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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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The following is a list of quotes from Russell.

Announcement Trailer[edit]

Quote File
If we can get this weapon, what we're doing here could change things forever. N/A
I'm with you every step of the way. N/A
You're gonna need a gun! Don't worry it's unloaded. N/A
It's unloaded now! N/A
Combine chatter's really picking up. They know you're coming. You need to get out of here, now. N/A
They're gonna find out what he knows, and then they're gonna kill him. N/A


Location: sounds/vo/russell

Quote File
What… is…? 05_00003
It looks like — 05_00004
Put on the headset! 05_00005
Alyx! Put on the headset! 05_00006
Alyx! Put — Alyx! P-Put on the headset! 05_00007
Alyx! If you're still alive, put on the headset. 05_00008
I can see you in there! There's no reason you shouldn't be putting on the headset! Alyx! 05_00009
It's not a trick! It's Russell, alright? Your dad's friend from work! The Resistance! 05_00010
It's not a trick, Alyx! 05_00011
Alyx! You there? You-You've got to get moving. 05_00012
I know! I caused it! So technically not an accident. You've got to get moving. 05_00013
You've got to get moving! 05_00014
Get moving, Alyx. 05_00015
Alyx, you need to get out of here. Now. 05_00016
He's fine. Follow the drone. 05_00017
Yeah. Well, no. To be honest, he's in huge trouble. 05_00019
They've still got him. He was in a separate transport. 05_00020
Well, yes. I had no way of knowing who was in which van. So… Yes. The result was that I saved YOU. 05_00021
Criminal holding. And then, when they realize he's Eli Vance… to Nova Prospekt. 05_00022
But I'm already working on a plan to get him back. 05_00023
You're close to my lab. Keep following the drone! We'll figure out what to do. 05_00024
Alyx, everything cut out for a second! I lost the headset video feed. Can you see my drone? Is it okay? 05_00027
Alyx, great. Okay, let's — wait. My drone's okay, right? 05_00031
Now. Pretty soon they're gonna realize that your dad is not gonna talk. And when THAT happens, he's off to have his brain sucked out. 05_00036
Potentially. Maybe not, though. I mean, he could — they could just drill into his — 05_00037
Oh, yep. Still your dad. Right. Well, what they WILL do is take him by train from HERe… 05_00038
Not necessarily. Grab something that represents us. 05_00039
Anything'll do. 05_00040
Yeah, just grab anything. 05_00041
I'll tell you what, I'll do it. 05_00042
Okay, that's you. 05_00043
Well, ONE of us — me — will have to stay here for this plan to work. 05_00044
Just outside there's a second train that also leads out of City 17, through the Quarantine Zone. 05_00045
Both trains intersect here, at Fairview Junction. You take your train, get there before his train, and hack into the controls. That'll let me take over the system. 05_00046
Train comes to a halt. You deal with the Combine situation. And we get your dad back. 05_00047
Out the back, through the yard. It's decommissioned, but I think I can hack into its controls. 05_00048
Oh. And get yourself a pair of "Russells" on your way out. 05_00049
The gloves, Alyx. You know, the gravity gloves. I have a few sets through there. You can calibrate them out by the shed. 05_00050
We can do this, Alyx. You got that, didn't you? That I said we could do it? 'Cause we're gonna do it. 05_00051
I'm with you every step of the way. 05_00052
Alright, you know how this goes. There should be a bunch of junk down there. Aim at something with your hand open. 05_00053
Just point your hand at something. 05_00054
These gloves aren't going to calibrate by themselves. But I suppose they probably should. That's one thing I haven't… fixed on them. 05_00055
Now close your hand and flick it towards you. 05_00056
Just a little flick of the wrist. 05_00057
Are you flicking? I can't tell if you're flicking. 05_00058
Close and flick. 05_00059
Okay, the reference sensor is way out of alignment. 05_00060
Try again. Pick a target, aim at it, hand open. 05_00061
Hmm. 05_00062
Try again. 05_00063
One more time. 05_00064
Pick a target, aim at it, hand open. 05_00065
Excellent! Now make a fist. 05_00066
Alright, make a fist. 05_00067
Registered. Now flick your wrist to bring it in. 05_00068
Almost done. Do it again, only this time catch it. 05_00069
Flick it again and try to catch it. 05_00070
Perfect. We're done. Ooh! Oh, wait! I-I almost forgot. 05_00071
Alyx! Up here! 05_00072
You're gonna need a gun! 05_00073
Pick up the gun, Alyx! 05_00076
I doubt you'll need to use it much. There shouldn't be more than a few Combine transporting Eli. 05_00077
And good luck, Alyx. Goodbye. 05_00082
Obviously, just to let you know, I am still here, though. 05_00084
That's the train, Alyx. See if you can hack the door open. I've almost got the train online here. 05_00085
Is there any way to hack the train door? 05_00086
See if you can get the door open. 05_00087
Alright! Here we go. Next stop: Fairview Junction. 05_00088
Good. I'll see if I can get you in some other way. 05_00091
Ahh… Would you look at that. Resin. 05_00092
Well, you know… in case it doesn't make it back. 05_00099
Ah, this one must've squirted out. I heard they've had trouble with barnacle spores outside the containment area. But not about fellas like this. 05_00101
I'd doubt it. 05_00102
Careful of that barnacle, Alyx. 05_00103
Does it have a skull and crossbones on it? 05_00107
Probably medicine, then. 05_00108
Alyx! Did you just inject yourself with something you found on the ground? 05_00109
Yeah, yeah, that's where they keep it. 05_00110
That's the control panel. They've probably scrambled the circuit. But considering no one would be dumb enough to open the hatch, it shouldn't be too hard to put back. 05_00111
You'll go through the old subway tunnels on your way to the train yard. 05_00112
I don't think so. Which could be good news, because we've still got time. 05_00113
Or bad news, because they've already killed him. And you don't need to move a corpse. You just bury it. Or burn it. You still there, Alyx? 05_00114
Ahh, right. The "Alyx." 05_00121
Ahh, right. So it can hack everything. If you give it enough time. Probably takes a while, though, right? 05_00123
Can it manipulate gravity at a distance? 05_00124
Right. Didn't think so. Not in glove form either, I noticed. 05_00125
Alright, 'nuff chit-chat, we've gotta go and save your dad. Come on. 05_00126
Yeah. Well, no. Tricky place to get a job at. I interviewed at Black Mesa. They said try again in a year. I don't need to tell you what happened after that. Lucky break for me, really. Not a lot of survivors. Honestly, it's a miracle you and your dad got out of there. 05_00127
Alyx? You cut out for a while. What happened? 05_00128
A Vortigaunt? What was he doing down there? 05_00129
Oh! Great! What did it taste like? Tell me how you f — 05_00130
Right. Of course you didn't. No, that's… that's the right decision. 05_00131
Yes, Alyx? 05_00157
Ah! Excellent. Alyx, have you ever heard of a club sandwich? 05_00158
Right. To make a club sandwich, you need to start with bread. Not from a bread line. From a bakery across the street, baked that day, okay? You add tomatoes, lettuce — not vegetable paste — fresh. Then you add bacon — that's from an animal we used to call the "pig." You toast the bread, and you put all that inside it. 05_00159
It is! And I'm not done. Then you add a second sandwich on top of the first one. You put ham in it — also from a pig — and turkey, from an animal we used to call the "turkey," and more tomato, more lettuce, and a bunch of other things I'm forgetting. It was six inches tall and weighed a pound and had a dozen ingredients from five different continents. It was the most impossible food item you could imagine in any age before ours. 05_00160
…This is Eli… 05_00162
Close… 05_00165
…and flick. 05_00166
Don't worry, it's unloaded! 05_00167
You do? Okay. Good. Well… Successful experiment. Keep an eye out for more. 05_00168
I know, right? 05_00169
Well, that's the crazy thing, I don't know! Just… blurry pictures of a… building. 05_00200
Nah, something else. And whatever it is, they're gonna kill anybody who saw it, and anybody who knows anybody who saw it. Which means us… and your dad. 05_00201
I know. This… this is bad. They're gonna find out what he knows, and then… Yeah, they're gonna kill him. 05_00202
But! The good news is, we've got something they don't. 05_00203
My plan to get him back! 05_00204
Right. Good, well that's the… that's the main… 05_00205
It's unloaded now! 05_00074
That's it. 05_00300
Boom, yep. 05_00301
You're on it. 05_00302
Targeted. 05_00303
You're attached. 05_00304
Yep, you're tethered. 05_00305
Close your hand. 05_00306
Now close it. 05_00307
Make a grip. 05_00308
Now close your hand. 05_00309
Great. 05_00310
Yep. 05_00311
That's it. 05_00312
Just like that. 05_00313
Perfect. 05_00314
Again, but catch it. 05_00315
But catch it. 05_00316
Now catch it. 05_00318
Try catching it. 05_00319
Catch it. 05_00320
Alyx, imagine there's a, like a, trigger on, ah… on the "Russells." 05_00321
Now aim your hand… 05_00322
Pull the trigger… 05_00323
And there you go. 05_00324
Alyx, there should be a small trigger near the index finger on each of your Russells. 05_00325
Oh. Almost forgot, guns need ammo. 05_00327
Here you go! 05_00328
Alyx, up here! Heads up, throwing down some ammo. 05_00329
Here you go. 05_00330
Oh, you uh, took care of that lock, then. Good. Great. Did have the key for it. But should've given you that, that's… that's on me. 05_00333
Good, because we don't have much time. 05_00342
There's a control station override nearby. 05_00343
Alyx, that's the control panel right there. 05_00344
If you can bring the system back to life I should be able to stop Eli's train. 05_00345
Alyx, that's the control panel! 05_00346
That's the opposite of what it's supposed to do, Alyx! 05_00350
Uh… well… don't panic! Or stop panicking! If-If you are. 05_00352
Okay, just throw the switch, there. 05_00362
You've got to hold it down! 05_00363
Quickly, Alyx! 05_00364
Good! Now keep the lever held down otherwise the track will switch back. 05_00365
Hold it down, Alyx! 05_00366
Good God! 05_00367
Yeah. Wow. You okay? 05_00368
Just shoot them, Alyx! 05_00378
Great, now go inside and deactivate the power source. 05_00379
Good grief, it's a Vortigaunt… 05_00380
You've got it. 05_00395
to… Nova Prospekt. 05_00396
What IS this? 05_00398
Hello, Alyx? We MIGHT have a problem. Probably nothing to worry about, but — 05_00334
Did the train stop? It stopped, didn't it. 05_00335
Ugh, it's jammed. When the Combine shut down the Quarantine Zone, they must have tightened security. 05_00336
Yeah, you're nowhere near Fairview Junction. You're just outside the QZ. 05_00337
And THIs… is as far as we get by train. 05_00338
Watch it, Alyx! 05_00388
Alyx, look out! 05_00389
Dead ahead! 05_00390
Incoming! 05_00391
Combine! 05_00393
You've got company. 05_00394
We'll talk later. 05_00400
Let's talk later. 05_00403
Go get 'em! 05_00404
Yeah yeah, go. 05_00405
And if there's resin around here, there should be a Combine fabricator. Keep an eye out, we might be able to upgrade your firepower a bit. 05_00411
Alyx! I think that's a Combine fabricator. Put something in it, I want to see how this thing works. 05_00412
Headcrab! 05_00414
Wait — where'd it go? 05_00415
Aah! 05_00416
Yep. There it is. Found it. 05_00417
Do you hear that? 05_00418
Yeah. That's… that's the way we gotta go. 05_00419
Yeah, that IS the shortcut. 05_00420
Yeah, that's also the long way. 05_00421
Alright, that seemed to work. Let's keep doing that. 05_00422
[Laughs] 05_00423
Ha ha! That barnacle's on our side. It's not though, obviously, so don't walk under them. 05_00424
Nice shooting, Alyx. 05_00426
Ah, possibly. Are you seeing floating garbage? 05_00429
Right. Well, seems harmless. 05_00430
Alyx! You alright? What's wrong? 05_00431
I'm losing your signal! Alyx? Alyx? If you can still hear me, keep heading in the same direction, and-and try to get above ground! 05_00432
Alyx! Alyx! The signal's back! Can you hear me? Are you okay? 05_00433
Ten seconds, Alyx! 05_00434
Train's here in ten seconds, Alyx! 05_00435
Five seconds! 05_00436
Four! 05_00437
Three! 05_00438
Two! 05_00439
One! 05_00440
Well actually, the word quarantine comes from the Italian, "quaranta giorni," uh, which means forty days — the period that all ships were required to be isolated before crew could go ashore during the Black Death. 05_00453
Yeah, yeah it is. 05_00456
Alyx. I'm seeing a high concentration of anti-particles radiating off that thing. Just warning you. Quantum-wise, it might get weird in there. 05_00459
Yeah. 05_00460
Yes. 05_00461
That's good. Good. That's great. 05_00462
Yes. Absolutely. 05_00463
Yep! Crystal clear! 05_00464
You're extremely good at killing aliens! 05_00465
It's alarming, actually! 05_00466
Yep, could always get worse. 05_00467
Ooh, that's a toughie. I don't know, uh, good day? I'd say six. Yeah, strong six. 05_00468
Well, that's life, Alyx. You know, it's not always great. 05_00469
Ooh, an eight. Yeah, that'd really would be nice. Really nice. 05_00470
I'm going full production mode on the "Russells," of course. 05_00471
Goldmine, yep. So here's the plan, conservative estimate, I figure one year to get the world unconquered by the Combine, get them off the planet. So that's year one. 05_00472
Then another year to mass produce the "Russells." Although, just quietly, we WILL need to rebuild society first, you know, to get some basic infrastructure, jobs, money, that sort of thing. Otherwise people won't be able to buy them. You know. 05_00473
So uh, yeah… THREE year plan. Let's slot the infrastructure thing in for year two. 05_00474
Ooh, well, uh… Hmm. Well, there would be stock options. Five to ten year vesting period, obviously. Could be very lucrative for you, Alyx. In the long term. 05_00476
Yep. Sounds good… Alyx. 05_00477
So once we get the combine off the Earth, what are you gonna do with yourself, Alyx? 05_00478
Well, it wouldn't actually have to be secret. You could just live your life out in the open. 05_00479
Well… no, there'll still be criminals. Just no aliens. 05_00480
So I'd say a yes on the doors and locks just uh… yeah. Just for caution. And keep the gun. 05_00481
Job? Alyx, you invented the "Alyx"! Of course you can have a job! 05_00482
That's your dad's prisoner pod. 05_00600
Oh God. 05_00602
Alyx, hurry! 05_00603
Oh jeez, oh jeez. 05_00605
Agh! 05_00606
Wait a — hm. Where IS the Vault? 05_00607
I'm with you every step of the way. 05_00608
Agh! 05_00700
Oof! 05_00701
Whoa! 05_00702
Aah! 05_00703
No, but it should fix up that pistol nicely. Good thing too, I gave you one of my lesser guns. 05_00705
You owe me a gun anyway! That wasn't a gift. That's MY gun. 05_00706
Wait, is that a dead Combine soldier? 05_00707
Oh, keep an eye out. Something's definitely up. 05_00709
Agh! Oh God! 05_00712
Get it off! 05_00713
It's disgusting! 05_00714
Ugh, it's horrific! 05_00715
Oh, thank God. 05_00717
Ugh, Alyx, that was vile… 05_00718
Yeah, they're putting him on the train now. Which is good. Because it means he's still alive. 05_00728
No. Radio silence since he got on the train. 05_00729
Well, the good news is, they're going to torture him when they get to Nova Prospekt. 05_00730
Because logically speaking, they have no reason to do it on the train ride there. 05_00731
Well, the good news is he's probably fine. 05_00732
Because they're taking him to Nova Prospekt to torture him. That's the torture place. So they're hardly gonna torture him before they GET there. So he's fine. Logically speaking. 05_00733
They've got him on the train. He's on the move. You gotta find Fairview Junction before they get there. 05_00734
So anything happen when you cut out? 05_00735
A Vortigaunt? What was he doing down there? 05_00736
W-what did he say? 05_00737
What the hell are those? 05_00738
Yeaahhh… 05_00739
Uh, that's probably gonna draw some attention. Not probably, actually. It's definitely drawing attention. Look, they're looking for you now. Okay? So just be careful. 05_00740
Alyx! Look out the window! 05_00741
I'm serious, Alyx. Look out the window. Is that what I think it is? 05_00742
Okay, good. You found it. Now go look out the window. Come on. I can't look at it unless you do. 05_00743
Yeah. Your dad didn't mention it was floating. 05_00744
The cables! Look at all the cables attached to it. 05_00745
All we have to do is follow them… 05_00746
And down comes the Vault. Simple. Easy to follow. Yeah, I like this plan. 05_00747
Alright, you — for a good reason, I'm sure — refused to look out the window. 05_00748
So forget the window. On the other side of it was the VAULT your dad wanted us to look for. It's floating in the air, which makes it tricky for us to get to. 05_00749
But! It's covered in cables. I reckon if we follow the cables and destroy whatever they're connected to we should be able to bring the Vault down. 05_00750
No, I don't think so. 05_00751
I am. Why are you saying it like that? 05_00753
Ohhh. Yeah, that does make more sense. 05_00754
Hmm. That's some sort of Combine substation. They usually generate power and host security protocols. 05_00755
Yeah, that substation must be what's keeping it in the air. We need to get up there. 05_00756
There's no way they'd leave an unsecured entrance on the street. 05_00757
Find a way into the hotel and make your way to the roof. 05_00758
Alyx, I think you should find your way into that hotel and get up to the substation. 05_00759
Ooh! Elevator. That's our way up. 05_00760
Ah. Get to the roof. Find the substation. 05_00761
Okay, now just make your to the roof and get access to that station. 05_00762
There's a lift, there, but it's going to be a pain to restore the power. 05_00763
Yeah, I-I-I get it. 05_00764
Ohhh. 05_00765
Comm channel's gone crazy since we took out that substation. They know we're after the Vault now. Whatever's in there, they really REALLY don't want us to have it. 05_00766
Now that's the spirit. 05_00767
We're putting a lot of trust in that Vortigaunt to shut down all the substations. 05_00768
Yes. Me too. Uh… because if he doesn't, that Vault isn't going anywhere. And we'll be standing there, with no Vault to break into, surrounded by Combine, and — 05_00769
Yes. You're right. He'll be fine. We're all going to be fine. 05_00770
Okay, there's no direct path from where you are to the Vault. So you're going to have to snake your way there. 05_00771
My guess is they're trying to find a way to ship it off Earth. Back to their home or some other planet. 05_00772
—They already won this war, Alyx. 05_00773
Whoa, Alyx! 05_00774
The Vortigaunts are taking down the substation! 05_00775
This might work. 05_00776
Alyx! Drone's back in action! From up here it looks like there's Combine barricades up ahead that are stopping anyone from getting any closer to the Vault. 05_00777
Make your way into the distillery and see where it takes you. With my drone back online we've finally got the upper — oh no, you're kidding me! 05_00778
Oh, you're kidding me! 05_00779
It's a distillery. They made vodka and things like that. 05_00781
Oh God, no. 05_00782
Well, I — I never said that! 05_00783
It's poison… 05_00784
…but I love it. Everyone… everyone loves it. 05_00785
Wonderful if you… if you could, actually, yes. 05_00786
It only improves! It's all good, Alyx! 05_00787
The vodka's good, Alyx! The vodka is good! 05_00788
Alyx! Come in, Alyx! Alyx? Ah, there you are. There you are. 05_00789
Oh good! That's great news! 05_00790
Okay, uh, well if I cut out again, remember: Vodka doesn't go off, okay? Lasts forever. 05_00791
Alyx, you're never going to believe… 05_00792
Alyx, come in. Hey Alyx! Oh, there you are. Can you hear me? 05_00793
I think you're still in the distillery. 05_00794
Well, that's great. We can take all the help we can get. 05_00795
Good! Uh, I'll try and figure out where it leads. 05_00796
I found a bunch of subterranean map data for your area of the city! 05_00797
Subterranean. It means underground. You know, underneath. Alyx? Alyx? 05_00798
Good news: that tunnel heads to the Vault. 05_00800
Antlions, antlions, antlions… 05_00801
Oh! Yes! And very small, like ants! 05_00802
Uh, like tiny, little lions. 05_00803
Right. Uh well, whatever they are, they're down that tunnel. 05_00804
Leggie! Oh no, it's dead. 05_00806
Kill the leggie! 05_00807
That's an antlion? 05_00808
Yes. They're leggies. 05_00809
Yes! Leggies! And they're bloody deadly, Alyx, be careful! 05_00810
Alyx! Look! 05_00811
I don't understand. All that Vortigaunt energy. If it wasn't holding up the Vault, what was it doing? 05_00813
Well: Vault brought down. That was the tricky part. Now's the easy part: Grab what's inside. 05_00814
Fair enough. Well. Let's go do the easy part: grabbing what's inside. Eli? What's inside? 05_00815
A Strider. Deactivated, though. Lucky break there. Could you imagine that thing blocking your way? 05_00816
Alyx! The Strider! Look out, it's alive! 05_00817
Argh. I did jinx us, didn't I? 05_00818
Agh! 05_00819
Ahh. 05_00820
Do you uh, think it's dead? 05_00821
I think I've got an idea. 05_00822
Get it! Get at it! Shoot it! Shoot it! 05_00823
Ha! It's working! I think it's working. It doesn't look happy about getting shot, anyway. Keep shooting it! 05_00824
Go, go, yes! Yes! Keep shooting! That's the way! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Oh yes! 05_00825
What — why? 05_00830
Oh! Your dad's back! 05_00831
Did you see where it went? 05_00836
I think it's on the hood of that car, there. 05_00837
Should be somewhere on the ground there. 05_00838
Right! Heading back to the comm room. 05_00839
Here you go! 05_00843
Heads up! 05_00844
There you go! 05_00845
Hey, that's my window! Watch it! 05_00846
No, nothing. It's all about sending reinforcements into the Quarantine Zone. 05_00900
And on the downside… 05_00901
Yeah, no, I-I know. I've just never seen those before. 05_00902
So much pressure in fact that I… Well, I hesitate to even bring up. But I did notice when you reached out for your father's hand, had he actually grabbed it, his grip would have crushed all the delicate sensors in the "Russells." 05_00903
Totally understandable — and would have been worth it, by the way — in this case. 05_00904
Having said that, I have a hard time imagining ANOTHER situation where that would have been the case. And uh, much like your father, the Russells ARE priceless, okay, so… just… you know, moving forward. 05_00905
We can take a shortcut through that building. 05_00907
Woooo! 05_00909
I'm recording it, Alyx! Don't look away! Look directly at it for posterity! 05_00910
Well, keep an eye out. There's no shortage of dead folks around here, and — well, not to put too fine a point on it, but they don't need their ammo anymore. 05_00914
Great. Now put it on the map. 05_00917
Aah! 05_00919
It looks as if there are Combine barricades up ahead. They're stopping anyone from getting any closer to the Vault. 05_00925
Alyx! Look up! 05_01000
Look up, look up! 05_01001
Look who's back! I got the drone up and running again! 05_01002
Ignore that. We'll meet you outside. 05_01003
Oh, no worries, more ammo where that came from. 05_01004
Just to let you know, though, uhhh… not infinite supplies up here. Okay? Just as a… cautionary warning there. 05_01006
And not only that. Someone's hacked into the Combine construction network. 05_02000
One minute and I'm out. Guaranteed. 05_02001
I think it landed on the hood of the car there. 05_02002
A Vort! It's a Vort! 05_02006
That's the brand name, Alyx. 05_02003
Yeah, you know, the catchy household name. I'm gonna make a fortune off these things once we get the Combine off Earth and things are back to normal. 05_02004
Anything look like a breaker box in there? 05_02009
Well, it is spores from another dimension, so… probably— yeah, extremely. 05_02010
But! A rare opportunity to examine alien flora up close. 05_02011
Oh! Careful of those pustule things! 05_02012
They're looking a bit ticked off the closer you get. 05_02013
Ugh. 05_02014
Agreed. Just keep moving. 05_02015
Maybe breathe less. 05_02016
Alyx, what does it feel like? 05_02017
How'd that feel? 05_02018
How sharp? 05_02019
Okay, six. 05_02021
[Signal Noise] Alyx! Alyx! What happened? 05_02022
[Intermittent Signal Noise] Alyx? Alyx, come in. 05_02023
Ah, I'm sorry I missed that. 05_02024
Ooh, look at that. Huh. Interesting. 05_02025
Be careful, Alyx! 05_02026
No! 05_02027
It sounds nuts. 05_02028
Those Combine shield doors are effectively impa — [Signal Dissolving] 05_02029
[Signal Noise] Alyx! Is the dog gone? What happened? 05_02030
[Signal Noise] Did that dog come back again, Alyx? 05_02031
You're alright, though, right? 05_02032
Well we've gotta get you out of here and up to the roof. 05_02033
Ah, thank heavens. 05_02034
Yeah, you're going to have to get past this Combine wall. 05_02038
Alright, I'll be able to stop the train right here. 05_02058
Absolutely. You just need to activate the terminal. 05_02059
Then you'll need to be ready for a fight. They're not gonna give up your dad easily. 05_02060
Right. That's the terminal there. 05_02061
Do hurry, though. 05_02062
Okay, no worries, but the train is coming. 05_02063
Just get me in, it'll only take a second. You're doing great. 05_02064
Okay! Now just re-engage the system. 05_02065
Yes, but I am! We need to find another way to stop this train! 05_02067
Good! Mystery lever! I love it! 05_02068
What's it do? 05_02069
Oh. So Eli's train will be redirected to… 05_02070
Right! Oh yes! He's in a prisoner pod! He'll be fine! Hurry, Alyx! 05_02071
Well, start looking! We don't have much time! 05_02073
Pull it! See what it does! 05_02074
I'll let you know if he gets here — Ah, WHEN. When he gets here. 05_02076
Well, when it comes to Combine data encryption… 05_02082
…Eli's your guy! 05_02083
Systems, robotics, networks… I can make short work of those. 05_02084
Might as well be an alien language. Well, it is an alien language. Anyway look, Eli's your guy. 05_02085
Good luck trying to lock out someone wielding an "Alyx." 05_02087
Oh! Let me see! Eli! The Vorts just took down the last substation! 05_02092
It's — they've activated some sort of emergency backup. 05_02093
They've activated a backup! 05_02094
Your dad says — 05_02095
The Vault's right there. Just go in and get him. Or what's left of him. 05_02106
Your what? 05_02200
Alyx, that thing's incredible! You need an incredible brand name! Something that really sells it! 05_02201
The Combine's not going to be here forever. You should be thinking about the future, Alyx! 05_02202
Hmm. It's a little derivative of the "Russells," but yeah… Provisionally, sure, the "Alyx." 05_02203
Ha ha! There we go. Finally. 05_02204
Right! Yes! He's in a prisoner pod! He'll be fine! 05_02206
Hold it down! Keep it held! 05_02207
[Signal Noise] Hmm. That was weird. 05_02208
Let's try and get that power back on. 05_02209
This hotel's ancient. The wiring's gonna be a real rat's nest. 05_02210
That's okay. You could pick some up on the way back. 05_02214
I do. But you do have two hands. Could you pick up a SECOND on the way back? 05_02215
Right. That's gotta be the backup station. 05_02216
What's that, Alyx? 05_02217
Whoa. 05_02218
Absolutely. Be specific. 05_02219
Right. Well, to make a club sandwich, you needed to start with bread. Not from a breadline, from a bakery. 05_02220
You're welcome, Alyx. 05_02221
Yeah? 05_02222
About what? 05_02223
Well, I think that given our situation, your irrational fear of the dark is actually quite appropriate. You know, I can give you easily a hundred reasons to be terrified. 05_02224
You should have plenty of time to get the override back online. 05_02228
Survived Black Mesa… then disappeared… Eli! They DO have a superweapon! 05_02232
This is… this is a miracle. 05_02233
Me too. 05_02234
Well, he saved humanity once. I'm willing to bet he can do it again. 05_02235
Almost certainly. Just pick one. Immediately. 05_02237
No… not that one. 05_02238
No, that's not the bridge. 05_02239
Alyx, the bridge isn't moving. Why is the bridge not moving? 05_02240
Nope. 05_02241
Worse nope. 05_02242
Oh God. 05_02243
Alyx… Alyx… 05_02244
Alyx… ALYX… ALYX! 05_02245
I'm talking "right now" immediately. 05_02246
Now, Alyx. 05_02247
Alyx, please, just pick one. 05_02248
If I was the Combine, where would I put a control panel? 05_02259
Ah yeah, I use them all the time. 05_02261
Yeah, they're great. 05_02262
Just put your hand in there. 05_02263
Look, honestly, just pull the handle and put your hand in there. 05_02264
Yeah, I use them all the time. Just find a power cell. 05_02265
Alright my friend, you are good to go. 05_02266
Alyx! Manhack! Watch out! 05_02267
Manhack! 05_02268
Oop, manhacks! 05_02269
Worth it. 05_02272
So close! 05_02273
Really close that time. 05_02274
Yes! 05_02275
Nice throw! 05_02276
Well done! 05_02277
Oof. Alright, Alyx. That tractor beam over there looks like it'll get you up to the Vault. 05_02290
[Signal Dissolving] Argh. It…s throwing off a lot of interference. Probably won…t be able to talk to you in there. 05_02291
[Signal Dissolving] So this is it. 05_02292
[Signal Dissolving] Then you'll come back out, with Gordon, safe and sound, so everything is going to be — 05_02293
Brace yourself, Alyx! It's going to come down! 05_03000
What now? 05_03001
Wow! My gun's looking pretty good! 05_03500
Oh wow, check it out! My gun just keeps getting better and better. 05_03501
Hmm. I'll tell you what: Let's put that idea on hold for now. We can chat about MY gun when you get back. 05_03502
Alright. Fair enough. You earned it. I still want those "Russells" back, though. 05_03503
Do you hear that? 05_04001
Hurry up and load that thing, it's getting louder! 05_04002
I love this gun. 05_04003
Looks like they're… milking the leggies… 05_02040
No, no no no, absolutely not. Why, were you considering it? 05_02045
Look, don't waste your ammo! You'll never put a dent in that thing. 05_02047
Bless you. 05_02107
What the hell is that?! 05_02211
Oh. That's Jeff. I do not like Jeff. 05_02212
Oh. Okay. Right — I don't like Jeff. 05_02213
That's not Combine. Maybe a scavenger? Be careful. 05_02229
Eli, come here! 05_02230
Eli! Come here! 05_02231
I see it — we're almost there. 05_02236
Likewise! Ah, this is great. 05_02249
Honestly, I'd pegged your survival at about four percent. 05_02250
Yep, it's right over there. 05_02251
What is it? 05_02252
Oh! A health station. 05_02260
Wait, th-that one's… Black Mesa? 05_02271
Yeah, she sounds like she means business. 05_02278
"Cooperate." Pthhbbt. 05_02279
Yeah, we did. We did it. 05_02281
Oh. Uh — do you need a minute? 'Cause uh, I mean, I could — I could pause the feed… 05_04500
What do you suppose this is? 05_04501
Oh, crap. 05_04502
Oh, just so you know — the Russells have a built-in display. Shows your resin, ammo. You know, might come in handy. 05_04503
Yeah, be careful. 05_04504
Alyx! Behind that door! I think it's a Combine fabricator! 05_04505
Oh! That should come in handy. 05_04506
Well. That was worth the resin. 05_04507
The Combine do know how to upgrade a gun. I'll give 'em that. 05_04508
You can put that to good use. 05_04509
Now that… will be useful. 05_04510
Looking very deadly. 05_04512
Very nice. I almost wish I was there so I could have a go with that. 05_04513
Probably only one of those. 05_04514
Okay, two. Two of those. 05_04515
Ahh, health station! 05_04517
Hm. It's not working. 05_04518
That there is a "floppy disk." We used to store information on them. With magnets, if you can believe it. 05_04519
Specifically, two micrometers magnetic iron oxide, three micrometers barium ferrite, and one point two — 05_04520
I'm reading it here on my computer. I downloaded the internet before the war. 05_04521
Ehh, most of it. 05_04522
Everything alright? 05_04523
Whoa! Careful! Careful! 05_04524
Steady— 05_04525
Yeah, there must be a battery around here somewhere. 05_04527
The override has to be outside, Alyx! Hurry! 05_04528
Look for a switch! 05_04529
Keep looking for a switch! We've got to stop that train! 05_04530
You know, if we can get this weapon, we could change things forever. 05_04531
Look, I know we've only been working together for a few hours now, but — I want you to know I'm proud of you. Okay? You're under a lot of pressure here. 05_04532
[Chuckles] 05_04533
Hey! On the monitor. Combine. 05_04534
Oh God. Don't look down. Don't look down! 05_04535
Listen, there should be a big tunnel-sized plug in the floor there somewhere. That's gonna be — 05_04536
Correct. You get it open, I'll figure out where it leads. 05_04537
Okay, the coast is clear. Time to get that plug open so we can get out through those tunnels. 05_04538
Try and find a console. 05_04539
Look for a blinking light. 05_04540
Honestly, if there's a gorilla on the loose I'm not sure a headcrab's gonna make it much worse. 05_04541
Alyx, dead ahead. Those controls dock the Vault to the station. 05_04542
Oh, really? What does it reek like? Be specific. 05_04546
But what if it cures cancer? 05_04553
What if it gives you a new type of cancer? 05_04554
Fine. 05_04555
Too dark. You'll need a flashlight. 05_04560
Nicely done. 05_04561
Good job. 05_04562
Aaand there we go. 05_04563
That's it. 05_04564
Uh huh. Perfect. 05_04565
Okay. Made quick work of that. 05_04566
That did it. 05_04567
That seemed to work. 05_04568
There you go. 05_04569
Maybe it's missing a piece? 05_04599
Right. Look for the prisoner transport car. It should be towards the front of the train. 05_04600
Well done. 05_04670
Keep looking. 05_04671
Must be around here somewhere. 05_04672
You see anything? I can't see anything. 05_04674
It must be here. 05_04675
Careful… 05_04676
One down. 05_04678
You've almost got it. 05_04679
Almost hacked… 05_04681
Oh, thank God, a health station. 05_20111
Ah! 05_20112
Go look outside! There HAS to be a manual override. Well, technically there doesn't have to be one. But, you know, it'd be nice if there was. Please. [Chuckles Nervously] 05_20110
…Mixed… with… ammonia.— Okay. 05_94547
It's missing a piece! 05_94599
Excellent choice. 05_95000
Smart. That'll come in handy. 05_95001
That should win some arguments. 05_95002
Wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of that. 05_95003
Now that is upgraded. 05_95004
That is about as deadly as that thing's gonna get. 05_95005
Yeah… that's actually pretty good, isn't it? Heck, I think I gave you the wrong gun. 05_95006
They're alien commandos, of course they have automatic weapons. 05_95007
We'd have them too but Combine weapons are gene-coded, so, out of luck. Unless! You find one that's unbonded. Or you're open to some minor genetic modification. 05_95008
Listen to this... 05_95009
Yeah, that's not good. 05_95011
You're gonna have to find the power source for that barrier there. 05_95012
There's a Combine Shield blocking your path. 05_95013
Well, let's think about it, Alyx. He's on foot, moving at three miles an hour... 05_95014
Plus he's a fugitive, he's only got one leg... There's obstacles, no direct path... Uh, you know what? I'm not gonna lie to you, he SHOULD be back by now. 05_95015
Normally, yes. But you're the one headed TOWARDS the danger, so I'd say we should be the ones worried about you. 05_95016
Alyx! It's your lucky day! That Combine weapon's unbonded! 05_95017
It's still in the case! They never leave them in the case. 05_95018
I didn't even need to edit your genetic code. 05_95019
It's okay, there'll be a next time. 05_95020
Incoming, Alyx! 05_95021
Got him. 05_95022
You okay? 05_95023
Yeahhh, no, I would probably die instantly. 05_95024
Fairview Junction! We're here! 05_95025
This is it! 05_95026
Get down! 05_95027
"Flight of the Bumblebee". 05_95028
That's it! 05_95029
Now just snip those cables and off we go. 05_95030
Maybe try opening the cable shielding and shooting them. 05_95031
There you go! 05_95032
Incoming! 05_95033
Incoming, Alyx! 05_95034
Combine! 05_95035
Alyx, look out! 05_95036
Yeah, that's right. 05_95037
And it, not unlike yourself, is also sensitive to the dark. 05_95038
Meaning it should go on automatically when the lights go out. 05_95039
Ah, well you know what they say about resin, Alyx. 05_95040
Um. "Look… for… m-more resin." 05_95041
Yeah, that's the one… "Look for more resin." 05_95042
Ooh, that really worked didn't it? Huh… 05_95043
That's a good question… 05_95044
Hmm. I think they're gonna move him off world. 05_95045
Oh, you mean Gordon Freeman's crowbar? 05_95046
Oh Alyx, he fought his way out of Black Mesa with nothing BUT that crowbar. 05_95047
It's true! Well, it's true that that's what they say. You know, nobody knows for sure. 05_95048
Yes! Uh — not mine. I'm out of the gun lending business, mmkay? 05_95049
Yes! Not mine, though. 05_95050
What's going o — 05_95051
Ah, h-he's fine, Alyx. He's working away over there. 05_95052
Oh… he IS missing a leg, though. 05_95053
Right. Well, it's — it's still gone. 05_95054
Sure thing. 05_95055
Ah, your dad's heads-down. He's working on it. He's got to be close. 05_95056
Great job, Alyx. They're throwing everything they've got at you. 05_95057
We'd have them too, but Combine weapons are gene-coded, so, you know, we're out of luck. Unless you find one that's unbonded. Or you're open to some minor genetic modification. 05_95061
Look, I really do. 05_09990
Two bottles! 05_09991
Three bottles! 05_09993
Oh, you have gone above and beyond with what you've got there. It's reckless, excessive… and deeply appreciated. 05_09994
They're alien commandos, of course they have automatic weapons. 05_95060
Alyx, we're getting close to the vault, now. You're not going to have many more chances to use your resin. 05_99000
I can't believe my pistol's made it this far. 05_99001
No, you're trying to rile me up. I won't fall for it. But in case you're not, give him the shotgun. Legend has it he's absolutely mental with a shotgun. 05_99002
Alyx? Alyx, you still there? 05_99003
Alyx? Alyx? 05_99004
Alyx? ALYX! 05_99005
ALYX! 05_99006
Agh! Headcrab! A headcrab's on your face! Get it off your face, Alyx! 05_99007
Ohhh, it's really on there! 05_99009
Grab it! Hit it! 05_99010
Hit it, Alyx! Knock it off your face! 05_99011
Oh, thank God… 05_99012
It was on your face and it… ugh, it was disgusting. 05_99013
Just point your hand at something. 05_99900
Find something to target with the "Russells." 05_99901
Now target something with the "Russells." 05_99902
Use your hand to target something. 05_99903
All you've got to do is point your hand at something. 05_99904
Just point at something with your hand to target. 05_99905
Find an object and aim your hand at it. 05_99906
Alyx! 05_99908