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This article pertains to Combine OverWiki.
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  • Provided a large clean up and research into several real-world entries, keeping a continuous eye on the article for any possible improvements needed.
  • In the process of tidying up.
  • Want to tidy up after, and cross-reference with, the Easter eggs article.
  • Want to tidy up and cross-reference with the Timeline article rewrite.


My Half-Life/Portal Collection[edit]

This is a list of my physical Half-Life/Portal collection. Photographic evidence TBA.


  • Half-Life, big box
  • Half-Life - Game of the Year Edition, boxed
  • Half-Life - Platinum Collection, boxed
  • Half-Life 2, PC G-Man box
  • Half-Life 2, Original Xbox
  • The Orange Box, Xbox 360
  • Portal 2, PC keep case


  • Half-Life Official Strategy Guide
  • The Third Force, real-world book by Marc Laidlaw that was to appear in-game
  • The Orchid Eater, real-world book by Marc Laidlaw that appears in-game
  • The 37th Mandalla, real-world book by Marc Laidlaw that appears in-game
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force loose manual
  • Half-Life 2 Official Game guide
  • The Meaning of Lost and Mismatched Socks, real-world book by Harry S. Robins that appears in-game
  • From Here to There in Under a Second, unauthorised reproduction lined journal
  • Portal 2: The Official Guide


  • NECA Dr. Gordon Freeman action figure
  • '50s Aperture Science Innovators metal lunchbox
  • Aperture Laboratories metal water bottle
  • Aperture Laboratories Chocolate Cherry Cake Mix
  • Portal 1 Companion Cube keychain

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