This subject is related to the Combine era.

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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The following is a list of quotes from the Metro Cop.

Half-Life 2 leak[edit]

City 17 Trainstation[edit]

Location: vo/trainyard

In the playable leak map d1_trainstation_02, a Citizen approaches Gordon on the plaza but gets stopped by Metrocops who talk to both Gordon and the Citizen.

Filename(s) Quote
mcop_badcomp Lucky I don't bust you for keeping bad company.
mcop_badnewsguy That guy's bad news. Stay away from him.
mcop_hehheh Heh heh.
mcop_lastwarn You had your last warning.
mcop_mindyerbiz Mind your own business.
mcop_oomph Ooommmph!
mcop_stayawayhim Stay away from him.
mcop_toldyou Told you not to come around here.
mcop_wanthelp Want some help?
mcop_whatreyoulookingat What are you looking at.
mcop_whatup You. What are you doing up here?
mcop_you You.
mcop_youagain You again.
mcop_youheardhim You heard him, buddy.

Miscellaneous (human voice)[edit]

Location: npc/metropolice_new (No text data)

Miscellaneous sounds with a normal human voice.

Filename(s) Quote
deploy01 Heads up!
deploy02 Let 'em loose!
deploy03 Heads!
deploy04 Give chase.
deploy05 Deploying remote!
deploy06 Release!
dropweapon Drop your weapon, get down!
freeze Freeze! Stay where you are!
getonground Get on the ground! Do it now!
hiding01 Get out of there!
hiding02 There's no point in hiding.
hiding03 You have no chance of escape.
hiding04 You're surrounded.
hiding05 We have you covered.
pointer01 Over there!
pointer02 Over there, he's getting away!
pointer03 There!
pointer04 Look!
pointer05 Don't let him get away!
pointer06 He's getting away!
shooter01 Got him!
shooter02 I have him!
shooter03 He's mine!
shooter04 Right.
shooter05 Yes, I see him.
surprise1 What the?
surprise2 Huh?
surprise3 What the?
surprise4 What the hell?
takedown Take him down.
water01 He's in the water.
water02 Hold back the remotes.
water03 He's gone below!

Miscellaneous (vocoder voice)[edit]

Location: npc/metropolice (No text data)

Miscellaneous sounds with a vocoder voice different to that of the final game.

Filename(s) Quote
alert1 You're that guy!
alert2 You!
alert3 Hey!
alert4 Isn't that Freeman?
alert5 Go!
alert6 Oh, God!
deploy01 Heads up!
deploy02 Let 'em loose!
deploy03 Give chase.
deploy04 Heads!
deploy05 Deploying remote!
deploy06 Release!
dropweapon Drop your weapon, get down!
freeze Freeze!
getonground Stay where you are, get on the ground! Do it now!
hiding01 Get out of there!
hiding02 There's no point in hiding.
hiding03 You have no chance of escape.
hiding04 You're surrounded.
hiding05 We have you covered.
pointer01 Over there!
pointer02 There!
pointer03 Look!
pointer04 Don't let him get away!
pointer05 There!
pointer06 He's getting away!
shooter01 Got him!
shooter02 I have him!
shooter03 He's mine!
shooter04 Right.
shooter05 Yes, I see him.
surprise1 What the?
surprise2 Huh?
surprise3 What the?
surprise4 What the hell?
takedown Take him down! (Also in the retail files)
water01 He's in the water.
water02 Hold back the remotes.
water03 He's gone below!


Location: npc/metropolice (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
mc1ans_believewhatyouwant Believe what you want.
mc1ans_bellyaching Quit your bellyaching.
mc1ans_couldbe Eh, could be.
mc1ans_dontberidic Don't be ridiculous.
mc1ans_dontwannatalk I don't wanna talk about it.
mc1ans_enoughouttayou That's enough outta you.
mc1ans_fascinating Fascinating.
mc1ans_figures Figures.
mc1ans_hadtopartner I had to get you for a partner.
mc1ans_helluvamood You're in helluva a mood.
mc1ans_hm Hm.
mc1ans_huhfigures Huh, figures.
mc1ans_letmethink Let me think about that.
mc1ans_mightbe Might be.
mc1ans_mightcould Might could.
mc1ans_mightnot Might not.
mc1ans_nope Nope.
mc1ans_rathernottalk I'd rather not talk about that.
mc1ans_rathernotthink I'd rather not think about that.
mc1ans_shutup Shut up about that.
mc1ans_stopwhining Stop whining.
mc1ans_theresyerproblem There's your problem right there.
mc1ans_thinkso Think so.
mc1ans_watchyermouth Watch your mouth.
mc1ans_yeah Yeah.
mc1ans_yep Yep.
mc1ans_youexpectme You expect me to believe that?
mc1ans_youreallybelieve You really believe that?


Location: npc/metropolice (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
mc1que_betterthings I got better things to do.
mc1que_career Yep, this was definitely the best career choice I've ever made.
mc1que_enlisting So, I'm thinking of enlisting.
mc1que_everythingihoped This is everything I hoped it would be.
mc1que_feelinggood I'm feeling pretty good about myself today.
mc1que_feetkillin My feet are killing me.
mc1que_goingtohell This whole place is going to hell. Well, not this place.
mc1que_justthought I just thought of something. Uh, wait... Maybe not.
mc1que_kids I wouldn't have kids even if they let me.
mc1que_lastjob Beats the shit out of my last job.
mc1que_paycut What do you bet we get a pay cut?
mc1que_peoplesuck People suck. Well, except for us, I mean.
mc1que_perks So, you getting the perks they promised you?
mc1que_raise Supposedly we're getting a raise next week.
mc1que_stimpatch I could use another stimpatch.
mc1que_stomach My stomach is killing me.
mc1que_stunsticks I heard we're not getting those new stun sticks this year.
mc1que_thisridiculous This is ridiculous.
mc1que_yourwife Your wife doesn't like me, does she?


Location: npc/metropolice (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
mc2ans_believewhatyouwant Believe what you want.
mc2ans_bellyaching Quit your bellyaching.
mc2ans_couldbe Eh, could be.
mc2ans_dontridiculous Don't be ridiculous.
mc2ans_dontwannatalk I don't wanna talk about it.
mc2ans_dontwannatalk2 I don't want to talk about it.
mc2ans_enoughouttayou That's enough outta you.
mc2ans_fascinating Fascinating.
mc2ans_figures Figures.
mc2ans_helluvamood You're in helluva a mood.
mc2ans_lemmethink Let me think about that.
mc2ans_mightbe Might be.
mc2ans_mightcould Might could.
mc2ans_mightnot Might not.
mc2ans_nope Nope.
mc2ans_nope2 Nope.
mc2ans_rathernotthink I'd rather not think about that.
mc2ans_shutup Shut up about that.
mc2ans_stopwhining Stop whining.
mc2ans_stopwhining2 Stop whining.
mc2ans_theresyerproblem There's your problem right there.
mc2ans_theresyerproblem2 There's your problem right there.
mc2ans_thinkso Think so.
mc2ans_watchmouth Watch your mouth.
mc2ans_yeah Yeah.
mc2ans_yep Yep.
mc2ans_youexpectme You expect me to believe that?
mc2ans_youforpartner I had to get you for a partner.
mc2ans_youreallybelieve You really believe that?
mc2ans_youreallybelieve2 You really believe that?
mc2ans_yup Yup.
mc2ans_yup2 Yup.


Location: npc/metropolice (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
mc2que_betterthings I got better things do.
mc2que_career Yep, this was definitely the best career choice I've ever made.
mc2que_enlisting So, I'm thinking about enlisting.
mc2que_everythingihoped This is everything I hoped it would be.
mc2que_feelinggood I'm feeling pretty good about myself today.
mc2que_feetkilling My feet are killing me.
mc2que_feetkilling2 My feet are killing me.
mc2que_goingtohell This whole place is going to hell. No. Not this place.
mc2que_goingtohell2 This whole place is going to hell. Well, not this place.
mc2que_justthought I just thought of something. Uh, wait... Maybe not.
mc2que_justthought2 I just thought of something. Uh, wait... Maybe not.
mc2que_kids I wouldn't have kids even if they let me.
mc2que_lastjob Beats the shit out of my last job.
mc2que_paycut What do you bet we get a pay cut?
mc2que_peoplesuck People suck. Well, except for us.
mc2que_perks So, you getting the perks they promised you?
mc2que_raise Supposedly we're getting a raise next week.
mc2que_stimpatch I could use another stimpatch.
mc2que_stomach My stomach is killing me.
mc2que_stomach2 My stomach is killing me.
mc2que_stunsticks I heard we're not getting those new stun sticks this year.
mc2que_yourwife Your wife doesn't like me, does she?

Half-Life 2[edit]

Location: npc/metropolice

Filename(s) Quote
hiding02 Sweeping for suspect.
hiding03 Position to contain.
hiding04 Lock.
hiding05 Isolate.
takedown Take him down!

Location: npc/metropolice/vo

Filename(s) Quote
11-99officerneedsassistance 11-99! Officer needs assistance!
404zone 404 Zone.
acquiringonvisual Acquiring on visual!
administer Administer.
affirmative Affirmative.
affirmative2 Affirmative.
airwatchsubjectis505 Dispatch, we need airwatch, subject is 505.
allrightyoucango All right. You can go.
allunitsbol34sat All units BOL we have 34 s at.
allunitscloseonsuspect All units close on suspect.
allunitscode2 All units code 2.
allunitsmaintainthiscp All units maintain this CP.
allunitsmovein All units move in.
allunitsreportlocationsuspect All units report location of suspect.
allunitsrespondcode3 All units at location, respond code 3
amputate Amputate.
anticitizen Anticitizen.
anyonepickup647e Anyone else pickup a 647-E reading?
apply Apply.
assaultpointsecureadvance Assault point secure. Advance.
atcheckpoint At checkpoint.
backmeupImout Back me up! I'm out!
backup Backup.
block Block.
blockisholdingcohesive Block is holding, cohesive.
breakhiscover Break his cover.
bugs Bugs.
bugsontheloose We have bugs on the loose.
canal Canal.
canalblock Canal block.
catchthatbliponstabilization Catch that blip on the stabilization readout.
cauterize Cauterize.
checkformiscount Check for miscount.
chuckle Heh heh heh heh.
citizen Citizen.
citizensummoned Reporting citizen summoned to voluntary conscription for general service public detail T94-322.
classifyasdbthisblockready Classify subject name as DB this block ready for cleanout.
clearandcode100 Clear and Code 100.
clearno647no10-107 Clear, no 647, no ten 107.
code7 Code 7.
code100 Code 100.
condemnedzone Condemned zone.
confirmadw Confirmed ADW on that suspect. 10-Zero.
confirmpriority1sighted Confirm priority 1 sighted.
contactwith243suspect Contact with 243 suspect.
contactwithpriority2 Contact with a priority 2.
control100percent Control is 100 percent this location. No sign of that 647-E.
controlsection Control section.
converging Converging.
copy Copy.
covermegoingin Cover me, I'm going in!
cpbolforthat243 CP we need airwatch to BOL for that 243.
cpiscompromised CP is compromised. Re-establish.
cpisoverrunwehavenocontainment CP is overrun, we have no containment!
cprequestsallunitsreportin CP requests all units location report in.
cpweneedtoestablishaperimeterat CP we need to establish a perimeter at.
criminaltrespass63 Six three, criminal trespass.
dbcountis DB count is.
defender Defender.
deservicedarea Deserviced area.
designatesuspectas Designate suspect as.
destroythatcover Destroy that cover!
dismountinghardpoint Dismounting hardpoint.
dispatchIneed10-78 Dispatch I need 10-78 officer in trouble!
dispreportssuspectincursion Disp reports suspect incursion at location.
dispupdatingapb Disp updating APB likeness.
distributionblock Distribution block.
document Document.
dontmove Don't move.
eight Eight.
eighteen 18.
eighty 80.
eleven 11.
establishnewcp Fall out, establish a new CP.
examine Examine.
expired Expired.
externaljurisdiction External jurisdiction.
fifteen 15.
fifty 50.
finalverdictadministered Final verdict administered.
finalwarning Final warning.
firetodislocateinterpose Fire to dislocate that interpose!
firingtoexposetarget Firing to expose target!
firstwarningmove First warning; move away.
five 5.
four 4.
fourteen 14.
fourty 40.
freeman Freeman.
freenecrotics I have free necrotics.
get11-44inboundcleaningup Get that 11-44 inbound, we're cleaning up now.
getdown Get down!
getoutofhere Get out of here.
goingtotakealook Going to take a look.
gota10-107sendairwatch Got a 10-107 here, send airwatch for tag.
gothimagainsuspect10-20at Got him again, suspect is 10-20 at.
gotoneaccomplicehere I got one accomplice here.
gotsuspect1here Got suspect 1 here.
grenade Grenade!
hardpointscanning Hardpoint scanning.
help Help!
hero Hero.
hesgone148 He's gone 148.
hesrunning He's running.
hesupthere He's up there.
hidinglastseenatrange Hiding, last seen at range.
highpriorityregion High priority region.
holdingon10-14duty Holding on 10-14 duty at code 4.
holdit Hold it.
holditrightthere Hold it right there.
holdthisposition Protection Team hold this position.
Ihave10-30my10-20responding I have my 10-30 my 10-20 responding code 2.
industrialzone Industrial zone.
infection Infection.
infestedzone Infested zone.
inject Inject.
innoculate Inoculate.
inposition In position.
inpositionathardpoint In position at hard point.
inpositiononeready In position, one ready.
intercede Intercede.
interlock Interlock.
investigate Investigate.
investigating10-103 Investigating 10-103.
is10-108 Is 10-108!
is415b Is 415-B.
Isaidmovealong I said, move along.
isathardpointreadytoprosecute Is at hard point, ready to prosecute.
isclosingonsuspect Is closing on suspect.
isdown Is down!
isgo Is go.
ismovingin Is moving in.
isolate Isolate.
ispassive Is passive.
isreadytogo Is ready to go.
issuingmalcompliantcitation Issuing malcompliant citation.
Ivegot408hereatlocation I've got a 408 here at location.
jury Jury.
keepmoving Keep moving.
king King.
level3civilprivacyviolator I have a level 3 civil privacy violator here.
line Line.
localcptreportstatus Local CPT report status.
location Location.
lock Lock.
lockyourposition All units, lock your position.
lookingfortrouble Looking for trouble?
lookout Look out!
lookoutrogueviscerator Look out, rogue viscerator!
looseparasitics Loose parasitics!
loyaltycheckfailure I have a failure to comply with loyalty check, possible 10-103M.
malcompliant10107my1020 Malcompliant 10-107 of my 10-20 preparing to prosecute.
malignant Malignant.
matchonapblikeness I have a match on APB likeness.
meters Meters.
minorhitscontinuing Minor hits, continuing prosecution.
move Move.
movealong Move along.
movealong3 Move along.
movebackrightnow Move back right now.
moveit Move it!
moveit2 Move it.
movetoarrestpositions All units move to arrest positions.
movingtocover Moving to cover!
movingtohardpoint Moving to hardpoint.
movingtohardpoint2 Moving to hardpoint!
necrotics Necrotics.
needanyhelpwiththisone Need any help with this one?
nine Nine.
nineteen 19.
ninety 90.
nocontact No contact.
noncitizen Non-citizen.
nonpatrolregion Non-patrol region.
non-taggedviromeshere Non-tagged viromes here.
novisualonupi No visual on UPI at this time.
nowgetoutofhere Now get out of here.
officerdownIam10-99 Officer down, I am 10-99 repeat I am 10-99!
officerneedsassistance Officer needs assistance, I'm 11-99!
officerneedshelp Officer needs help!
officerunderfiretakingcover Officer under fire, taking cover!
officerdowncode3tomy10-20 Officer down, request all units code 3 to my 10-20!
one 1.
onehundred 100.
outbreak Outbreak.
outlandbioticinhere We've got an outland biotic in here!
outlandzone Outland zone.
pacifying Pacifying.
patrol Patrol.
pickingupnoncorplexindy Picking up a non corplex indy over here.
pickupthecan1 Pick up that can.
pickupthecan2 Pick up the can.
pickupthecan3 I said pick up the can.
positiontocontain Position to contain.
possible10-103alerttagunits Possible 10-103 my location, alert tag units.
possible404here Possible 404 here.
possible647erequestairwatch Possible 647-E here, request airwatch tag.
possiblelevel3civilprivacyviolator Possible level 3 civil privacy violator here.
preparefor1015 Prepare for 1015.
prepareforjudgement Suspect, prepare to receive civil judgment.
preparingtojudge10-107 Preparing to judge the 10-107, please be advised.
preserve Preserve.
pressure Pressure.
priority2anticitizenhere I have a priority 2 anticitizen here.
proceedtocheckpoints Proceed to designated checkpoints.
productionblock Production block.
prosecute Prosecute.
protectioncomplete Protection complete.
ptatlocationreport Protection Team is at location, reporting.
ptgoagain PT go again.
putitinthetrash1 Now, put it in the trash can.
putitinthetrash2 I said, put it in the trash can.
quick Quick.
readytoamputate Ready to amputate.
readytojudge Ready to judge.
readytoprosecute Ready to prosecute.
readytoprosecutefinalwarning Ready to prosecute malcompliant citizen, final warning issued.
reinforcementteamscode3 Reinforcement teams, code 3.
reportsightingsaccomplices Report sightings of possible accomplices.
repurposedarea Repurposed area.
requestsecondaryviscerator Request secondary viscerator, primary is in cap.
residentialblock Residential block.
responding2 Responding.
restrict Restrict.
restrictedblock Restricter block.
rodgerthat Roger that.
roller Roller.
runninglowonverdicts Running low on verdicts, taking cover.
sacrificecode1maintaincp All units, sacrifice code 1, maintain this CP.
search Search.
searchingforsuspect Searching for suspect - no status.
secondwarning Second warning given.
sector Sector.
sentencedelivered Sentence name delivered.
serve Serve.
seven Seven.
seventeen 17.
seventy 70.
shit Shit!
shotsfiredhostilemalignants Shots fired, hostile malignants here.
six Six.
sixteen 16.
sixty 60.
sociocide Sociocide.
stabilizationjurisdiction Stabilization jurisdiction.
standardloyaltycheck Uh, roger that, we'll run standard loyalty check procedure 243, my 10-22 intake station, over.
stationblock Station block.
sterilize Sterilize.
stick Stick.
stillgetting647e Still getting that 647-E from local surveillance.
stormsystem Storm system.
subject Subject.
subjectis505 Subject is 505.
subjectisnowhighspeed All units be advised, subject is now high speed.
supsecthasmovednowto Suspect has moved now to.
suspect11-6my1020is Suspect 11-6 my 10-20 is.
suspectinstormrunoff All units, suspect is in storm runoff system at.
suspectisbleeding Suspect is bleeding from multiple wounds.
suspectlocationunknown Suspect location unknown.
suspectusingrestrictedcanals Suspect is using restricted canals at.
suspend Suspend.
sweepingforsuspect Sweeping for suspect.
tag10-91d Tag 10-91D.
tagonebug Tag one bug.
tagonenecrotic Tag one necrotic.
tagoneparasitic Tag one parasitic.
takecover Take cover.
tap Tap.
teaminpositionadvance Team in position, advance.
ten 10.
ten2 10-2.
ten4 10-4.
ten8standingby 10-8, standing by.
ten91dcountis 10-91D count is.
ten97 10-97.
ten97suspectisgoa 10-97, suspect is GOA.
tenzerovisceratorishunting 10-0, viscerator is hunting.
terminalrestrictionzone Terminal restriction zone.
thatsagrenade That's a grenade!
therehegoeshesat There he goes, he's at.
thereheis There he is!
thirteen 13.
thirty 30.
thisisyoursecondwarning This is your second warning.
three Three.
threehundred 300.
transitblock Transit block.
twelve 12.
twenty 20.
two Two.
twohundred 200.
union Union.
unitis10-8standingby Unit is 10-8 standing by.
unitis10-65 Unit is 10-65.
unitisonduty10-8 Unit is on duty 10-8.
unitreportinwith10-25suspect Any unit, report in with 10-25 suspect.
unlawfulentry603 Six oh three, unlawful entry.
upi UPI.
utlsuspect UTL suspect.
utlthatsuspect UTL that suspect.
vacatecitizen Vacate citizen.
vice Vice.
victor Victor.
visceratordeployed Viscerator deployed.
visceratorisoc Viscerator is OC!
visceratorisoffgrid Viscerator is off grid.
wasteriver Waste river.
watchit Watch it!
wearesociostablethislocation We are sociostable at this location.
wegotadbherecancel10-102 We got a DB here, cancel that 11-42.
wehavea10-108 We have a ten 108!
workforceintake Workforce intake.
xray X-Ray.
yellow Yellow.
youknockeditover You knocked it over, pick it up.
youwantamalcomplianceverdict You want a malcompliance verdict?
zero Zero.
zone Zone.

Half-Life: Alyx[edit]

Location: sounds\vo\combine\choreo\grunt1

Filename(s) Quote Play
29_00527 Stop talking.
29_00528 Stop moving.
29_00529 What?
29_00530 INCOMING!
29_00532 GRENADE!
29_00534 I don't see it!
29_00537 I'm throwing it n—
29_00614 I got it!
29_00624 I'm looking, I'm looking!

Location: sounds\vo\combine\choreo\grunt2

Filename(s) Quote Play
30_00527 Tell her to stop moving around back there.
30_00528 What is that?
30_00530 Get it, get it, get it!
30_00531 Get it!
30_00610 It's under the seat!
30_00630 Throw it, throw it —

Unused Quotes[edit]

Location: sounds\npc\metropolice\vo

These voice lines are mostly re-recorded lines from Half-Life 2, albeit with minor alterations. However, they are not included in the sentences.txt file, and are probably early work in progress.

Quotes with * have inaccuracies or punctuation issues and require corrections.

Filename(s) Quote Play
metropolice_activate_baton_01 Issuing malcompliant citation.
metropolice_activate_baton_02 Pacifying.
metropolice_activate_baton_03 Suppressing.
metropolice_as_adv_assault_01 Team in position, advance.
metropolice_as_adv_assault_02 PT go again.
metropolice_as_adv_assault_03 Assault point secure. Advance.
metropolice_as_adv_rally_01 Proceed to checkpoints.
metropolice_as_adv_rally_02 All units close on suspect.
metropolice_as_adv_rally_03 All units move in.
metropolice_back_up_a_01 Back up.
metropolice_back_up_a_02 Get out of here.
metropolice_back_up_a_03 First warning; move.
metropolice_back_up_b_01 Move back right now.
metropolice_back_up_b_02 Second warning.
metropolice_back_up_c_01 Issuing malcompliant citation.
metropolice_back_up_c_02 Possible level 3 civil privacy violator.
metropolice_back_up_c_03 Final warning.
metropolice_back_up_c_04 Preparing to judge 10-107.
metropolice_back_up_c_05 Ready to prosecute, final warning.
metropolice_cover_heavy_damage_01 Officer under fire, taking cover!
metropolice_cover_heavy_damage_02 Officer needs assistance!
metropolice_cover_heavy_damage_03 Take cover.
metropolice_cover_heavy_damage_04 P 1-10, moving to cover! *
metropolice_cover_heavy_damage_05 Injury, injury! *
metropolice_cover_heavy_damage_06 Egress, egress! *
metropolice_cover_low_ammo_01 Running low on verdicts.
metropolice_cover_no_ammo_01 Back me up! I'm out!
metropolice_danger_01 Move it!
metropolice_danger_02 Look out!
metropolice_danger_gren_01 Grenade!
metropolice_danger_gren_02 That's a grenade!
metropolice_danger_gren_03 Get down!
metropolice_danger_manhack_01 Look out, rogue viscerator!
metropolice_danger_manhack_02 Viscerator is OC!
metropolice_danger_vehicle_01 Shit!
metropolice_danger_vehicle_02 Watch it!
metropolice_danger_vehicle_03 Look out!
metropolice_deactivate_baton_01 Deactivating.
metropolice_deploy_manhack_01 Viscerator deployed.
metropolice_deploy_manhack_02 10-0, viscerator is hunting.
metropolice_flank_01 Cover me, going in!
metropolice_flank_02 Suspend negotiations, officer closing on suspect. *
metropolice_flank_03 Officer closing on suspect.
metropolice_flank_04 All units apply forward pressure.
metropolice_freeze_01 Hold it right there.
metropolice_freeze_02 Prepare for judgement.
metropolice_ft_scan_01 Hardpoint scanning.
metropolice_ft_scan_02 Sweeping for suspect.
metropolice_go_alert_01 All units respond, code 3!
metropolice_heard_something_01 I have 10-30 my 10-20 responding.
metropolice_hes_running_01 He's running.
metropolice_hes_running_02 He's gone 148.
metropolice_hit_by_physobject_01 Preparing to judge 10-107.
metropolice_hit_by_physobject_02 Move back right now.
metropolice_hit_by_physobject_03 Hold it right there.
metropolice_idle_01 Unit is 10-8 standing by.
metropolice_idle_02 Unit is on duty 10-8.
metropolice_idle_03 Holding 10-14 duty. *
metropolice_idle_04 Unit is 10-65.
metropolice_idle_05 Code 7.
metropolice_idle_answer_01 Copy.
metropolice_idle_answer_02 Roger that.
metropolice_idle_answer_03 10-4.
metropolice_idle_answer_04 10-2.
metropolice_idle_answer_05 10-97.
metropolice_idle_answer_06 Affirmative.
metropolice_idle_answer_07 Affirmative 2.
metropolice_idle_answer_cr_01 Copy.
metropolice_idle_answer_cr_02 Roger that.
metropolice_idle_answer_cr_03 10-4.
metropolice_idle_answer_cr_04 10-2.
metropolice_idle_answer_cr_05 10-97.
metropolice_idle_answer_cr_06 Affirmative.
metropolice_idle_answer_cr_07 Affirmative 2.
metropolice_idle_check_01 Anyone pickup.
metropolice_idle_check_02 Anyone pickup 647-E.
metropolice_idle_check_03 Still getting 647-E.
metropolice_idle_check_04 Teams report status.
metropolice_idle_check_cr_01 CP requests all units report in.
metropolice_idle_check_cr_02 CP BOL for that 243.
metropolice_idle_check_cr_03 Local CPT report status.
metropolice_idle_check_cr_04 All units BOL for 243 suspect.
metropolice_idle_check_cr_05 Status suspect. *
metropolice_idle_clear_01 Clear, no 647, no ten 107.
metropolice_idle_clear_02 We are sociostable at this location.
metropolice_idle_clear_03 Block is holding, cohesive.
metropolice_idle_clear_04 Control 100 percent.
metropolice_idle_clear_cr_01 Suspect location unknown.
metropolice_idle_clear_cr_02 Clear and Code 100.
metropolice_idle_clear_cr_03 No visual on UPI.
metropolice_idle_clear_cr_04 Searching for suspect.
metropolice_idle_clear_cr_05 UTL that suspect.
metropolice_idle_cr_01 10-97, suspect is GOA.
metropolice_idle_cr_02 10-8, standing by.
metropolice_idle_cr_03 Code 100.
metropolice_idle_cr_04 All units BOL for 243 suspect.
metropolice_idle_cr_05 Suspect is now 187.
metropolice_idle_cr_06 Politistabilization marginal.
metropolice_idle_cr_07 Social fracture in progress.
metropolice_idle_cr_08 Prepare visual download.
metropolice_idle_cr_09 Leaders report ratios.
metropolice_idle_cr_10 Failure to treat outbreak.
metropolice_idle_cr_11 Anti-fatigue ration. *
metropolice_idle_cr_12 Accomplices operating.
metropolice_idle_cr_13 Reminder: Memory replacement. *
metropolice_idle_cr_14 Reminder: 100 credits. *
metropolice_idle_harass_player_01 Get out of here.
metropolice_idle_harass_player_02 Move along.
metropolice_idle_harass_player_03 Vacate, citizen.
metropolice_idle_harass_player_04 You want a malcompliance verdict?
metropolice_idle_harass_player_05 Looking for trouble?
metropolice_idle_harass_player_06 Possible level 3 civil privacy violator.
metropolice_idle_harass_player_07 Possible 647-E, request airwatch.
metropolice_idle_harass_player_08 Possible 10-103, alert tag units.
metropolice_idle_harass_player_09 Got a 10-107, send airwatch.
metropolice_idle_quest_01 Anyone pickup 647-E?
metropolice_idle_quest_02 Check for miscount.
metropolice_idle_quest_03 Catch that blip on stabilization.
metropolice_idle_quest_04 Picking up non corplex indy. *
metropolice_idle_quest_05 Picking up non corplex indy. *
metropolice_idle_quest_06 Confirm UPI alert!
metropolice_idle_quest_07 Recalibrate socioscan.
metropolice_idle_quest_08 Airwatch reports possible miscount.
metropolice_idle_quest_09 Recalibrate socioscan, receiving conflicting data.
metropolice_idle_quest_cr_01 Confirmed ADW.
metropolice_idle_quest_cr_02 All units return to code 12.
metropolice_kill_bugs_01 Tag one bug.
metropolice_kill_bugs_02 Sterilized one. *
metropolice_kill_character_01 One sentenced.
metropolice_kill_character_02 DB count is 1.
metropolice_kill_character_03 Suspend one.
metropolice_kill_citizens_01 One sentence delivered.
metropolice_kill_citizens_02 One expired.
metropolice_kill_citizens_03 One malignant. *
metropolice_kill_citizens_04 Non-citizen expired.
metropolice_kill_monst_01 10-91B, count is 1.
metropolice_kill_monst_02 Tag 10-91B 1.
metropolice_kill_monst_03 Sterilized one. *
metropolice_kill_parasites_01 Tag one parasitic.
metropolice_kill_parasites_02 Sterilize one. *
metropolice_kill_player_01 Sentence delivered.
metropolice_kill_player_02 Final verdict administered.
metropolice_kill_player_03 Protection complete.
metropolice_kill_player_04 Sentence delivered.
metropolice_kill_player_05 Classify as DB this block ready.
metropolice_kill_player_06 Reward notice.
metropolice_kill_player_07 All units return to code 12.
metropolice_kill_player_08 Final verdict administered. All units begin witness sterilization.
metropolice_kill_player_09 Sociostabilization restored.
metropolice_kill_zombies_01 Tag one necrotic.
metropolice_kill_zombies_02 Sterilize one.
metropolice_last_of_squad_01 Officer down, code 3 to my 10-20!
metropolice_last_of_squad_02 Officer down, I am 10-99!
metropolice_last_of_squad_03 CP is overrun, we have no containment!
metropolice_last_of_squad_04 Engaging Team is non-cohesive. Reinforcement Teams: code 3! *
metropolice_lost_long_01 All units report location suspect.
metropolice_lost_long_02 Switch to tac 5, report to CP.
metropolice_lost_short_01 Sweeping for suspect.
metropolice_lost_short_02 Switch com to tac 3. Report, please.
metropolice_manhack_killed_01 Viscerator is off grid.
metropolice_manhack_killed_02 Request secondary viscerator.
metropolice_manhack_killed_03 We have a 10-108!
metropolice_monst_bugs_01 Bugs.
metropolice_monst_bugs_02 Bugs on the loose.
metropolice_monst_bugs_03 Outbreak Zero, converging! *
metropolice_monst_bugs_04 Outbreak Zero, converging.
metropolice_monst_bugs_05 Outland biotic in here. *
metropolice_monst_character_01 Contact with priority 2.
metropolice_monst_character_02 Priority 2 anticitizen here.
metropolice_monst_character_03 Got one accomplice here.
metropolice_monst_citizen_01 Non-citizen outbreak.
metropolice_monst_citizen_02 Shots fired, hostile malignants.
metropolice_monst_parasites_01 Non-tagged viromes here.
metropolice_monst_parasites_02 Loose parasitics!
metropolice_monst_player_01 Confirm priority 1 sighted.
metropolice_monst_player_vehicle_01 Airwatch subject is 505. *
metropolice_monst_player_vehicle_02 Subject is 505.
metropolice_monst_player_vehicle_03 Subject is now high speed.
metropolice_move_along_a_01 Move along 3.
metropolice_move_along_a_02 Move.
metropolice_move_along_a_03 Keep moving.
metropolice_move_along_b_01 I said, move along.
metropolice_move_along_b_02 You want a malcompliance verdict?
metropolice_move_along_c_01 Level 3 civil privacy violator.
metropolice_move_along_c_02 Preparing to judge 10-107.
metropolice_move_along_c_03 Ready to prosecute, final warning.
metropolice_over_here_01 Move to arrest positions.
metropolice_over_here_02 Position to contain.
metropolice_pain_heavy_01 11-99! Officer needs assistance!
metropolice_pain_heavy_02 Officer needs help!
metropolice_pain_heavy_03 Dispatch I need 10-78!
metropolice_pain_heavy_04 Officer needs assistance!
metropolice_pain_light_01 Minor hits, continuing.
metropolice_playerhit_01 We got a DB here, cancel 10-102.
metropolice_playerhit_02 Suspect is bleeding.
metropolice_playerhit_03 11-44 inbound, we're cleaning up.
metropolice_playerhit_04 You are charged with a terminal. Complete sentencing at will.
metropolice_refind_enemy_01 There he is!
metropolice_shoot_cover_01 Break his cover.
metropolice_shoot_cover_02 Destroy that cover!
metropolice_shoot_cover_03 Firing to expose target!
metropolice_shoot_cover_04 Fire to dislocate interpose!
metropolice_so_begin_01 Hold this position.
metropolice_so_begin_02 Lock your position.
metropolice_so_begin_03 All units maintain this CP.
metropolice_so_end_01 CP is compromised.
metropolice_so_end_02 Establish new CP.
metropolice_so_force_cover_01 Officer under fire, taking cover!
metropolice_so_force_cover_02 Moving to cover!
metropolice_so_force_cover_03 Take cover.
metropolice_so_peek_01 Going to take a look.
metropolice_so_peek_02 Acquiring on visual. *
metropolice_take_him_down_01 All units deliver terminal verdict.
metropolice_upthere_alert_01 He's up there!