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The following is a list of quotes from the Black Mesa Security Force.

Half-Life (pre-release)[edit]


Filename(s) Quote
N/A Let's get the hell outta here.
N/A What is that? (When he sees a Headcrab dropping out of a ceiling.)
N/A Okay, I better wait here and help anyone else who comes by.
N/A Open fire!
N/A Okay, why not? Didn't want to die alone anyway.
N/A Okay, I'll secure this area.


Hazard Course[edit]

Location: sound/holo

Filename(s) Quote
tr_ba_use Sure! I'll follow you. (When the player asks a security guard to follow him at the human assets test.)
tr_ba_unuse OK, I'll wait here. (When asked to stop.)


Location: sound/barney

Filename(s) Quote
aimforhead Aim for the head, if you can find it.
aintgoin I'm not going anywhere.
aintscared You aren't scared, are you?
alreadyasked Didn't you already ask me that?
ambush I smell an ambush. We'd better be careful.
ba_another Ha ha, got another one!
ba_attack1 Freeze!
ba_bring Bring it on!
ba_buttugly That's one less horror in the world.
ba_close Whoa, that was close.
ba_die1 Dies
ba_die2 Dies
ba_die3 Dies
ba_dontmake Don't make me do this.
ba_dotoyou Hey, what did I ever do to you?
ba_duty Sorry, I'm on duty, Mr. Freeman.
ba_endline End of the line for you.
ba_firepl Heh, that'll look nice in my trophy room.
ba_friends Hmpf, with friends like!
ba_gotone Got one!
ba_iwish I wish it hadn't come to this.
ba_later Hey, catch me later, I'll buy you a beer.
ba_pain1 Pain
ba_pain2 Pain
ba_pain3 Pain
ba_pissme Don't tick me off, Gordon.
ba_post Sorry, sir, I've got to stay at my post.
ba_raincheck Can we do this later?
ba_seethat Man, did you see that shot?
ba_somuch I only take so much and no more.
ba_stepoff Hey, step off, buddy!
ba_tomb What do you want on your tombstone?
ba_uwish Heh, you're gonna wish you hadn't done that.
ba_watchit Watch it with that thing!
ba_whatyou What are you trying to do?
ba_whoathere Watch it with that thing!
badarea This area just doesn't feel right.
badfeeling I have a bad feeling about this.
beertopside You think there's a cold beer for us at the end of all this?
bequiet Would you be quiet?
bigmess Now I wonder if those boys could have made a bigger mess.
bigplace This place is a lot bigger than I thought.
c1a0_ba_button Come on, Gordon! You trying to get me into trouble?
c1a0_ba_desk Hey, Mr. Freeman. I had a bunch of messages for you, but we had a system crash about twenty minutes ago and I'm still trying to find my files. Just one of those days I guess. They were having some problems down in the test chamber, too, but I think that's all straightened out. They told me to make sure you headed down there as soon as you got into your hazard suit.
c1a0_ba_headdown Hey, you've got the wrong airlock, Mr. Freeman. You know I can't let you through here.
c1a0_ba_hevno Sorry, Mr. Freeman, I got explicit orders not to let you through without your hazard suit on.
c1a0_ba_hevyes Go right on through, sir. Looks like you're in the barrel today.
c1a0_ba_late Morning, Mr. Freeman. Looks like you're running late.
c1a1_ba_glad Gordon! Man, am I glad to see you! What the hell are these things? And why are they wearing science team uniforms?
c1a2_ba_2zomb It's okay, sir, I can take him! (Unused)
c1a2_ba_4zomb Argh, oh shit! (Unused)
c1a2_ba_bullsquid Hey, what the hell are you doing down here? Get topside! I hear troops are coming in to save us!
c1a2_ba_climb Elevators are out of order, but we can still climb.
c1a2_ba_goforit All right, let's go for it. (Unused)
c1a2_ba_slew Word is, once we get to the surface, the military has made arrangements for us.
c1a2_ba_surface Hey, don't count on the cavalry finding us down here. Head for the surface.
c1a2_ba_top Maybe help is on its way, but I'm not waiting around for it. We've got to get topside.
c1a4_ba_octo1 Hey, over here! Eat lead, you outer space octopus!
c1a4_ba_octo2 Hey, hey you take me down! (Unused)
c1a4_ba_octo3 Screams (in c2a5)
c1a4_ba_octo4 Hey, eat this you bastard! (Unused)
c1a4_ba_wisp Be quiet! This thing hears us!
c2a1_ba_again What I said is, you got to get to the generator. (Unused)
c2a1_ba_hub1a Mister, if you can get the power on, that train'll take us straight to the surface. I would try it myself, but it's a long way down to the generator room. And there are...things in the way.
c2a1_ba_hub2a I'm never gonna make it. You better go on without me.
c2a2_ba_launch Freeman, I've been waiting for you. One of your scientist pals said to give you a message. You're supposed to take this old rail system up to some kind of satellite delivery rocket. I don't know where it is exactly, and the old guy was so worried about getting out of here alive he didn't tell me. The main thing is, the military aborted the launch, so when you do find the rocket, you'll have to get up to the control room and launch it yourself. He said something about a Lambda team needing the satellite in orbit if they were ever going to clean up this mess.
c2a3_ba_assn Freeman, right? I've got a message for you. Make sure you don't- (gets shot and dies)
c2a4_ba_1tau What is this thing? Some kinda weapon?
c2a4_ba_3tau Man! Why aren't we using it?
c2a4_ba_5tau What do you mean, overcharge?
c2a4_ba_alive Hey, it's no good up there. It's all sealed off. The only way out would be to find someone with scanner access who can open the front door. I'm pretty sure there's a few scientists hiding somewhere in the labs. Maybe with both of us looking, we can track them down and get them to let us out.
c2a5_ba_helpme Help... Help me... Somebody please help me... I'm dying out here... Please help me...
c2a5_ba_letout Hey! Hey! Hey, lemme outta here! (Unused)
c2a5_ba_rpg This is your lucky day. There's rocket propelled grenade launcher in there. Laser sight and everything. Now, if you can figure a way in, you'll be an even match for these bastards. (Unused)
c2a5_ba_sniped I've been hit! Stay back! Sniper got me! (Unused)
c3a1_ba_1sat Open up the Reactor Complex so we can get down to safety. (Unused)
c3a1_ba_3sat So send it already! (Unused)
c3a1_ba_5sat What about this guy? (Unused)
c3a2_ba_2surv So this is the guy. We thought you'd never make it.
c3a2_ba_4surv Yeah, you'd better kill it.
c3a2_ba_6surv Enough to know that if you don't wipe it out, there won't be much for you to come home to.
c3a2_ba_8surv Don't forget to gear up. And I'll cover you while you're waiting for that portal to warm up.
c3a2_ba_stay I'm gonna stay down here. If I see anything looks like it doesn't belong, I'll start shooting.
cantfigure I can't figure it out.
checkwounds I'll bet that stings a bit.
coldone I would really like a cold one right now.
crewdied Any idea how many of our crew have died?
diebloodsucker Die, you bloodsucker!
dobettertogether Okay, we might live longer if we work together.
dontaskme Don't ask me.
dontbet Don't bet on it.
dontbuyit I don't buy it.
dontfigure I don't see it that way.
dontguess I don't think so.
donthurtem Hey, stop that!
dontreckon I doubt it.
getanyworse It can't get any worse than this, can it?
gettingcloser Think we're getting any closer?
gladof38 Bet you're glad I got this old sidearm on me, aren't ya?
gladtolendhand Okay, why not? Didn't want to die alone anyway.
guyresponsible I'd like to get my hands on the guy responsible for this mess.
hardtosay It's hard to say.
hearsomething I hear something.
hearsomething2 Hey, I hear something.
hellonicesuit Hello.
helpothers Okay, I'll wait here and help anyone else who comes by.
heybuddy Hey, Gordon.
heyfella Sir.
hitbad Well, I got hit pretty hard.
howdy Hey, Mr. Freeman.
howyoudoing Hello, sir.
icanhear That doesn't sound right.
iguess I guess so.
illwait Yeah, I'll wait here.
imdead Sorry, sir, but I can't take much more of this.
imhit Took a little damage, but I can make it.
imwithyou Let's get the hell out of here.
ireckon I reckon.
iwaithere You go on without me.
justdontknow I just don't know.
leavealone Are you crazy? Leave him alone!
letsgo Yeah, let's go.
letsmoveit Roger that. Let's run like hell.
luckwillturn Our luck has to change sooner or later.
maybe Maybe.
missingleg Did you see that thing, with the... the missing leg?
mrfreeman Mr. Freeman.
nodrill You don't still think this is a drill, do you?
nope Nope.
nosir No, sir.
notelling I can't really tell.
noway No way.
openfire Open fire, Gordon! Open fire!
realbadwound Well, sir, I hate to say it, but you're in bad shape.
rightway You sure we're going the right way?
seeya See you later.
slowingyoudown Okay, I'll secure this area.
somethingdied Phew, something died down here!
somethingmoves Did you see something move?
somethingstinky What is that smell?
soundsbad Man, that sounded bad.
soundsright Sounds right.
standback Stand back!
standguard I'll stay here and guard this area.
stench Ew, what's that stench?
stop1 This is as far as I go.
stop2 I'm gonna stay here and keep a lookout for anyone that needs help.
stophere I don't know if we should go any further. This doesn't look right.
survive I'll be happy to survive this with all my parts.
targetpractice Yep, all that target range time is gonna pay off today.
teamup1 Yeah, we might stand a better chance if we team up.
teamup2 Okay, I'll cover you.
thinking Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
waitin I'm waiting right here for you.
wayout You think this is the right way out?
whatgood I don't know what good we could do here.
whatisthat What the hell is this?
whatsgoingon You have any idea what's going on?
workingonstuff Did you have any idea they were working on this kind of stuff?
yessir Yes, sir.
youbet You bet.
youeverseen You ever seen anything like this?
yougotit You got it.
youhearthat Hey, did you hear something?
youneedmedic Sir, that injury may need some attention soon.
youtalkmuch You talk too much.
yup Yup.

Unused quotes[edit]

Hazard Course[edit]

Location: sound/holo

Filename(s) Quote
tr_ba_lightson Let me get the lights and you can try that again.

Advanced Biological Research Lab[edit]

Location: sound/barney

Filename(s) Quote
c2a4_ba_arg1a This is all happening because of you scientists!
c2a4_ba_arg3a It is, you made these mutants!
c2a4_ba_arg5a Shut up, someone's coming.
c2a4_ba_longnite Jeez, and I thought I had a long night. You look like hell! I don't suppose the day's going to be any easier. Listen, I'm going to wait it out right here. You go on ahead if you have to.
c2a4_ba_steril Get in here, quick!
c2a4_ba_teach These sterilizers come in handy. You ever find yourself in a bind, just duck into one of these booths, hit the big button. They're supposed to kill microorganisms, but they work on the big stuff too.

Half-Life: Uplink[edit]

Location: sound/barney

Filename(s) Quote
c3a2_ba_stay I'm gonna stay down here. If I see anything looks like it doesn't belong, I'll start shooting.
c1a4_ba_octo4 Hey, eat this you bastard!
c3a1_ba_1sat Open up the Reactor Complex so we can get down to safety.
c3a1_ba_3sat So send it already!
c3a1_ba_5sat What about this guy?

Half-Life: Opposing Force[edit]

Location: sound/barney

Filename(s) Quote
armedforces Hi. What part of the armed forces are you with?
die I don't wanna die. (Unused)
easily You're not going to kill me that easily.
killme No, don't kill me! (Unused)
of1a5_ba01 Have you seen the new IG-88? (Reference to the droid IG-88 from the 1980 film Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.)
of1a5_ba02 What the he... What is that, doc?
of6a4_ba01 Are you crazy? I'm not opening this door until someone turns that bomb off.
of6a4_ba02 Phew, that was a close one! You better get in here.
of6a4_ba03 It's not gonna be easy from here on out. The only way out is through the Level 4 Storage Unit, but it's a mess down there. The Black Ops were using it as a staging point until the aliens came in. If you do make it through, make sure you have them come back for us.
of6a4_ba04 I guess you're a good guy, Corporal. Listen, you've got to get down below. There's something coming through and it's the nastiest looking thing yet. Some of your buddies went down there a while ago and I haven't seen them since. I've got some weapons I've piled up in here, you better take as much as you can carry, 'cause I think this is it. Good luck, Corporal.
sir Hello, soldier, sir.
soldier All right, a soldier! Now we're gonna see some action.

Location: sound/otis

Filename(s) Quote
aliencombat So, do you guys train for alien combat, or is this just a special occasion?
aliens Fighting aliens is not in my job description!
alright All right, all right.
another That's right! I got another one!
ass Oh man, do you smell that?
beer I tell you, wouldn't you just love a cold beer right about now? I know I would.
behind Hey, I'm right behind you!
bigbones Oh no, I'm not fat! I'm just what you call "big boned."
breath Don't hold your breath.
bridge And I was supposed to play bridge tonight!
bring You just think it's all about you!
bully You know, nobody likes a bully!
buttugly I think I got a ripe one!
candy Mmm... candy!
cantfigure Whoa, I can't wrap my brain around it.
chili It smells worse than a chili cook off!
chump Watch where you aim that thing, pally!
close Oh, that was way too close for comfort!
closet Maybe I should guard that closet over there.
cousin Huh, my cousin is the one that got me this job!
damn Damn! Cut it out!
dejavu Now, either I have déjà vu, or you repeat yourself.
die Die! Die! Die!
diealone Okay, heh, I don't wanna die alone!
dontask Now, I'm probably not the one you wanna ask.
dontguess I don't think so.
donthurtem I knew we couldn't trust you guys!
dontmake Now don't make me go and throw down or something!
doubt Huh, I very much doubt it.
firepl Hmm, I'd love to hang that over my fireplace! Y'know, if I had one.
friends Hey, I thought we were becoming friends.
getanyworse Eh, how much worse can it get?
gladof Hey, I bet you're glad you got me with ya, huh?
go_on Yeah, I think I'll stay here, and die!
gotone Ha ha, I can't believe I got that guy!
hearsomething Hey, do you hear something?
hell Hell if I know.
hello Hello, soldier, sir.
help Okay, if you're sure you don't want my help.
hey Hey, soldier!
hitbad Okay, now see, heh, that one's going to slow me down. Yeah, ow.
hiya Hiya, sir.
illwait I'll just wait here.
imdead Damn it! I knew I was gonna be the one killed!
imhit Eh, it's only a flesh wound.
insurance I hope the military has good medical insurance.
janitor I'm so glad I didn't take the janitor job. Yuck!
job This job is not worth dyin' for!
joinyou Sure, I have nothing better to do!
leavealone Hey, what did they ever do to you?
leftovers I'll get the leftovers!
letsgo All right, let's go!
live I have a better chance of survival with you!
mall I gotta say, that mall security job is looking pretty good right now.
maybe Maybe so, maybe no.
medic Medic! See, now I always wanted to say that.
mom My mom is gonna worry when I don't make it home tonight!
no Uh... no, no.
noise Did you hear that weird noise?
nope Nope.
nosir No, sir.
notalone Don't leave me alone here!
noway No way.
of1a1_ot01 Sorry, uh, Shephard, sir, uh. See, now I was told not to open this door for ya until you agreed to help us. Besides, you wouldn't wanna go out there without your armor vest anyway. I-I left it for you where the other soldiers are getting treated. Just, uh, you know, come on back here when you've found it.
of1a1_ot02 Okay, Shephard, I see you found your power vest. That should keep you safe out there. See, now I've heard rumors that you troops may not actually be here to rescue us. Just don't forget about us out there, all righty? Okay, I'll let you through now.
of1a1_ot03 Good luck, sir.
of1a1_ot04 Personally, I think if we could find more soldiers like you, we may come out of this a-okay. (Unused)
of1a5_ot01 Those poor bastards.
of2a6_ot01 I'm not sure I can trust you, but I don't know what else to do at this point. If you make it out of here, don't forget me. (Unused)
of3a2_ot01 Huh! What's this? Some sort of transporter gun? (Unused)
of6a3_ot01 Now, now, don't hurt me, and I'll tell you a secret. I've been hiding up here listening. These Black Ops have some sort of bomb. I think they're plannin' on blowin' up the base. Now-now, why do you think they would do such a thing?
onry I can get pretty ornery when I'm angry.
quarter Hey, uh, you wouldn't have a quarter I can borrow, would ya?
quitit Hey, quit it now! I mean it!
reputation So, my reputation precedes me.
rightdirection Are you leading us in the right direction?
scar Aw, that's going to leave a scar.
seethat Oh yeah, baby, did you see that?
seeya Okay, um, I'll see you later then?
slowingyoudown You go on. I'm just slowing you down!
soldier All right, a soldier! I'm saved!
somethingmoves Oh man. Did you see somethin' move?
somuch I'm only willin' to take so much abuse.
soundsbad That definitely sounds alien.
standguard I'll, uh, I'll stay here and pretend to guard this area.
stupidmachines Stupid machines! Why don't these ever seem to work?
suppose I suppose.
talkmuch Do you speak English much?
teamup Oh yeah, sure, we'll work better as a team.
together See, now, we have a better chance if we stay together.
tomb That's it, I've had it!
tooyoung I'm too young to die! Okay, I'm not, but I got a lot of meals left to eat.
virgin I don't wanna die a virgin.
watchit Hey, control your weapon, buddy!
wuss Believe it or not, I was a wuss in high school! I know, it's hard to believe.
yeah Yeah, sure.
yes Ye, uh-huh.
yessir Yes, sir.
youbet You betcha.
yourback I got your back!
yourside Hey, I'm on your side! Don't kill me!
yup Yup.

Half-Life: Blue Shift[edit]

Location: sound/barney

Filename(s) Quote
ba_canal_wound1 Look, I'm chewed up pretty bad and I think my leg's broken. So you better go on without me. Get yourself out of here while you still can. (Unused)
ba_canal_death1 Dies (Unused)
ba_crazy Are you crazy?
ba_hello1 How's it going?
ba_hello2 Hey, Calhoun.
ba_hello3 Hey, how are ya?
ba_hello4 Looks like we're in for a long day today.
ba_hello5 How's it going, Calhoun?
ba_openfire Open fire!
ba_pok0 Shouldn't you be on duty by now?
ba_pok1 Can't this wait 'till we're off duty?
ba_pok2 I'm a little busy right now, Calhoun.
ba_pok3 Sorry, Calhoun, I'm on duty.
ba_power1 Hold yourself together! If we don't get the power cell charged, we're all going to die.
ba_power2 Get outta here, I can take it!
ba_power3 It's okay sir, I can take him.
ba_power4 Hey, hey! (Unused)
ba_power_wound1 I was hoping you'd show up. You have to get this power cell charged and back up to Dr. Rosenberg. I'd help, but I'm hurt pretty bad.
ba_power_wound2 You can probably push the power cell through the fence into the charging station behind me. Lemme see if I can get outta the way.
ba_security1_door1 Hold on a minute. The door is not responding to your pass ID. Lemme see if I can get it open on this side.
ba_security1_door2 Okay, I think I got it.
ba_security1_door3 Sorry about that, Calhoun. We've been having problems all over the facility this morning. System crashes, security malfunctions. It's a wonder this whole place hasn't shut down yet.
ba_security2_admin I know, sir, I know. We're doing everything we can to get the problem under control. Just give us some time to-
ba_security2_desk1 Nice of you to show up this morning, Calhoun. Yeah, yeah, I know, problems with the access system. Hope you're ready for a long shift.
ba_security2_desk2 Uh oh, now what? Looks like some people are having problems with the main access lift in Sector G. Why don't you go over there and see what you can do?
ba_security2_nopass Calhoun, you know you can't go on duty without your sidearm and uniform!
ba_security2_pass Have a good one, Calhoun.
ba_security2_range1 Here you go, Calhoun.
ba_security2_range2 I know you're not on the schedule for a couple more days, but if you want to squeeze in few shots in the range, there's plenty of room.
ba_shot1 Watch it, Calhoun!
ba_shot2 Don't piss me off, Calhoun!
ba_shot3 Check your fire, Calhoun!
ba_shot4 Watch where you shootin'!
ba_shot5 Watch where you point that thing!

Location: sound/otis

Filename(s) Quote
mmmm Mmmm.
ot_intro_hello1 Hey, Calhoun.
ot_intro_hello2 Looks like we're in for a long day today.
ot_intro_seeya Have a good one, Calhoun.

Half-Life: Decay[edit]

Location: sound/barney

Filename(s) Quote
ba_attacking0 Get behind me, ma'am!
ba_attacking1 Open fire!
ba_attacking2 I'll protect you!
ba_becareful0 You ladies, be careful out there.
ba_becareful1 Hey, try not to get eaten by a monster or anything, okay?
ba_button0 Now, let me try my code. (Unused)
ba_button1 Let's see if this works. (Unused)
ba_cure0 That injury might need attention soon.
ba_cure1 I hate to say it, but you're in bad shape.
ba_docprotect0 Sorry, darlin'. I got to stay with the doc. (Unused)
ba_docprotect1 You know I can't come with you. (Unused)
ba_docprotect2 I wish I could, but someone's got to protect the doc. (Unused)
ba_docprotect3 We all have our jobs to do. Mine is right here. (Unused)
ba_door0 I'll get that door open. (Unused)
ba_door1 Let me get that door for you. (Unused)
ba_generic0 Hold on a minute! (Unused)
ba_generic1 I've almost got it! (Unused)
ba_generic2 Good job! (Unused)
ba_gethev Man, I need to get me one of them HEV suits. (Unused)
ba_hello0 Doctor.
ba_hello1 Ma'am.
ba_help0 Here, let me get that for you.
ba_ht01_01 Good morning, doctor. Doctor. Looks like you two are right on time today.
ba_ht01_02 I'm afraid there's been some trouble with the system, so you may have been deleted from the security database. If you follow me to the door, I can get you inside where you can straighten it all out.
ba_ht01_03 So I guess today is the big day, huh? The big guy was pretty excited when he came in earlier. He was talking about the new guy, Dr. Freeman. I just hope everything goes well today.
ba_ht01_04 All right, this should only take a second.
ba_ht01_05 There you go. See you after the experiment.
ba_ht01_06 You're gonna have to register yourself before I can let you through here. Just check in around the corner.
ba_ht06_01 Soldiers, everywhere! They're killing everyone!
ba_ht06_02_alt Help me!
ba_ht06_02 Dies
ba_ht06_03 Man, am I glad to see you.
ba_ht06_03_alt Man, am I glad to see you.
ba_ht06_04 Yeah, I've got the clearance codes to the security station, but I'm not leaving until those soldiers down there have been cleared out. If you can't take 'em out, maybe you can seal 'em off. Either way, it's not safe for me to leave here.
ba_ht06_05 Yeah, I've got the clearance codes to the security station. Let's go.
ba_ht06_06 I'm not going with you until you either take out those soldiers downstairs or cut 'em off. It's too dangerous.
ba_ht06_07 I told you, I'm not leaving as long as those soldiers are running around down there.
ba_ht06_08 Listen, you've got HEV suits to protect you. If I go down there, those soldiers will kill me! Take care of them, and I'll follow you.
ba_ht06_09 I was worried you wouldn't make it. Anyway, let's get to the security station. You lead the way.
ba_ht06_10 This door is locked. See if you can activate it from the console.
ba_ht06_11 Sure do. You got a plan?
ba_ht07_01 The Central Security Station is right over here. Follow me. (Originally made for the cut mission Central Transit Hub; up to "ba_ht07_19")
ba_ht07_02 Follow me. (Unused)
ba_ht07_03 Almost there. (Unused)
ba_ht07_04 It's right over here. (Unused)
ba_ht07_05 Let's keep going, it's just up ahead. (Unused)
ba_ht07_06 My access code should open this and unlock any door around the Central Transit Hub. (Unused)
ba_ht07_07 Hey, don't stand too close to the main doors when they're opening or closing. They close hard. (Unused)
ba_ht07_08 From this room, we can monitor transmissions, check up on the transit lines, open and close all the security gates at the hub. Heck, even track HEV suit movement. (Unused)
ba_ht07_09 See, here are your signals here. And there's another signal over there. Must be that Freeman guy. (Unused)
ba_ht07_10 The file room is on the other side of the hub. I'll open all the security gates between here and there for you. (Unused)
ba_ht07_11 We got an access violation at some of the gates near where you are. Better be careful, I think you got company. (Unused)
ba_ht07_12 I'll have to close the gates after you go through them, so you two are gonna need to stick close together. (Unused)
ba_ht07_13 The good doctor here isn't going to let me open this door until both of you are here ready to come back in. (Unused)
ba_ht07_14 Look, I need both of you here before I open this door! We haven't got much time. (Unused)
ba_ht07_15 We need to get some repairs done if we're gonna have chance to listen in on these soldiers, but there's something blocking the maintenance access door. (Unused)
ba_ht07_16 I guess the best way to get up there would be through the loading dock and storage bays. If you follow me, I can unlock the door and get you on your way. (Unused)
ba_ht07_17 Maybe you can somehow lure it onto the bridge and use that as a weapon. (Unused)
ba_ht07_18 The bridge controls are up there. (Unused)
ba_ht07_19 If you're hungry, help yourself to some pizza over there. (Unused)
ba_ht08_01 I don't know anything! I'm not even with the science tea-
ba_ht08_01_alt I don't know anything! I'm not even with the science team!
ba_ht08_01_alt2 I don't know anything! I'm not even with the science team!
ba_ht08_02 Hey, where did you come from? We should stick together, this place is crawling with soldiers!
ba_ht08_03 Hey, what are you two doing here? Take cover! There are soldiers everywhere!
ba_idle0 So, you think there's a future for us at the end all of this.
ba_idle1 Don't worry, darlin', I'm right beside ya.
ba_idle2 Not to worry, ma'am. I'm a trained professional.
ba_idle3 That's a flattering HEV suit you got there, if you don't mind my saying so.
ba_idle4 The orange in that suit really brings out your eyes.
ba_idle5 You look good in orange.
ba_idle6 I like you how you hold that gun.
ba_internet What about the internet? (Unused)
ba_kill0 It's all right, ma'am, I got him!
ba_kill1 That's good shooting.
ba_kill2 Where'd you learn to shoot?
ba_lead0 I think it's over here.
ba_lead1 It's this way.
ba_lead2 You should follow me.
ba_mad0 Hey, step off!
ba_mad1 I hate to have to do this.
ba_mad2 You crazy woman!
ba_mad3 A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!
ba_needhelp0 I need your help over here! (Unused)
ba_needhelp1 Hey, can you give me a hand? (Unused)
ba_ok0 Sure thing, ma'am.
ba_ok1 Ladies first.
ba_ok2 After you.
ba_ok3 You'll be safe with me.
ba_ok4 I've always wanted you to ask me that.
ba_ok5 I'll be right behind you.
ba_opgate I have to stay here to operate the security gate. (Unused)
ba_plfear0 Watch it, lady, that's a friend!
ba_pok0 Sorry, ma'am, I can't leave my post right now.
ba_pok1 I'd love to chat, but I'm on duty right now.
ba_pok2 Can we do this later?
ba_pok3 Hey, y-you know what, m-maybe we could catch a movie later?
ba_shot0 Hey, watch it, lady!
ba_shot1 Damn! Just when I thought we were getting friendly!
ba_shot2 Woah, someone should teach you how to use that thing!
ba_stare0 Hmm?
ba_stare1 Hiya!
ba_stare2 Stick close to me, darlin'! Heh heh.
ba_stare3 We'll get through this together.
ba_stop0 I'm sorry, ma'am, I can't keep up.
ba_stop1 I'm gonna have to stay behind.
ba_wait0 You gonna be all right without me?
ba_wait1 I really don't think you should be alone right now.
ba_wait2 I'll be right here if you need me.
ba_wait3 You're not giving me the cold shoulder, are ya?
ba_wait4 Hey, I thought we were a good team.