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Underground Railroad

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This article is about the Resistance escape route. For the railroad in a literal sense, see Rail transport.

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Underground Railroad
General information

Refurbished by the Resistance


Several hours after teleportation malfunction




Combine occupation



Game information

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"We've been helping people escape the city on foot. It's a dangerous route to my father's lab, through the old canals."
Alyx Vance[src]

The Underground Railroad is a line of covert Resistance stations, hidden around City 17, meant to help refugees escape.


Station 1, the main railroad outpost, shortly after it was raided by Civil Protection.

The Resistance established several safehouses in the Canals of City 17. Called stations and numbered for radio chatter purposes, they ordinarily contain a radio, supplies, and items necessary for a few rebels to live there. Whenever a refugee comes through, the Resistance members provide him or her with help, and direct the fugutive to the next safehouse.

Because of the heavy presence of Civil Protection officers patrolling the Canals, stations are located in secret, underground areas to avoid detection. However, it seems that the Overwatch possessed knowledge regarding these safehouses, as they were able to eliminate many of the stations in a quick, coordinated ambush, after the arrival of Gordon.


Half-Life 2[edit]

Gordon Freeman made his way through the resistance canal network on his way to Black Mesa East, and was the last refugee through. In their attempts to apprehend Freeman, Civil Protection patrols carried out summary executions of Resistance personnel, flooded the Canal system with Manhacks, and bombarded some of the stations with Headcrab Shells. Save for a few survivors, the Railroad was all but wiped out.

Known stations[edit]

Station 1[edit]

Main article: Station 1

The first base encountered by Gordon Freeman during his trek through the sewers, and the main one. It was raided by Civil Protection shortly before Gordon's arrival, and the rebels stationing there were executed.

Station 6[edit]

Main article: Station 6

A base located at the end of the canals, just outside City 17. It housed the Airboat that Gordon Freeman used to travel to Black Mesa East. The station is shelled soon after Gordon's arrival, with all of the rebels stationed there having been killed or turned into Zombies.

Station 7[edit]

Main article: Station 7

A station located at the end of the Wasteland part of the Canals leading out of City 17. Located on a bank of the Canals, Station 7 was used by the Resistance as a refugee aid station before the destruction of City 17.

Station 8[edit]

"This is Station 8! We heard 12 go down and out. Surgical strike units are targeting railway stations. Repeat, Civil Protection is coming down on underground stations. We're already getting refugees from 9 and outlying! Looks like we're--"
Rebel radio operator[src]

Station 8 was heard in a radio transmission at Station 1. In the transmission, a female radio operator from an undetermined Underground Railroad station is trying to communicate with Station 8 to warn them that Civil Protection is filling the Underground with Manhacks. A male radio operator from Station 8 then answers that they heard Station 12 go down and out and confirms the Civil Protection raids. He is however interrupted before the end of his speech, the station likely being also destroyed.

Station 9[edit]

Station 9 was heard in a radio transmission at Station 1. In the transmission, a male radio operator from Station 8 informs an undetermined Underground Railroad station that Civil Protection is raiding the network and that they are already getting refugees from Station 9 and outlying.

Station 12[edit]

Station 12 was heard in a radio transmission at Station 1.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The real-world Underground Railroad was a system of safehouses in the United States, set up to aid slaves escaping from the South before and during the Civil War.

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