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Combine Laser Tripmine

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Combine Laser Tripmine
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The Combine Laser Tripmine is a tripmine first encountered in Nova Prospekt, blocking off vital areas. It appears through City 17 in Episode One.


The Combine Laser Tripmine is, quite simply, an explosive package with a laser emitting from it. When the laser is tripped, the explosives will detonate. The Tripmines are similar to ordinary mines, except that it is easier to deploy and use, though it is somewhat more obvious.

Lasers are also used in conjunction with other devices, such as Turrets; When the laser is tripped, the turret or other device will activate.

Tripmines are first seen by the Gordon Freeman at Nova Prospekt. They also appear in City 17, as both turret triplasers guarding key Combine locations such as the Overwatch Nexus, and in ambushes set up by Overwatch troops to slow Gordon's escape from the city.


  • Laser tripmines can be very dangerous if not handled properly. The easiest way to dispose of them is simply to shoot them; however, there may not be enough space to stay out of the blast radius.
    • Explosives are a better solution, allowing the player to remain out of the blast radius, even in confined spaces.
    • Small objects, such as crates and barrels, can be thrown into the beam to detonate them as well.
    • Antlions can also be directed through the beam, detonating the mine.


  • The brush used for the Laser Tripmine is also used in Nova Prospekt where it acts as a button to open Force Field-equipped lockers where Sentry Guns are stored.
  • Human NPCs never trip over the mines, even if the player pushes them.


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