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Jim French

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Jim French
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December 2017[1]

  • Actor
  • Voice actor
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Radio personality

Jim French was the voice actor for Father Grigori in Half-Life 2 and the Fisherman in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast.


French was mostly a radio personality and producer who had written and produced such shows as The Adventures of Harry Nile and The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series. As a voice actor, he also provided the voice of Bill in Left 4 Dead.

Along with Mary Kae Irvin, French was one of the voice actors from the Seattle area firm that Sierra and Valve used to cast the roles in the GoldSrc game Gunman Chronicles. Half-Life series writer Marc Laidlaw was present for the Gunman recording sessions wherein French played the scientist characters, and he liked his voice and performance enough that he wished to bring him back for a role in a Valve title, keeping him in mind years later when French was eventually cast as Father Grigori.[2]

French died in December 2017 at the age of 89.[1]

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