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Kevin Joan Rattman
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USA, Earth


September 14 1973



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Duck tape and Screwdriver

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Before Black Mesa Incident


Aperture Science

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"Calm down! I think you don't recognize me, Henry. I went to Renewal Clinic, and that's why I'm look so... young. I got a full set of natural overhaul! Hair repair, Changing the blood, And replacing the spleen and colon! In 4999 dollars!! Guess what, I also have little cute doll for 7500th customer!!"
― Kevin Rattman, after overhauling

Kevin Joan Rattman is Level 4 Class A Scientist who worked at Aperture Science Laboratories since September 16th, 1983. until Black Mesa Incident occurs. Kevin was one of few person who knew about Black Mesa Incident before it happens.

All About Kevin[edit]


Kevin's history before working at Aperture Science is unknown. Since he forgot about past because Aperture Laboratories must be in secret. He born in somewhere in western coast of USA. presumably Arizona. When he had his 2nd birthday, his father gave him a 'special present'. which lead his dream into science. He described his school life as "Usually spend time on more important thing." Indicating that he did not like to study in school, but reading books about science, etc. He became one of famous student in Arizona in 1982. He won at Arizona Expo in October 4th, 1982.

At Aperture Science[edit]

Kevin joined Aperture Science Team on September 16th, 1983 which is 2 days after his 20th birthday. This might indicating that, after he got won at 82' Expo in Arizona, Aperture Science noticed him, and invited him when he had birthday. He accepted invite. and he joined on Science Team. Apparently, he had extreme obsession about Aperture Technology. mainly Mobility Gel. Kevin seems also joined on Test Subject. Mostly on Conversion Gel, and Aperture Science Portable Quantum Tunneling Device. He also joined on Inventor Team on October 9th, 1985. which means that he invented some of Aperture Technology.

Meeting Best Friend Forever, and love[edit]

Kevin met many of friends in Aperture. Including Henry Chasten, and Sam Colten. On December 29th, 1983. He went Colleague Improvement Area. He met many of 'BFF' including Andrei, Daniel, Arlene and Nokia. It is unknown when Kevin met his old best friend, Henry and Sam. Presumably before joining Aperture. He also met his first love on October 8th, 1980. Her name was Michelle. who also joined in Aperture Science Team on September 1st, 1984. She had a lot of dating with Kevin. It is unknown what happened to Michelle after Black Mesa Incident. likely deceased.

Mistake that shouldn't happen[edit]

Kevin mistakenly 'invented' some kind of Time Machine on November 6th, 1986. His first attempt for time travel was perfectly succeed. It was about going into future for 5 minutes. Furthermore, Kevin used Time machine to see many of secrets about history. However, Kevin stored his Time Machine for safety of space time continuum, and for the quote, "Secrets must be hidden."

Encounter with Incident[edit]

Newspaper revealing some information.
Although he promised himself that he would never use Time Machine, he used it so he can see how human evolved in year 2005. The effect was catastrophic. Due to the incident occured on Black Mesa Research Facility on May 16th, 2000. Portal Storm aleady spawned hordes of Xen Creature on Earth, and 7 Hour War end with Combine Victory. 5 billions of population was brutally deceased by Combine and Xen Forces. and Human government aleady collapsed. He went to 2055. and he realized that, Human aleady extinct. and Combine also leave planet because they gathered all natural resources. leaving planet with empty, collapsed civilization. Kevin started project against alien invasion.

Warning, and Raise of Aperture Science[edit]

On May 16th, 1987. Kevin warn about incident that will happen in Black Mesa. but only to few person for safety of space time continuum. Henry actually did not believed, but Sam did. He and Sam tried to research Xen Creatures, but because Black Mesa made it into top-secret, Sam wasn't able to connect to Black Mesa Network Hub. leaving 'warning' to be fade. Kevin started to build a shelter. on November 12th, 1988. he bought plenty of Shotguns and Revolvers, as well as with few Machine Guns and Pistols. He also bought ammo, and some daily necessity. While Kevin spend all his money to prepare unavoidable future, Aperture Science start to raise due to decease of Cave Johnson, and new CEO, Florence Karen began to develop huge technology project. known as Venus. later GLaDOS.

Crazy Scientist, and fall of Aperture[edit]

Since 1989, Kevin went in uncountable number of areas to prepare future. one of area was Renewal Clinic. Kevin had natural overhaul which contain "Hair repair, changing blood, replacing spleen and colon." On May of 1994, Aperture Science proudly presents Attraction Gel, and Reflection Gel. which was instantly ignored within 15 minutes. Also Aperture Science had extreme isolation for 14 month due to squirrel ripped off electronic cables . Kevin realized that, this isolation made most of personnel gone crazy, making good innocent scientist into brutal robber. Florence Karen start to focus on inventing new technology, and spending all money on it. Aperture start to falling since Karen goes insane.

G-man, and Aperture's Last Hope[edit]

On June 30th, 1992, Kevin have seen "a man who dress up like a government man. which would be obvious reference to G-man. Kevin heard that he were talking about savior of this world, a man who able to end catastophe on Black Mesa. on January 2nd, 1995. Kevin realized that he will able to met him. he hacked a ID Card, and made a fake personnel undername Kaden J Winston. and tried to access Black Mesa. However, he wasn't able to met him because he had no information about him. Ironically, There was scientist named Kaden Winston on Black Mesa at that time. It is unknown if it was coincidence, or intentional. On February 21st, 1998. Aperture widely advertised their prodect on world. which was :

Black Mesa noticed about advertisement. leading Black Mesa to make few advertisement. People in world suddenly confused because two secret government institute suddenly widely advertise their prodect.

Black Mesa Incident[edit]

Most horrible mistake that mankind ever made.
On Tuesday, May 16th, 2000. around 9:05 AM (PST+1), under the vast desert of New Mexico, USA, Top Secret Project began, ended with unbelievably catastrophic result. Uncountable of Xen Forces began to spawned on Black Mesa. Many of personnel to be injuried, or being killed. Kevin realized that this is last time to decide, bring his friends to shelter. However, event only affected on Black Mesa, making his friend to think Kevin as 'Mad Scientist'. But, after 4 month, around September 14th, 2000 (PST), Storm known as Portal Storm spreaded on Earth, leading Xen Forces to be spawned on Earth. Shortly after, evil empire known as Combine began to attack earth brutally. All Earth's military forces, including unlicensed forces, and civilian forces also began to attack against Combine. However, War ended within 7 hours by Combine Victory. Earth made complete surrender on UN Station, New York. Kevin's friend aleady ran out, and their fate is unknown.

Seven Hour War[edit]

Portal Storm brutally spawned Xen hostile in Earth around June, 2000. and Seven Hour War began around July 4th, 2000. Around 8:02 AM, massive Combine force invaded Earth via Portal Storm, declaring war. All military force on Earth start to fight against Combine. Combine judges that Earth's main headquarters is U.N. and starts full attack on American military and UN. 30 minutes later, as Combine know about Earth's military power, half of American force got eliminated. Combine also attacks on every single part of Earth. At around 9 AM, all communication (Mainly Internet, phone line, radio wave, TV, etc) has blocked and all citizen of Earth start to aware of Combine, while they were hiding from Xen hostile. Around 11 AM, Europe, Asia, even Oceania, and Africa participates on war. Civil force are made around this time, later evolved into Rebel. Not only Combine, but also Xen forces killed more citizen during this time. On 12 AM, America, Canada, half of Russia, and half of Africa, all military forces in Asia got eliminated by Combine. After about 30 minutes,, Asia collapsed. 50% of citizen of Earth neutralized by Combine and Xen forces. Europe now holds leader of war and starts massive air-strike agains Combine and Xen forces. on 1 AM, whole Earth is now in panic, all force has neutralized. On 1:30 AM, 80% of citizen neutralized, resist agains Combine has weakened a lot. Finally, on the same day, at 2:32 PM, Earth declairs 'Surrender' on burning UN station located on New York.. Combine victory on Seven Hour War. Massive number of citizen killed during war, numerous structure destroyed. However Combine 'saved' survivor at cost of their freedom.

Combine's Occupation[edit]

Combine first constructs about 20 citadel around Earth, as well as Weather Control Station. Constructs pipes in order to drain ocean. They have divided Earth in numerous section. and naming there as Area 1, Area 2... Combine also repairs some of debris of civilization and construct cities, naming there like City 1, City 2... Combine capture all remaining citizen of Earth and locked them in city. They should not communicate each other, publishing, creating media, etc. Combine creates 'Civil Protection'. Which is citizen can volunteers on patrol of City. Most animal has killed in sight, in order to remove Earth's life. (Xen creatures also killed many Earth's life too. Education for childrens has restricted too. Only basic education was possible, such as elementary word, primitive math. Combine also restricted using Earth's language. It is unknown if Kevin survived during this era.

Personality and skills[edit]

Judging from his diary, Kevin is extremely good at hacking, and inventing. also he apparently good at making friends. However, he can be upset/angry very easily. Despite he never had shooting lesson, Kevin also good at shooting gun, especially pump shotgun.


  • It is unknown how he invented time machine. However, he explained about teleportation (Since earth does not stay in same position, if counting earth's rotation, revolution, and sun's revolution for galaxy, and galaxy movement itself.) that he used dimension ripping device, possibly Portal Device.
  • Kevin's last name is Rattman, obviously referencing Doug Rattmann. by extreme coincidence, Kevin also had friend named Henry. it is unlikely that Kevin's friend Henry is same person who appeared in Portal 2: Lab Rat, Henry.
  • It is unknown if kevin is right handed, or ambidextrous. He mentioned that he is right handed in his several diary. but he also used his left hand for few times.
  • Kevin have multiple catchphrases, few of them is "Oh my science.", "Where is my towel?".
  • Kevin's favorite game is Legend of Zelda on NES (1986). He mentioned about it on his flashback.
  • Kevin's office is on Sector D-1187.
  • Kevin's authentication number is 30209-ILSYM.
  • Kevin's binary authentication number is 001100010010011110100001101101110011.
  • It is unknown why he joined for test subject. maybe because he liked to be testing out, or because Cave Johnson forced him.
  • Kevin once stated that he saw his another life on parallel universe. In his 'parallel universe', he born much ealier than original universe, around 1930. And he falls in love with a woman named 'Michelle'. CEO and founder of Aperture Corporation. Parallel form of Kevin disappeared around 1970. Leaving 3 daughters and 1 son to Michelle.

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