shephard's team didn't make it, we have to do the crap jobs?
hg_canal3 Well, let's get on with it.

When the grunts trap the player with Dr. Rosenberg:

Filename(s) Quote
hg_got_barney All right, we got that bastard. What's the status on Freeman?

Half-Life: Decay[edit]

The following is a list of HECU grunts quotes that are original to the Decay expansion. The game also features the majority of quotes listed in the Half-Life section.

Location: sound/grunt/

Filename(s) Quote
alt_soldier04 Primary target acquired. We got him. (Originally made for the cut Mission 9; up to "alt_soldier12")
alt_soldier05 Ha ha, we got Freeman! (Unused)
alt_soldier06 About damn time, I hope they kill him quick. (Unused)
alt_soldier07 Let's just toss him and turn this thing on. I don't want any more blood on my clothes. (Unused)
alt_soldier08 We got to make sure he's dead first. Now, hold ... (Unused)
alt_soldier09 Yeah, okay. (Unused)
alt_soldier10 Rot in hell, Freeman. (Unused)
alt_soldier11 See you around, Freeman. Bye bye. (Unused)
alt_soldier12 Been wanting to do this a long time. (Unused)
ht05_halfway Halfway through level three. Lots of civilian resistance. Target has not been acquired.
ht07_dontknow I don't know who they are. They've got lots of guns, that's what they've got. Listen, just send someone. Why can't we just destroy the equipment? (Unused)
ht07_tracking Bravo Team, tracking system in place. Freeman is on the move. (Unused)

Location: sound/sentences.txt

When they spot the players, Gina Cross and Green Colette.

Filename(s) Quote
HG_ALERT0 We got two bogies!
HG_ALERT4 Squad, get heavy!
HG_ALERT5 Squad, neutralize those two!

Idle questions.

Filename(s) Quote
HG_QUEST11 Squad, stay alert for anything, over