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This subject is related to a real world perspective.
This subject is related to the Portal 2 era.
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The Lab Longbow.png

Experiment name Description Comments

After astrologer Anthony Ascham.

Connects to a castle under siege, where archery skills must defend against a rampaging horde. - Wait, isn't that a recurve bow?
- Shut up, Daryl.
Item: A recurve bow and infinite arrows.
"The horde is threatening your castle!"
― Intro text[src]

Longbow (in-universe name Experiment Ascham-Vector) is the third minigame / experiment of The Lab.


The relic in the hub consists of the fragment of a double Gothic castle door riddle with arrows, with one of the doors ripped off. A Bendy can also be found trapped in a jar behind the relic. When placed on any of the hub's tables, it will try to escape by pushing on the sides of the jar. Placing the Rhythmic Core near it will prompt it to make some dance moves.


In this experiment, the player must use what is actually a recurve bow to defend their castle against waves of a horde of Bendies with horned helmets and/or shields. The player loses when the horde was able to break the castle's gate. Burning oil cauldrons can be spilled on them by shooting the nearby target, as well as shooting at exploding barrels. Each wave starts when the player has shot the Bendy waving a red Aperture flag. Targets and balloons can also be hit, and a global leaderboard added in the Appliance of Science update along with infinite waves[1] is also displayed on a wall near the player. The bow can be then used in the hub on the other retrieved items, the numerous coffee mugs, balloons, and the Bendies working nearby, with various reactions from the Announcer.

Upon launching the minigame, the player is first taken in a curtained area with a miniature of the castle, with a Bendy wearing a VR headset representing the player and a Bendy horde shouting aggressively outside the gate. Machiavellian Bach from the Portal 2 soundtrack is played as the background music.

Behind the scenes[edit]

David Sawyer was the primary developer on Longbow, inspired by his love for archery when he was younger and the frustration of losing one's arrows when missing targets while playing outdoors. Implementing a bow with infinite arrows aims at removing any real-world inconvenience of using a bow, allowing to concentrate on unadulterated fun. In the end, one of the features of The Lab became emulating improved or idealized versions of real-world objects, another instance being the giant slingshot and stacked boxes in the Slingshot minigame.[2][3]