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Scott Dalton

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Scott Dalton
Scott Dalton.jpg
Biographical information
Place of birth

Kansas City, Kansas[1]



Time period

March 2004 – Present[2]


Dr. Rigormortis

Scott Dalton is a designer at Valve.[3]


Dalton has been making his own video games since he was about seven. He wrote simple BASIC text adventures on his Apple. He was a Quake player who created maps and mods as a hobby. He was also one of the founders of impulse 9 clan. He was a Japanese Language and Culture major at the University of Kansas, but in February 1998, he dropped out one semester prior to graduation to join Legend Entertainment to work on The Wheel of Time.[4]

He joined Valve in March 2004.[2] Aside from level design and game mechanics, he is also specialized in creating particle effects and programming the system that drives them.[3]

Selected gameography[edit]


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