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New stuff[edit]

I've added some new stuff to the page, mention it if you think is unnecessary 128hoodmario 19:04, 7 March 2009 (UTC)


Hey guys, to my mind there is an error in this part of the article: "Shortly after experiencing one, [...]e troops between worlds." I think we can all agree that the combine discovered and reached earth through the portals after the reconance cascade. This was accompanied by the so-called portal storms. So, firstly, I am not sure at all, if the storm creates portals or is the storm is triggered by those portals. Thus the first sentence of the article should be changed. Or is there anything I missed? But my actual point is that I do not agree with the statement that the new portal storms are triggerd by the combine using these storms to travel from world to world. As far as I have understood it, the Resistance and especially Dr Kleiner say that trough the destruction of the Citadel, the Combine on earth are cut off from the homeworld. So right now, there is no travelling through dimensions. I guess the portal storm is simply triggered by the new super portal, the combine want to open (Why should they open it in the first place, if they can travel via portal storms?). My conclusion is that the storms are just a side affect of portals being open (that is, portals that are not as controlle as the portal in the citadel). 12:45, 24 March 2009 (UTC)