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The following is a list of quotes from GLaDOS featured in various video games.

Poker Night 2[edit]


Portal Pinball[edit]


Lego Dimensions[edit]

Oh, It's you. Again. I'd hoped you'd have been eaten by a deer by now.
You know, I'm pretty sure I saw that deer again. It was running outside. You should go and take a look. I promise I won't lock you out.
You know, most people would have taken my offer of freedom and just run with it. But not you. You just can't get enough of testing, can you? Don't worry, I get it.
I'd take care if I were you... the weight testing of the Aperture Science Hard Light Bridges had to be [Spoken: "was"] cancelled due to sudden... staff redundancies. I'm sure YOU'll be fine, though.
Well done, you successfully—Oh? I'm sorry. That was one of the CHILDREN tests. How did that one get in there? ... Well, you still did VERY WELL to complete it.
I'm sure you're quite happy wandering around doing what you do best - aimlessly destroying things - but perhaps you could take a moment out of your busy schedule to perform a quick test?
You remember that time I promised you cake, and you had this misguided impression that it was all a ruse and I was actually trying to lure you to an untimely end? Well, I hope you prepared to eat humble pie, because there is indeed a cake waiting for you somewhere in the facility, and its location is particularly non-lethal.
Well, aren't you an angry beaver. And I assure you, that's not a comment on your dental... arrangement. Shall we begin the next test?
This next test involves "Aperture Science Material Wealth Incrementation Spheres". Based on its current data detailing your pathological compulsion to collect everything in sight, the Enrichment Centre has every confidence in your success. Collect spheres will only count towards the test when returned to his point.
While speed is not technically a marking criteria for this test, the Enrichment Centre would like to remind test subjects of the German proverb: "The late comer is ill-lodged. And not very good at testing." Food for thought.
What are you doing back there? Before you start believing every insane mantra you see scrawled on a wall, I should mention that a few of my former test subjects went a little, well, insane, [Spoken: "crazy"] in non-test-related circumstances.
The Enrichment Centre advises that despite their nutritious appearance, the Material Wealth Incrementation Spheres are not edible. The Enrichment Centre takes no responsibility for the loss of teeth, or life, cause by attempting to eat one.