This subject is related to the Combine era.

Combine Laser Tripmine

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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Combine Laser Tripmine
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The Combine Laser Tripmine is an area denial weapon used to block off vital areas. It appears various times in Combine facilities and City 17 throughout Half-Life 2 and Episode One.


The Combine Laser Tripmine is comprised of an explosive charge and a laser emitter. The latter will project a straight laser beam which, when tripped, will detonate the charge. Tripmines are often found inside buildings, where they are strategically placed in rooms or corridors to block access or act as booby traps for unaware trespassers. Sometimes, Tripmines are not actually explosives, but rather act as the activation mechanism of certain other defensive devices, such as Combine Ground Turrets.

Tripmines are first seen by Gordon Freeman at Nova Prospekt. They also appear in City 17, either guarding key Combine locations such as the Overwatch Nexus or set up as ambushes by Overwatch troops to slow Gordon's escape from the city.


Laser Tripmines can be very dangerous if not dealt with properly. The easiest way to dispose of normal explosive mines is simply to shoot them at a distance; however, there may not be enough space to stay out of the blast radius. In such cases, throwing Explosives or other objects to trigger them is a better solution. If the player has Pheropods, they could also direct Antlions to run over the Tripmines' laser beams to set them off. However, laser Tripmines linked to Turrets cannot be destroyed; therefore, the player must find a path around the lasers and deactivate them.


The brush used for the Laser Tripmine is also used in Nova Prospekt where it acts as a button to open Force Field-equipped lockers where Sentry Guns are stored.

Human NPCs never trip over the mines, even if the player pushes them.

At the Overwatch Nexus, the player needs to maneuver past a room full of Tripmines in order to deactivate them and reach a Combine generator. This scene is reminiscent of a similar challenge in the Half-Life chapter Surface Tension.

The tripmines placed in Nova Prospekt and in City 17 (during Episode One) are internally referred to as slam in their entity names.


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