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Portal Storm

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Portal Storm
General information

Large-scale portal wave

"It's like the First Days all over again. I hope we don't get many more."
Alyx Vance[src]

A Portal Storm[1][2] is an event that creates a multitude of portals to other dimensions. As seen in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, these portals spread outwards in a storm-like manner, causing havoc wherever they hit.


Since the Resonance Cascade at Black Mesa, Portal Storms have occurred all over the world bringing forth life forms from Xen.[3] They are a highly dangerous and destructive phenomena, capable of inflicting severe structural damage to objects, such as buildings and bridges. A Portal Storm consists of a blue 'wave' which resonates from a portal and moves across the landscape.

In Half-Life 2, when at Black Mesa East, the player can see a newspaper cut-out, titled "Portal" Storm Continues. In Episode Two, a series of Portal Storms originating from the Superportal ravages the surrounding landscape.

A copy of the newspaper The Terminal seen in Half-Life: Alyx, written in the aftermath of the Seven Hour War, mentions that the Portal Storms had occurred in the days prior to the Combine assault, and that their origin was still unknown, with speculations including meteorological effects of climate change, or clandestine scientific experiments. There were also theories that they might have been engineered by the Combine as a prelude to attacking Earth. Although no scientific consensus had been reached, it was reported that some scientists had identified the Combine units as separate form the Xen creatures arriving form the Portal Storms. This extra edition of The Terminal includes a photo of a portal event, along with a map of the world with locations of sighted portals. Reportedly, no pattern had been discovered for where or when a portal would open.


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