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This user page is displayed as a minor project page, edits from other users who are interested in helping zh-hans translation are welcomed.

(zh-hans = Simplified Chinese)

Currently, the contributors to following contents are User:Dereko, User:最後の猛獁, User:WeWindows10, and User:Requiem.

Created Templates[edit]

Translation Templates
The following templates are initially created on OverWiki to promote translation work of zh-hans. Potentially can be improved to support other languages as well in the future.

Dictionary template for zh-hans translation.

Template for basic translation switching support.

Similar to Template:OW.

Duplicated Templates
The following templates are translated versions of previously existing templates. Since the originals don't support translation switching, they are necessary for translation at the moment.

Ongoinig articles[edit]

Created articles[edit]