This subject is related to the Combine era.

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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The following is a list of quotes from the Combine Suppressor.

Half-Life: Alyx[edit]

Location: sounds\vo\combine\suppressor

Filename(s) Quote Play
advancing_on_target_01 Moving.
advancing_on_target_02 Moving now.
advancing_on_target_03 Pressing.
advancing_on_target_04 Approaching target.
advancing_on_target_05 Pressure.
advancing_on_target_06 Proceeding on infected.
advancing_on_target_07 APF closing in.
advancing_on_target_08 Pushing forward.
advancing_on_target_09 Sweeping in.
advancing_on_target_10 Moving on contaminant.
advancing_on_target_11 Pressure pressure.
advancing_on_target_12 Stabilization team is forward pressure.
advancing_on_target_13 Closing on infected.
advancing_on_target_14 Pushing.
advancing_on_target_15 Stabilization team has sector ID and is moving on infected.
advancing_on_target_16 APF unit is inbound.
advancing_on_target_17 Approaching contaminant.
advancing_on_target_18 APF Advancing on target.
advancing_on_target_19 APF advancing.
advancing_on_target_20 APF pushing.
announceattack_01 Going sharp.
announceattack_02 Engaging.
announceattack_03 Target engaged.
announceattack_04 APF suppressing.
announceattack_05 APF engaging.
announceattack_06 Executing full response.
announceattack_07 Striker striker.
announceattack_08 Taking advantage.
announceattack_09 Target locked. Dagger out.
announceattack_alyx_01 Oppressing target one.
announceattack_alyx_02 Disinfecting primary target.
announceattack_alyx_03 Daggers on Vance.
announceattack_alyx_04 Give up Alyx.
announceattack_alyx_05 Striker striker on prime hostile.
announceattack_alyx_06 Alyx confirmed.
announceattack_alyx_07 APF on Alyx.
announceattack_alyx_08 Weapons free on Alyx.
announceattack_alyx_09 Firing on Alyx.
announceattack_alyx_10 Engaging target one.
announceattack_alyx_11 Primary confirmed.
announceattack_cover_01 Breaking cover.
announceattack_cover_02 Changing target. Code breakdown.
announceattack_cover_03 Designate target as shadow.
announceattack_cover_04 Exposing hostile in three.
announceattack_cover_05 Target is protected. Rectifying.
announceattack_cover_06 APF. Removing support.
announceattack_cover_07 APF. Daggers on cover.
announceattack_cover_08 Full active on target cover.
announceattack_cover_09 Going sharp on cover.
announceattack_grenade_01 Bouncer out.
announceattack_grenade_02 Grenade out.
announceattack_grenade_03 Extractor away.
announceattack_grenade_04 Bouncer bouncer.
announceattack_grenade_05 Get down.
announceattack_grenade_06 Bouncer on 3.
announceattack_grenade_07 Extracting.
announceattack_grenade_08 Deploying grenade.
announceattack_grenade_09 Standing back.
announceattack_grenade_10 Bouncer free.
announceenemy_antlion_01 Antlion.
announceenemy_antlion_02 Target: antlion.
announceenemy_antlion_03 Contact. Antlion.
announceenemy_antlion_04 Antlion incoming.
announceenemy_antlion_05 Contact. Antlion.
announceenemy_antlion_06 APF viscon on antlion.
announceenemy_antlion_07 Antlion APF engage.
announceenemy_headcrabs_01 Parasitics.
announceenemy_headcrabs_02 Call contact, parasitics.
announceenemy_headcrabs_03 Free parasitics inbound.
announceenemy_headcrabs_04 APF visual on parasitics.
announceenemy_headcrabs_05 Contact. Parasitics.
announceenemy_headcrabs_06 Ughhhhh...
announceenemy_headcrabs_07 We got parasitics over here.
announceenemy_headcrabs_08 Live parasitics at sector
announceenemy_headcrabs_09 Viscon. Parasitics.
announceenemy_headcrabs_10 Parasitic infestation confirmed.
announceenemy_zombie_01 Necrotics.
announceenemy_zombie_02 Necrotics inbound.
announceenemy_zombie_03 Infestation alert.
announceenemy_zombie_04 APF visual on necrotics.
announceenemy_zombie_05 Contact. Necrotics.
announceenemy_zombie_08 Necrotics active.
announceenemy_zombie_09 Necrotics viscon.
announceenemy_zombie_10 Necrotics here.
announcekill_01 Hostile down.
announcekill_02 Target down.
announcekill_03 Kill confirmed.
announcekill_04 Clean kill.
announcekill_05 Another one down.
announcekill_06 That's it.
announcekill_08 Clean kill.
announcekill_09 Contact down.
announcekill_11 Hostile is silent.
announcekill_12 APF, confirming kill.
announcekill_13 Hostile neutralized.
announcekill_14 It's done.
announcekill_15 Hostile is over.
announcekill_antlion_01 Virome down.
announcekill_antlion_02 Cleaned.
announcekill_antlion_03 Target sterilized.
announcekill_antlion_04 Cleaned.
announcekill_antlion_05 Parasitics contained.
announcekill_headcrab_01 Clean.
announcekill_headcrab_02 Sector clean.
announcekill_headcrab_03 That's one.
announcekill_headcrab_04 Contaminant contained.
announcekill_headcrab_05 Cleaned.
announcekill_headcrab_06 Ugh.
announcekill_headcrab_07 Outbreak ineffective.
announcekill_headcrab_08 Outbreak contained.
announcekill_headcrab_09 Parasitic vacated.
announcekill_headcrab_10 APF to Ordinal. Parasitic down.
announcekill_player_01 HVT is contained.
announcekill_player_02 Ordinal. Target one is quiet.
announcekill_player_03 She's quiet.
announcekill_player_04 Ordinal. Alyx is over.
announcekill_player_05 Alyx secure.
announcekill_player_06 Alyx delivered.
announcekill_player_07 She's dead. Administer antiseptic.
announcekill_player_08 Problem eliminated.
announcekill_player_09 Target one is down.
announcekill_zombie_01 Necro contained.
announcekill_zombie_02 Necrotic contained.
announcekill_zombie_03 Stay dead.
announcekill_zombie_04 Contaminant eliminated.
announcekill_zombie_05 Necrotic is silent.
announcekill_zombie_06 It's dead.
announcekill_zombie_07 Cleanse successful.
avoids_rollerball_01 [Grunts]
avoids_rollerball_03 [Grunts]
avoids_rollerball_04 [Grunts]
avoids_rollerball_05 [Grunts]
avoids_rollerball_06 [Grunts]
avoids_rollerball_07 [Grunts]
breathing_01 [Breathing Laboriously]
breathing_02 [Breathing Laboriously]
breathing_03 [Breathing Laboriously]
breathing_04 [Breathing Laboriously]
breathing_05 [Coughing and Wheezing]
calloutcode_alpha_01 alpha
calloutcode_and_01 and
calloutcode_bravo_01 bravo
calloutcode_charlie_01 charlie
calloutcode_dash_01 dash
calloutcode_delta_01 delta
calloutcode_echo_01 echo
calloutcode_eight_01 eight
calloutcode_eleven_01 eleven
calloutcode_fifty_01 fifty
calloutcode_five_01 five
calloutcode_forty_01 forty
calloutcode_four_01 four
calloutcode_hundred_01 hundred
calloutcode_niner_01 niner
calloutcode_null_01 null
calloutcode_one_01 one
calloutcode_seventy_01 seventy
calloutcode_seven_01 seven
calloutcode_sixty_01 sixty
calloutcode_six_01 six
calloutcode_ten_01 ten
calloutcode_thirty_01 thirty
calloutcode_thousand_01 thousand
calloutcode_three_01 three
calloutcode_twelve_01 twelve
calloutcode_twenty_01 twenty
calloutcode_two_01 two
calloutentity_alyx_01 Alyx
calloutentity_anticitizens_01 Anti-Citizens
calloutentity_antlion_01 antlion
calloutentity_apf_01 APF
calloutentity_aps_01 APF
calloutentity_bladewall_01 Blade-Wall
calloutentity_cowall_01 Co-Wall
calloutentity_echoone_01 Echo One
calloutentity_friendly_01 friendly
calloutentity_hammerwall_01 Hammer-Wall
calloutentity_hostiles_01 hostiles
calloutentity_manyparasitics_01 free parasitics
calloutentity_necrotic_01 necrotic
calloutentity_parasitic_01 parasitic
calloutentity_safeman_01 Safeman
calloutentity_wallhammer_01 Wallhammer
calloutlocation_above_01 Above.
calloutlocation_apartment_01 Apartment.
calloutlocation_barrells_01 Barrels.
calloutlocation_behind_01 Behind.
calloutlocation_below_01 Below.
calloutlocation_bricks_01 Bricks.
calloutlocation_bridge_01 Bridge.
calloutlocation_building_01 Building.
calloutlocation_car_01 Car.
calloutlocation_crane_01 Crane.
calloutlocation_door_01 Door.
calloutlocation_elevator_01 Elevator.
calloutlocation_front_01 Front.
calloutlocation_hut_01 Hut.
calloutlocation_pipes_01 Pipes.
calloutlocation_shack_01 Shack.
calloutlocation_toilet_01 Toilet.
calloutlocation_traincar_01 Train car.
calloutlocation_trash_01 Trash.
calloutlocation_truck_01 Truck.
calloutlocation_tunnel_01 Tunnel.
calloutlocation_van_01 Van.
calloutlocation_wheels_01 Wheels.
calloutlocation_woodpile_01 Woodpile.
coverme_01 Cover me.
coverme_02 Cover.
coverme_03 Cover on APF.
coverme_04 Need covering fire.
coverme_05 Requesting cover at APF.
coverme_06 Prepare stimdose.
coverme_07 Cover at
danger_grenade_01 Evade.
danger_grenade_02 Grenade.
danger_grenade_03 Take cover.
danger_grenade_04 Live grenade.
danger_grenade_05 Bouncer bouncer.
danger_grenade_06 Grenade. Move.
danger_grenade_07 Alert. Extractor.
danger_grenade_08 Watch out.
danger_grenade_09 Get back.
danger_grenade_10 Live bouncer. Get back.
die_01 [Combine Death]
die_02 [Combine Death]
die_03 [Combine Death]
die_04 [Combine Death]
die_05 [Combine Death]
die_06 [Combine Death]
die_07 [Combine Death]
die_08 [Combine Death]
die_09 [Combine Death]
die_by_player_18 AP—
die_by_player_19 Alyx...
die_by_player_20 Ended.
die_by_player_21 Over
die_by_player_22 Overwa—
establishinglof_01 APF closing.
establishinglof_02 Switching position.
establishinglof_03 Fixing viscon.
establishinglof_04 Honing sightlines.
establishinglof_05 Realigning to hostile.
establishinglof_06 Forming visual confirmation
establishinglof_07 Blocking clear.
establishinglof_08 No visual on target. Moving.
establishinglof_09 Realigning target delta.
establishinglof_10 Stay there.
establishinglof_11 Changing position.
establishinglof_12 Optimizing location.
establishinglof_13 Amending sightlines.
establishinglof_14 Problem visual. Moving.
establishinglof_15 Clearing sightlines.
establishinglof_16 Forming up.
establishinglof_17 Contact in three.
establishinglof_18 Exposing primary.
establishinglof_19 Don't move.
fakeout_calltoalyx_01 Alyx...
fakeout_calltoalyx_02 Hey Alyx!
fakeout_calltoalyx_03 Hey Alyx, it's us!
fakeout_calltoalyx_04 Alyx! You there?
fakeout_calltoalyx_05 Psst. Alyx!
fakeout_responseceasefire_01 Cease Fire! Target is friendly.
fakeout_responseceasefire_02 Weapons down! APF! Weapons down.
fakeout_responseceasefire_03 Cease Fire. Cease Fire.
fakeout_responseceasefire_04 Alyx is friendly.
fakeout_responseceasefire_05 Alyx is friendly! Stop fire!
fakeout_success_01 [Laughs]
fakeout_success_02 [Laughs] Friendgame effective.
fakeout_success_03 [Laughs] Hostile is scrambled.
firing_01 Firing
firing_02 Engaging target.
firing_04 Weapons free.
firing_05 APF at primary set point.
firing_06 Open form. Weapons free.
firing_07 Code three. Engaged in clean-up.
firing_08 Cleaning sector.
firing_09 Daggers committed on hostile.
firing_10 Prosecuting.
firing_player_01 Open fire. Priority one.
firing_player_02 Open fire on Alyx.
firing_player_03 Target Vance.
firing_player_04 Opening fire at
firing_player_05 Deafening response.
firing_player_06 She's here.
firing_player_07 Animal is in the pit.
firing_player_08 Anti-Citizen One confirmed. Firing.
flushing_01 Clearing.
flushing_02 Distribution on three.
flushing_03 Flushing sectors.
flushing_04 Extractor out on last known.
flushing_05 Applying pressure. Flare down.
flushing_06 Flushing hostile.
flushing_07 Bouncer on last known.
getback_01 Exposing.
getback_02 Get cover.
getback_03 Watch out.
getback_04 Bouncer bouncer.
getback_05 Get down.
hear_suspicious_01 Audible at sector
hear_suspicious_02 Possible contaminant.
hear_suspicious_03 Possible hostile active.
hear_suspicious_04 Movement at
hear_suspicious_05 Sound on.
hear_suspicious_06 APF sound on. Reporting all contaminants.
injured_01 Requesting stimdose.
injured_02 I'm hit.
injured_03 Taking damage.
injured_04 Body pack holding.
injured_05 Damage sustaining. Seeking shade.
injured_06 Spikes effective. Applying stimdose.
laugh_01 [Gloating Chuckle]
laugh_02 [Gloating Chuckle]
laugh_03 [Gloating Chuckle]
laugh_04 [Gloating Chuckle]
laugh_05 [Gloating Chuckle]
laugh_06 [Gloating Chuckle]
lostenemy_01 Contaminant not visible.
lostenemy_03 Requesting location.
lostenemy_04 Target lost.
lostenemy_05 Location assist for APF
lostenemy_06 Negative visual on hostile.
lostenemy_07 Lost sight of contaminant.
lostenemy_08 No viscon. No viscon.
lostvisual_01 Missing hostile. Sector unknown.
lostvisual_02 APF requesting target location.
lostvisual_03 Requesting location.
lostvisual_04 Lost sight of hostile.
lostvisual_06 Ordinal we have code 7-1-3. Requesting last known.
lostvisual_07 Need location assistance. Sector
lostvisual_08 No visual. Ordinal, assist.
lostvisual_09 APF negative on visual.
lostvisual_10 Possible evasion. Requesting sightlines.
lostvisual_player_01 Contaminant is quiet. Requesting last known sector.
lostvisual_player_02 We have total visual blackout.
lostvisual_player_03 Hostile is quiet.
lostvisual_player_04 Evasive contaminant. Ordinal, assist.
lostvisual_player_05 Check cover.
lostvisual_player_06 Contact check.
lostvisual_player_07 All visuals lost. Eyes on.
lostvisual_player_08 All contact quiet. Requesting recon.
nearpanic_02 Proximity!
nearpanic_04 Assist. Assist. Assist.
nearpanic_08 Proximity alert. Unloading.
nearpanic_10 Too close. Amending.
orderresponse_positive_01 Affirmative.
orderresponse_positive_02 Roger.
orderresponse_positive_03 Copy that.
orderresponse_positive_04 Proceeding.
orderresponse_positive_05 APF can do.
orderresponse_positive_06 Confirmed.
overwatch_01 Holding position.
overwatch_02 Location locked.
overwatch_03 Weapons ready.
overwatch_04 Viscon on last known position.
overwatch_05 Eyes on last known.
overwatch_06 Observing.
overwatch_07 APF in position.
overwatch_08 Holding focus.
overwatch_09 Stop sound. Stop sound.
overwatch_10 Hostile unwilling. Stand by.
overwatch_11 Hold.
overwatch_12 Waiting for contact.
overwatch_13 Evaluating.
overwatch_14 Awaiting problem.
overwatch_15 Ready for containment.
overwatch_16 APF Holding.
overwatch_17 APF Eyes on.
overwatch_18 contaminant is locked.
overwatch_19 APF Securing edges.
overwatch_20 Check all edges.
pain_02 [Pain]
pain_03 [Pain]
pain_04 [Pain]
pain_05 [Pain]
pain_06 [Pain]
pain_07 [Pain]
pain_08 [Pain]
pain_10 [Pain]
panting_01 [Panting]
panting_02 [Panting]
panting_03 [Panting]
panting_04 [Panting]
panting_05 [Panting]
playerishurt_01 It's vulnerable.
playerishurt_02 Target at odds.
playerishurt_03 Target compromised.
playerishurt_04 Move in. Move in.
playerishurt_05 Contaminant at low value.
playerishurt_06 Hostile is tagged.
playerishurt_07 Redraw on hostile. ASAP.
playerishurt_08 Amplify weapons on APF.
playerishurt_09 Red leak on hostile.
playerishurt_10 Possible tag on prime.
playerishurt_11 APF effective.
playerishurt_12 Deny all stims on hostile.
playerishurt_13 Ending target one.
reconnoiter_finish_01 All sectors scanned.
reconnoiter_finish_02 Contact is silent.
reconnoiter_finish_03 Sector clear. Requesting standby.
reconnoiter_finish_04 Area clear.
reconnoiter_finish_05 APF to Ordinal. Hostile is silent.
reconnoiter_finish_06 No contact.
reconnoiter_finish_07 Arena secure.
reconnoiter_finish_08 Looks clean.
reconnoiter_finish_09 Contact lost. Looks clear.
reconnoiter_finish_10 Nothing here.
reconnoiter_finish_11 Staying sharp.
reconnoiter_finish_12 No sector contaminants. Requesting stand down.
reconnoiter_finish_13 Stand by for code bravo.
reconnoiter_finish_14 Nothing.
reconnoiter_finish_15 Shadow clear.
reconnoiter_finish_16 Request end on condition shadow.
reconnoiter_finish_17 All units reporting. Silence in the pit.
reconnoiter_finish_18 Not here.
reconnoiter_finish_19 Location clear. Recall assist.
reconnoiter_finish_20 All sectors clear. Recall.
reconnoiter_search_01 Viscon processing...
reconnoiter_search_02 Still searching...
reconnoiter_search_03 Still sweeping...
reconnoiter_search_06 Condition: shadow active.
reconnoiter_search_07 Recon in progress.
reconnoiter_search_09 Target is still shadow.
reconnoiter_search_10 Sector clear. Advancing.
reconnoiter_search_11 Null sector. Proceed.
reconnoiter_search_12 Area clean. Moving.
reconnoiter_search_13 Eyes still active.
reconnoiter_search_14 Nothing here.
reconnoiter_search_15 Hostile is still quiet.
reconnoiter_search_16 Scan complete. Resuming.
reconnoiter_search_17 Still no visual.
reconnoiter_search_18 Radials clear. Resuming.
reconnoiter_start_01 Spreading out.
reconnoiter_start_02 Condition alpha.
reconnoiter_start_03 Distributing.
reconnoiter_start_04 APF out.
reconnoiter_start_05 Eyes on. Sound on.
reconnoiter_start_06 Deployed and scanning.
reconnoiter_start_07 Cleanup commencing.
reconnoiter_start_08 Reporting sightlines.
reconnoiter_start_09 Sweeping for hostiles.
reconnoiter_start_10 Sweeping for contaminant.
reconnoiter_start_11 Searching shadows.
reconnoiter_start_12 Closing arena.
reconnoiter_start_13 Containment proceeding.
reconnoiter_start_14 Reporting all sightlines.
reconnoiter_start_15 Formation on target in three.
reconnoiter_start_16 Proceeding. Hostile extraction.
reconnoiter_start_17 Initiate condition shadow.
refindenemy_01 Go sharp! Target
refindenemy_02 Target contact at
refindenemy_03 Viscon! Viscon!
refindenemy_04 There.
refindenemy_05 Viscon! Hostile found.
refindenemy_06 Over there.
refindenemy_07 Movement.
refindenemy_08 Animal is in the pit.
refindenemy_09 Hostile contact.
refindenemy_10 Go go go!
refindenemy_11 APF. Contact on sector
refindenemy_12 Hostile live. Check radials.
refindenemy_13 Slight line confirmed.
refindenemy_14 Sight line confirmed on prime.
refindenemy_15 APF intercepting.
refindenemy_16 Location confirmed. Imposing stability.
refindenemy_17 Visual confirmation on three.
refindenemy_18 Active visual at
reload_01 Reloading.
reload_02 Refill on APF.
reload_03 APF low. 4... 3... 2... 1...
reload_04 No daggers. Amending.
reload_05 Recharging.
reload_06 Empty.
reload_07 Empty dagger on APF.
reload_08 Provision low. Reloading.
reload_09 Renewing dagger.
retreat_01 Ripcord.
retreat_02 Ripcord ripcord.
retreat_03 Ripcord on APF.
retreat_04 Retreating.
retreat_05 Falling back.
retreat_06 Sector is too hot.
retreat_07 Finding cover.
retreat_08 APF. Regrouping.
retreat_09 APF. Withdraw.
retreat_10 Condition volatile. Finding shade.
sees_company_01 Secondaries identified.
sees_company_02 Viscon on multiple unknowns.
sees_company_03 We have viscon on secondaries.
sees_company_04 Check silhouettes. Possible multipliers.
sees_company_05 We have multiple contaminants.
sees_grenades_01 Target one has bouncers.
sees_grenades_02 Hostile has bouncers. Be alert.
sees_grenades_03 Contaminant has grenades. Disperse.
sees_grenades_04 Hostile has extractors.
sees_reloading_01 Hostile reloading. Dagger advantage.
sees_reloading_03 Advantage now.
sees_reloading_04 APF. Contaminant is vulnerable.
sees_reloading_05 Alyx reloading. Full response.
sees_rollerball_01 Viscon. Rollermines. Daggers on.
sees_rollerball_03 Rollermines! Responder responder.
sees_rollerball_04 Rollermines.
sees_rollerball_05 Subacute rollermines. Full active.
sees_rollerball_06 Change target. Rollermines.
sees_rollerball_07 Rollermines. Inbound.
sees_upgrades_01 Spikes boosted on target one.
sees_upgrades_02 Overwatch. Target one has boosters.
sees_upgrades_03 Ordinal. Spikes are boosted.
sees_upgrades_04 APF. Target has illegal spikes.
sees_upgrades_05 Boosters identified. Respond with caution.
squadmemberlost_01 Overwatch, request reserve action.
squadmemberlost_02 Overwatch, sector is not secure.
squadmemberlost_03 Sector niner: outbreak, outbreak, outbreak.
squadmemberlost_05 Overwatch, sector not controlled.
squadmemberlost_06 Overwatch, sector is overrun.
squadmemberlost_07 Overwatch, request sky shield.
squadmemberlost_08 We have a problem.
squadmemberlost_09 Overwatch, recommend new formation.
squadmemberlost_10 Friendly is down.
squadmemberlost_11 is quiet. Requesting replacement.
squadmemberlost_lastman_01 Overwatch. APF reporting solo.
squadmemberlost_lastman_02 Overwatch. APF is last unit. Requesting immediate assist.
squadmemberlost_lastman_03 Ugh. Requesting shadow.
squadmemberlost_lastman_04 Overwatch. Outbreak is uncontained!
squadmemberlost_lastman_05 APF to Overwatch. Condition Outrun is active. Acknowledge.
squadmemberlost_lastman_06 Overwatch! Solo contact. Excessive hostile!
squadmemberlost_lastman_07 Survival mark deployed.
squadmemberlost_lastman_08 Overwatch! Requesting extraction on APF. Sector
squadmemberlost_lastman_09 Overwatch! APF is last responder.
squadmemberlost_leader_01 Overwatch! Ordinal is down!
squadmemberlost_leader_02 Ordinal is quiet! Requesting assist!
squadmemberlost_leader_03 Ordinal is condition sundown.
squadmemberlost_leader_05 Overwatch! Ordinal inhibited. Responding!
squadmemberlost_leader_06 Ordinal is silent! Administer full response!
squadmemberlost_leader_07 Ordinal is flat line. Ordinal is flat line!
stunned_rollerball_01 [Screaming]
stunned_rollerball_03 [Screaming]
stunned_rollerball_04 [Screaming]
stunned_rollerball_05 [Screaming]
stunned_rollerball_06 [Screaming]
stunned_rollerball_07 [Screaming]
suppressing_01 Suppressing.
suppressing_02 Suppressing at
suppressing_03 APF forcing compliance.
suppressing_04 Barrage on last known.
suppressing_05 Antibody Protection Force active on
takingfire_01 Spikes close. No damage.
takingfire_02 Missed.
takingfire_03 Target error. Take advantage.
takingfire_04 APF. Hostile is inaccurate.
takingfire_05 Almost.
takingfire_06 Overwatch. Contaminant is all bark.
takingfire_07 Missed again. Taking advantage.
takingfire_08 Target has failed.
takingfire_09 Exercise advantage on Hostile.
takingfire_10 Hostile failed. Reforming.
takingfire_11 Spikes ineffective. Target is unskilled.
takingfire_12 APF is untouched.
unabletocommence_01 Negative.
unabletocommence_02 Can't comply.
unabletocommence_03 Overwatch. Negative.
unabletocommence_04 No.
unabletocommence_05 Negatory.
unabletocommence_06 Deny.
unabletocommence_07 That's a negative.
underattack_01 Spikes confirmation. Suppression active.
underattack_02 Hostile is live.
underattack_03 Contact. Hostile
underattack_04 APF is ready to oppress.
underattack_05 We have loud contaminants.
underattack_06 Distributing.
underattack_07 Target is hostile. Daggers free.
underattack_08 Target oppressing.
underattack_09 Overwatch. We have spikes.
underattack_10 Preparing condition delta.
underattack_11 Taking fire.
underattack_12 Executing full response.
choreo_23_2000 Closing arena. Initiate condition shadow.
idle_01 Nothing to report.
idle_02 3, 11, 1, 14, 6... Check. Your turn. Over.
idle_03 Copy that.
idle_04 Negative movement. Grid: seven dash two.
idle_05 Tuning in... Affirmative.
idle_06 Radials clear. Over.
idle_07 Overwatch. Holding for transmission.
idle_08 Stable. Holding for transmission. Over.
idle_09 Overwatch is confirming sector lockdown. Keep sightlines open and sound on.
idle_10 Outbreak status is code delta seven. Team Sundown is on contact overrun... Copy that.
idle_11 Negative. Waiting for secondary parameter codes.
idle_12 Updating biodat... Audibles: 3. Lightvis: 15. Over.
idle_13 Roger that. Waiting for contact. Over.
idle_14 Got viromes inbound. All units advisory: prepare for contact.
idle_15 Callout Code: two winder zero... Confirmed.
idle_16 Roger that. Still here.
idle_17 Copy that.
idle_18 Copy. Accepted. Update complete in T minus three seconds... Dissonance resolved.
idle_19 Update is live. Acceptance is mandatory.
idle_20 Stabilization Team holding position. Stay alert.
combat_idle_010 Overwatch. We have active hostiles. Advise preparations.
combat_idle_012 Overwatch. We have active hostiles. Advise preparations.
combat_idle_020 Negative. Target is still active.
combat_idle_021 Negative. Target is still active.
combat_idle_022 Negative. Target is still active.
combat_idle_030 Copy that. Forming condition Alpha.
combat_idle_031 Copy that. Forming condition Alpha.
combat_idle_032 Copy that. Forming condition Alpha at grid niner dash three seven.
combat_idle_040 Holding for advance directive. Over.
combat_idle_041 Holding for advance directive. Over.
combat_idle_042 Holding for advance directive. Over.
combat_idle_050 Confirmed. Recalibrating.
combat_idle_051 Confirmed. Recalibrating.
combat_idle_052 Confirmed. Recalibrating.
combat_idle_060 Copy. Setting up position.
combat_idle_061 Copy. Setting up position.
combat_idle_062 Copy. Setting up position.
combat_idle_070 They're still alive.
combat_idle_071 They're still alive.
combat_idle_072 They're still alive.
combat_idle_080 Copy that. Contain and control is underway.
combat_idle_081 Copy that. Contain and control is underway.
combat_idle_082 Copy that. Contain and control is underway.
combat_idle_090 Resolving.
combat_idle_091 Resolving.
combat_idle_092 Resolving.
combat_idle_100 Ten four. Negative on dagger renew. Locked and ready.
combat_idle_101 Ten four. Negative on dagger renew. Locked and ready.
combat_idle_102 Ten four. Negative on dagger renew. Locked and ready.
combat_idle_110 Forming tactical advantage.
combat_idle_111 Forming tactical advantage.
combat_idle_112 Forming tactical advantage.
combat_idle_120 Still holding.
combat_idle_121 Still holding.
combat_idle_122 Still holding.
combat_idle_130 Holding for biodat upload.
combat_idle_131 Holding for biodat upload.
combat_idle_132 Holding for biodat upload.
combat_idle_140 Preparing for sundown.
combat_idle_141 Preparing for sundown.
combat_idle_142 Preparing for sundown.
combat_idle_150 Preparing coms for extended conflict.
combat_idle_151 Preparing coms for extended conflict.
combat_idle_152 Preparing coms for extended conflict.
combat_idle_160 Negative. No daggers needed.
combat_idle_161 Negative. No daggers needed.
combat_idle_162 Negative. No daggers needed.
combat_idle_170 Extending conflict duration.
combat_idle_171 Extending conflict duration.
combat_idle_172 Extending conflict duration.
combat_idle_180 Scanning hostile biodats.
combat_idle_181 Scanning hostile biodats.
combat_idle_182 Scanning hostile biodats.
combat_idle_190 Disregarding last call.
combat_idle_191 Disregarding last call.
combat_idle_192 Disregarding last call.
combat_idle_200 Overwatch. Ten niner.
combat_idle_201 Overwatch. Ten niner.
combat_idle_202 Overwatch. Ten niner.
firing_110 Engaged and firing.
firing_111 Engaged and firing.
firing_112 Engaged and firing.
firing_120 Enforcing stability on primary target in sector
firing_121 Enforcing stability on primary target in sector
firing_122 Enforcing stability on primary target in sector
firing_130 Target is in line.
firing_131 Target is in line and receiving spikes.
firing_132 Target is in line and receiving spikes.
firing_140 Escalating force on primary target.
firing_141 Escalating force on primary target.
firing_142 Escalating force on primary target.
firing_150 They're going down.
firing_151 They're going down.
firing_152 They're going down.
firing_160 Almost over.
firing_161 It's almost over.
firing_162 It's almost over.
firing_170 Sending spikes.
firing_171 Sending spikes.
firing_172 Sending spikes.
firing_180 Sending all spikes to primary target.
firing_181 Sending all spikes to primary target.
firing_182 Sending all spikes to primary target.
firing_190 Sending all spikes.
firing_191 Sending all spikes.
firing_192 Sending all spikes.
firing_200 Don't resist.
firing_201 Don't resist.
firing_202 Don't resist.
firing_210 Wallhammer is engaged and firing.
firing_211 Wallhammer is engaged and firing.
firing_212 Wallhammer is engaged and firing.
firing_220 Ordinal is engaged and firing.
firing_221 Ordinal is engaged and firing.
firing_222 Ordinal is engaged and firing.
firing_230 APF is engaged and firing.
firing_231 APF is engaged and firing.
firing_232 APF is engaged and firing.
taunt_010 Hostile is experiencing extreme panic.
taunt_011 Hostile is experiencing extreme panic.
taunt_012 Hostile is experiencing extreme panic.
taunt_020 Hostile is overwhelmed.
taunt_021 Hostile is overwhelmed.
taunt_022 Hostile is overwhelmed.
taunt_030 Target is at low motivation. Take advantage.
taunt_031 Target is at low motivation.
taunt_032 Target is at low motivation. Take advantage.
taunt_040 You can come out now.
taunt_041 You can come out now.
taunt_042 You can come out now.
taunt_050 Attention hostile target. We can help you. It is safe.
taunt_051 We can help you. It is safe.
taunt_052 Attention hostile target. We can help you. It is safe.
taunt_060 Suspect is above legal aggression threshold. Taking advantage.
taunt_061 Suspect is above legal aggression threshold. Taking advantage.
taunt_062 Suspect is above legal aggression threshold. Taking advantage.
taunt_070 Proceeding with escalation.
taunt_071 Suspect is non-compliant with code 10-307.
taunt_072 Code 10-307. Proceeding with escalation
taunt_080 Hostile is hesitating.
taunt_081 Hostile is hesitating.
taunt_082 Hostile is hesitating.
taunt_090 Hostile attacks are ineffective. Proceed with containment.
taunt_091 Hostile attacks are ineffective. Proceed with containment.
taunt_092 Hostile attacks are ineffective. Proceed with containment.
taunt_100 Activating code 10-108. Standing down.
taunt_101 Activating code 10-108. Standing down.
taunt_102 Activating code 10-108. Standing down.
taunt_110 Suspending fire. Target is friendly.
taunt_111 Suspending fire. Target is friendly.
taunt_112 Suspending fire. Target is friendly.
taunt_120 Standing down. Code 10-40.
taunt_121 Standing down. Code 10-40.
taunt_122 Standing down. Code 10-40.
taunt_130 Ceasing fire! Target is non-hostile.
taunt_131 Ceasing fire! Target is non-hostile.
taunt_132 Ceasing fire! Target is non-hostile.
taunt_140 Copy. Do not shoot. Compliance confirmed.
taunt_141 Do not shoot. Compliance confirmed.
taunt_142 Copy. Do not shoot. Compliance confirmed.
taunt_150 Target is friendly.
taunt_151 Stand down. Target is friendly.
taunt_152 All units stand down. Target is friendly.
taunt_160 Friendly confirmed. Cease fire!
taunt_161 Friendly confirmed. Cease fire!
taunt_162 Friendly confirmed. Cease fire!
taunt_170 Overwatch. We have a wait-and-see at grid niner dash five.
taunt_171 Overwatch. We have a wait-and-see.
taunt_172 Overwatch. We have a wait-and-see.
taunt_180 Affirmative. Target is low value.
taunt_181 Affirmative. Target is low value.
taunt_182 Affirmative. Target is low value.
taunt_190 Copy that. Hostile is unaware and ready for containment.
taunt_191 Copy that. Hostile is unaware and ready for containment.
taunt_192 Copy that. Hostile is unaware and ready for containment.
taunt_200 Hostile is showing fatigue. Prepare containment.
taunt_201 Hostile is showing fatigue. Prepare containment.
taunt_202 Hostile is showing fatigue. Prepare containment.