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Plant Light (Xen)

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Plant Light
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The Plant Light[1] is a plant found commonly in Xen.


The Plant Light consists of a reddish-brown stalk around four feet tall with a small bulb on top that shines mostly bright yellow, but also green, purple, or white. Whenever approached, it shakes rapidly, dims its light, and retracts into its base. It eventually reemerges after a short period. It is mostly found near Xen Fungi or Xen Trees on Xen. They can also grow on cave ceilings as seen in the Gonarch's lair.

In Opposing Force, Plant Lights can be seen several times in the Black Mesa Research Facility by Adrian Shephard: in the chapter Missing in Action, where Xen flora seems to have invaded the facility, and in the chapter Vicarious Reality, where it can be seen in glass cases near Xen Fungi and the Barnacle Grapple, Xen flora being also studied by Black Mesa.

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • The Plant Light is in Half-Life 2 leak, and is called Lightstalk.[2] It was to be seen in the sewers under the Combine Factories, as seen in the map "d1_garage_02_03.vmf".[3] Its entity name was npc_lightstalk.
  • There is an unused dead texture variation of Plant Light in the files of Half-Life: Source.


Half-Life and its expansions[edit]

Half-Life 2 leak[edit]

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Plant Light (Xen)
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