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Tripod Hopper

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Tripod Hopper
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Ted Backman[1]

The Tripod Hopper[1] is an alien enemy cut from Half-Life 2. It never went further than the concept stage and was therefore never scripted.


This three-legged creature was to be some sort of hairy vagina on three legs, another sexual innuendo seen in the creatures designed by Ted Backman, as in Mr. Friendly or the Gonarch. It might also have inherited its legs from the Kingpin, an enemy cut from Half-Life. It is unknown if it was to have come to Earth through Xen.

Behavior and skills[edit]

It was to move by hopping from point to point and try to land on the victim's head. Some kind of fluid was to come from its central "mouth", helping what it was planning to do with its victim.[1] It was probably meant to be a Headcrab/Sacktick-like parasite.

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