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Fénix: Good job, Marphy. But there are more information to put here:

References to more than 12 chapters found on the PS2 disc (it´s believed to be 19), as well as more info about Decay in general (like the cut back cover of the PS2, and such):

.nod files of the Central Transit Hub and Hangar chapters (I have no idea if this can be useful to explain a bit more about the possible "design" of the cut levels or just mention it as a trivia):

  • Not really related with the cut missions, but maybe can be used on the main Decay article*

Barnz explaining the graphical improvements made to the PC port from the original PS2 version: Maestro Fénix (talk)

I appreciate the feedback. As this article is about the mission that were cut from the final release of Decay, I opted to focus solely on the missing ht06, ht08, and ht09 maps as these are indicated by clear gaps in the file names and account for the three missing maps out of the twelve initially announced. That there are additional map slots referenced in the executable does not mean those maps were cut from Decay. We don't even know if those maps ever went into production, and it would be presumptuous to conclude so.
I am also aware of the nod files. This is where the exact map names in the article come from. However, the actual nod files themselves provide very little in terms of identifiable information that can't already be ascertained from the leftover dialogue and screenshots. It's difficult to describe what the nod files tell us without making a number of blind assumptions.
Nonetheless, I'll see if I can expand the article with the given information. Thank you for the suggestions. Marphy (talk) 17:00, 2 July 2013 (BST)

Notes[edit] --Barnz (talk) 17:46, 2 November 2016 (GMT)