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Military Police

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Military Police
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Military Police


United States armed forces

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Submachine Gun



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Black Mesa Incident

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Stephen Bahl[1][2]

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Jon St. John



"I'm sorry, Corporal. This is a restricted area. "
― MP[src]

The Military Police consist of members of the United States armed forces. They assist the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit in their duties.


In Half-Life: Opposing Force, Military Police members are seen stationed at the HECU's training base, Santego. They are charged with guarding areas requiring security clearance to enter, assisting the Drill Instructors, and collecting and storing the weapons that HECU recruits use during their training exercises. Most soldiers are armed with a Submachine Gun and appear to wear a Powered Combat Vest. Unlike regular soldiers, however, MPs bear red and white sashes and the letters "MP" on their metal hard helmets as well as an armband with "MP" written on it. If interacted with, they will only utter two phrases: "I'm sorry, Corporal, this is a restricted area!" and "This is a restricted area, soldier!", referring to player character Adrian Shephard. As with the Drill Instructors, firing upon any MP will end the game and display the status "Awaiting Court Martial".

Behind the scenes[edit]

In Half-Life, the Black Mesa security guards were originally to be members of the Military Police.[3] This concept was dropped when the guards were changed to instead be allies to the player. In the Opposing Force files, an unused MP interaction sound can be found in which the soldier states "Don't confuse your rank with my authority, Corporal!".




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