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Hello, there. Been a fan of Valve since 2011.

USA.svgThis user is American.
HL3 logo.svgWhere is my Half-Life 3???
City 17 logo leak poster.svgThis user is fond of cut content.
Valve square.pngThis user loves Valve.
Cave Johnson cropped.pngLike Cave Johnson, this user doesn't want your damn lemons!
Wheatley model damaged.jpgThis user forgave Wheatley.
Barney Calhoun bust.jpgThis user is still waiting for the beer Barney Calhoun owes them.
CP c17i4.svgThis user supports Civil Protection. Now pick up that can.
Headcrab Standard.jpgThis user enjoys killing Headcrabs.
Aperture Science grey.svgThis user supports Aperture Science. For science!
Cake.jpgThis user finds their cake so delicious and moist. And also not a lie.
Cube heart.svgThis user would never euthanize their Companion Cube.
Manhack.jpgThis user loves smashing Manhacks because they're so annoying.