This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Central Intelligence Agency

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
This is a good article. Click for more information.

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), also known as the Cleaners, is an organization based on the real world counterpart that was featured in the original storyline of Half-Life. They are predecessors of the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit and most likely shared the same character models.


The CIA was sent in by the U.S. Government to cover up the Black Mesa Incident by eliminating all surviving personnel and invading alien lifeforms and planting explosives to destroy the entire base. They were unaware of old nuclear warheads left behind from the decommissioned Cold War missile base the research facility was built on. The player was tasked to stop them as the explosives could trigger a nuclear blast large enough to destroy the entire Western United States.[1]

This plot device was recycled for Half-Life: Opposing Force in which the Black Ops are sent in by the government after the Marines pull out to destroy the facility by planting a thermonuclear device. The bomb is deactivated by Adrian Shephard but later reactivated by the G-Man which leads to the ultimate destruction of the facility.


Concept art created by Chuck Jones for the CIA unit types can be found in Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar.[2] None of these character concepts made it into the final cut of the game. The traits for the CIA Female Soldier were kept for the female Black Ops assassin.

  • CIA Soldier (also known as the Butcher), a special attack character clad in heavy armor with rapid spinning saw-blades attached to his hands. He was to use his power aided arms to attack.
  • CIA Assassin, a special weapons character intended for stealthy behavior, opting to attack silently from the shadows. He was armed with a rifle that acted both as a machine gun and a sniper rifle, throwing knives on his chest, a blade, and hand grenades. He had the ability to swim underwater, see in darkness using night vision goggles and helmet-mounted infrared spotlight, and call for reinforcements using the headset in his helmet.
  • CIA Psionic Soldier (also known as Brainboy), a special attack character with a large weapon called the "Thought Amplifying Weapon" directly linked to his exposed and oversized brain, described as "Pulsing Developed Intellect".
  • CIA Female Soldier, a fast and agile light attack character with the ability to jump to great heights and and perform karate kicks at close range. She appears to be armed with a small machine gun and a hand grenade.