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M1A1 Abrams
General information



Main battle tank



  • Cannon
  • Heavy machine gun
Game information

N/A (brush) (the turret itself is named "func_breakable")


Steve Theodore[1]

The M1A1 Abrams[1] is a US military main battle tank used by the HECU during the Black Mesa Incident.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Half-Life

In Half-Life, the Abrams is first encountered in the chapter Surface Tension, providing fire support for a group of entrenched HECU soldiers. Another is stationed near the end of the chapter "Forget About Freeman!", blocking the entrance to the Black Mesa Central Complex. It differs from the first in that it also fires a machine gun. The tank is seen a third time near the end of the same chapter, this time with a mounted Heavy Machine Gun on top, and the hatch open. It is unmanned, allowing the player to fire the 120mm cannon and the Machine Gun at the incoming Vortigaunts and Alien Grunts.

[edit] Half-Life: Blue Shift

In Blue Shift, a single Abrams is encountered in the Freight Yard, in the chapter Captive Freight. It is placed on a train wagon, with a nearby truck conveniently stocked with rockets. It is not encountered for the rest of the game.

[edit] Tactics

  • Explosives or experimental weaponry (such as the Tau Cannon) are needed to destroy the Abrams, as it is completely bulletproof. Since it keeps on firing at the player with its cannon and machine gun, the best approach is to take cover and shoot it with the RPG or the Tau Cannon's secondary attack. Satchel Charges can also be used.
  • Surprisingly, the Abrams is vulnerable to the crowbar, and can be destroyed with a little over two dozen whacks to the turret. This is not a practical method of attack while under fire, but can be used to "soften up" an unsupported tank. Note however, that the final point of damage must come from a ranged weapon, as the tank's explosion upon destruction will kill the player.
  • If the Abrams catches Barney in the truck in Blue Shift, it blows off its back, which can only be survived by crouching. This Abrams only takes damage from hits on the turret. This can be achieved with simple gunfire, unlike the Abrams tanks featured in Half-Life.

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