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"...qui tollis peccata mundi, dona eis requiem sempiternam...
― Mozart, Requiem in D minor, K626

About Me[edit]

I am a scion of the rogue state, an enthusiast of all things Combine, and an advocate of the revival of Half-Life culture in my home country. This account is registered pretty late, a long time after initially beginning my browse through the wiki and writing anonymously. Though not of English-speaking origin, my TOEFL score of 118 and IELTS score of 8.0 should be competent for editing work, and I'm a language perfectionist who demands the absolute extreme of concision and accuracy when it comes to editing articles. Currently I'm engaged in the simplified-Chinese wiki translation project.


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A Manifesto[edit]

After years of navigating though the maze of ads and nonsense in the old Half-Life Wiki, I finally arrived at the OverWiki, the true reliable source of HL/P lore. I immediately devoted myself to editing, and believed that with my hard work I could contribute to the improvements of the wiki. However after comparing the two sites, I became somewhat dissatisfied with the current situation: the OverWiki's for-profit alter ego, although notorious for its childish errors and whimsical updating, has at least superficially a larger active editor base, several old editors that didn't leave the place and, rarely, some articles that have more coverage or images. What's more disappointing to discover is that it almost always tops search pages due to Google's damnable algorithms. These findings discouraged me for some time, as I questioned the meanings of my work.

But, as I firmly believe now, the studious contributions that we here at Combine OverWiki made shall not be in vain, for we, although less in numbers and not resorting to abnormal means, have true intentions built purely upon our love for this legendary franchise and a high level of maintained administration. We shall triumph, not in quantity and attractiveness, but in quality and thoroughness. That is the creed that I hold to be self-evident and self-executing, for as Administrator Breen said, "If the OverWiki is to prove itself an indispensable augmentation to the Half-Life community, it will have to earn the privilege."