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This subject is related to the Portal era.
This subject is related to the Portal 2 era.
This subject is related to a real world perspective.
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player (in Perpetual Testing Initiative)

Bendy[5] is the name given to the generic stick figures representing Aperture Science employees and Test Subjects, and in some cases the real-world player. The design is based on the common Isotype stick figure pictogram used in signage or commercial settings.

Before the final name was chosen, it was internally referred to as Infoman.[1][6] The term Dude is used in The Lab textures files.


The Bendy stick figure initially appeared in various promotional videos for Portal and later Portal 2, with a handful of other cosmetic appearances. Its presence was expanded in the Portal 2 DLC Perpetual Testing Initiative, where it represents the player character, and in The Lab, where it is a background character in the hub and antagonist in the minigame Longbow.

In its various appearances, Bendy often supplies comic relief to the viewer or the player, as it is often subjected to various perils. It is usually silent or uses non-verbal sounds.



Bendy Test Subject and Unstationary Scaffold in "Orientation Video no. 1".

Bendy's first appearance was in the Portal trailer, "Orientation Video no. 1 - A Safe and Healthy Environment", working as an instructional video in which Bendy represents Test Subjects and shows the uses of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. Bendy is used in various situations in isometric views of Test Chambers interspersed with the application of each situation in actual gameplay footage.

In Portal itself, it only appears in the final scoreboard when replaying Test Chambers in Challenge mode.

It was later featured in "Portal is Free", when Portal was made free for a limited time. In the video, it represents Aperture staff, Test Subjects, and consumers. For that video, its design was slightly updated to have its head attached to the rest of the body.


"Orientation Video no. 1"[edit]
"Portal is Free"[edit]

Portal 2[edit]

Bendy appears in the game's trailers (notably "Romance Safety Compliance Guide" released to announce Portal 2's pre-order availability, and the informational videos promoting the new testing elements) and the various instructional videos visible at Test Chamber elevators. In the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC, it represents the player character in-game and is visible behind the glass of the supervising rooms in the editor. It also appears in the related PeTI informational video "Perpetual Testing Initiative".


"Romance Safety Compliance Guide"[edit]
"Perpetual Testing Initiative"[edit]

Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game[edit]

The player pawns used in the board game are Bendy Test Subjects with colored bases.



Bendy is used by Valve to represent the player in several VR-related contexts.


Bendies appear in the playable tutorial of SteamVR that was designed to introduce players to the world of virtual reality and its general concepts and mechanics. When the Virtual Reality Assistance and Education Core's batteries run out towards the end of the demo, a motorized cart carrying two Bendies appears in the room that quickly arrives to deal with the depleted core. One of the Bendies uses a hand net to scoop up the core and deposit it in a trailer attached to the motorized cart that contains several other inactive cores. Once finished, the Bendy with the net signals the Bendy behind the wheel to drive away. However, the Bendy behind the wheel slams on the accelerator and drives away too quickly, causing the Bendy with the net to lose its balance and fall off the cart. The Bendy attempts to catch up on foot by hooking its net onto the vehicle, only for the driver to stop suddenly, causing the Bendy to be flung into the cart's roof. Seemingly not holding a grudge, the Bendy climbs back into the cart, which is then lowered into another area beneath the floor.

In this demo, Bendies are depicted as being roughly the same size and scale as an average adult human.

Room Setup[edit]

Bendies also appear in the room setup options where they represent players in their living room.

SteamVR Home[edit]

  • The pin of a Bendy holding a cocktail, along with that of a Hawaiian Chell, is one of the two quest items to be found in SteamVR Home's Hawaiian Beach.


The Lab[edit]

Bendies at the start of Longbow.

Aperture Science Sub-Universe Exploration Center[edit]

Bendies are seen in two triage / storage areas at the Sub-Universe Exploration Center (the hub), near the conveyor belts and the servers. One is also found in a jar near the Longbow relic, and a few others randomly appear behind the locked door near the Postcards relic.


They also are the antagonists of Longbow, with axes and helmets, where they attack the gate.

Robot Repair[edit]

Bendies are also found in an Aperture Science Pocket Universe Cabinet in one of the drawers in Robot Repair. Looking at the drawer disrupts their universe, turning the player into their god, and thus the Contaminated Pocket Universe Contingency Protocol must be initiated, incinerating them.


Bridge Constructor Portal[edit]

In this third-party licensed game, Aperture testing elements must be combined to help Bendies safely cross the finish line in their forklifts.


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