This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Welcome To Black Mesa

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Welcome To Black Mesa
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Mike Wardwell[1]
Rob Heironimus[1]
Randy Pitchford[1]


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"We Are Pulling Out"

"I was hoping that you soldiers had come to rescue us, but now it seems we are all in the same situation."
― Black Mesa scientist[src]

Welcome To Black Mesa is the second chapter of Half-Life: Opposing Force.


For the the game's full story, see the Half-Life: Opposing Force storyline article.

As the chapter begins, Adrian Shephard wakes up in a medical section of the facility. He and his comrades were saved by scientists, who appear to be unaware of their mission, after they were attacked by the aliens. He is sent to the crash site to radio for help, where he is told that the military is pulling out and he must make his way through the transit system to reach the extraction point.

At some point, Shephard finds himself trapped in a large room with rising hazardous waste. The G-Man appears and opens the door to the exit and then disappears. Eventually, he reaches the transit system and finds an empty tram, which automatically starts when he gets in it.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The chapter was created by Mike Wardwell, Rob Heironimus, and Randy Pitchford.[1] The demo version of the game contains the first three maps of the chapter. The last map has some minor differences. The multiplayer map Crash Site is based on the map of1a2 of the chapter. Near the crash site, an overweight security guard touches a fence, gets electrocuted, and dies. The animations for this scripted sequence were originally created for Half-Life but left unused. It was to be used in the desert section of the chapter Surface Tension. The design for the large freight elevator with two Vortigaunts on it appears to be based on a similar elevator seen in the manga Akira. The same design is also used in Half-Life and Blue Shift.

The original design for of1a3's control room can be found in the map of1a4, behind the level transition brush. In the map of1a4b, there is an unused ladder in an inaccessible sewer area. The same type of ladder can be found throughout the game. In the same map, there are unused nodes on the path that leads to the Loader room.

Easter eggs[edit]

The medical section of the chapter has two Easter eggs. In the clean room with CAT scanners, there is a computer screen with an ultrasound image on it. This is a photo of Randy Pitchford and his wife Kristy Pitchford's son.[2] The computer at the security checkpoint can be used by the player. When used three times, it crashes and gives a Blue Screen of Death message.





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