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General information

Engineering vehicle





Used by

Gordon Freeman


Dented digging wheels

The Digger[1] is an engineering vehicle cut from Half-Life 2 during the later stages of the game's development.[2] It was to be used in Ravenholm.


Apparently a disused engineering vehicle, it can be found in the map "d1_town_02" of the Half-Life 2 leak. Like the Jet Ski or the AirEx Truck, its textures, all gray, were not finalized at that time. It is unknown if they were.[2]


In that map, the player must use the Digger to proceed to the next area by destroying a creature made of three tied Advisors with a barrel in the middle, constantly laying Headcrabs in a cave recycled in the retail map "d1_town_04". Those three Advisors are actually a placeholder for a Gonarch set on a Combine Big Momma Pod that was never finalized. The player must reach the Digger through an incomplete, blocky corridor carved into the rock. They were then to go down a long path with wooden posts and explosive barrels installed regularly barring the way, before killing the Gonarch with the vehicle's dented digging wheels. This task is however impossible to achieve, since if the player gets in the Digger by pressing the "Use" key, they cannot get out of it, nor operate it.[2] To do so, the map must be recompiled from the WC mappack, and script files must be modified. However it will remain very unstable and will for instance crash when attempting to get out of it.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Two Digger sounds can still be found in the Half-Life 2 sound files, in the folder "/sound/vehicles/".



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