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Um, Weird[edit]

K, these are my favourite creatures in the game, and so i want some questions answered. Does each eyes have an individual eyelid, or one large one. In the case they have individual ones, can they blink these individually? Does they have a half-life two model? 'cuz i know i saw one (and its AMAZING attack anamtion) in a gmod machinima. Do you think that the reason they have multiple eyes is for extra periphiral vision, better night vision, or even some kind of x-ray vision (Ludicriss, i know, but, hey, its Valve. They created a 20 ft tall cspider with a single giant testicle.).

Thats about it. any scientitst gamers, or even just general smart people, please help, these questions keep me awake at night. (and they huant my dreams, and when awake agitate me, then tease me with there alien-dog nature.)

  • Citizen, I must cite you for improper language use. One ration demerit. In regards to your question, those category of eyes are called "compound eyes". If you are interested in science, you should wiki-surf from that article as a starting point. In nature, they are common among insects, but also some worms, and shellfish. Their benefit is a very wide field of view and detection of movement, but their drawbacks are poor image quality. As the article says, "to see with a resolution comparable to our simple eyes, humans would require compound eyes which would each reach the size of their head".
    Based on the model and animations, it possesses a single eyelid. Anything about its capabilities is speculation unless it came from Valve - but based on how they can spot you from a mile away, I'm guessing they have telescopic zoom. There was a model for the Houndeye in the HL2 Beta/Leak, but it was broken and didn't work. The most we have of it (officially) is a texture file and two image previews. However, a fan re-made the model for the Source engine so the texture would fit - it states as much in the Wiki.
    By the way, if you want some Nightmare Fuel, read up on Mr. Friendly. Valve may one day ask for your monster designs - so read up, and learn about that science stuff!
    -- Civil Protection C13-06A 10:30, October 3, 2009 (UTC)
Any monster created by Ted Backman is kinda nightmarish - and sexual (just see how they look). All the stuff pertaining to the HL2 model IS IN THE ARTICLE, so please just read, and take the "references" into account (you know, the little numbers near the information), and download MI for that nice model. THANK YOU. Klow 22:49, October 3, 2009 (UTC)

is a houndeye a hunter[edit]

well i was recently playing HL on the PS2 and i studied the houneyes, thire movement, sounds and the look of it. and after that i was playing E2 on the orange boxand noticed the hunter has a huge eye-like thing on the front. it is not a stynth because it can be killed by the energy ball and you can see flesh on the back and underside. they both also make a quivering movement, the houndeye does it before the electric shock and the hunter does it before charging at gordon.and aloud shreiking noise when attacking and dieing. just wondering if anybody thinks this is true. smish34

Any similarities between them only comes from the fact that it is the same guy (Ted Backman) who designed both. And the Hunter is a Synth. Klow 11:55, January 19, 2010 (UTC)


Base damage value in the table is 15, while the infobox says it's 20 even on "Easy". — Unsigned comment by Vitaly12345

The infobox states the Houndeye's health, while the table in the article outlines the Houndeye's sonic wave damage amounts. Marphy (talk) 00:14, 27 July 2020 (MSK)
Alright, I'm stupid today. Sorry for disturbance. Probably should get some sleep. — Unsigned comment by Vitaly12345