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"It was Hoopy the hoop. We thought we should have a warehouse full of Hoopy t-shirts and mugs and posters…we would watch that hoop roll by over and over again. That was the part of the game we were most proud of, and nobody cared."
Erik Wolpaw[src]

Hoopie,[1] also known as Hoopy the hoop[2] or simply Hoopy,[2] is a small round metal hoop that was once part of GLaDOS.


[edit] Overview

Hoopie is first seen in Portal, when it falls out of the sky after GLaDOS' destruction at the end of the game.

It is seen again in Portal 2 in the Central AI Chamber, under a floor panel in Test Chamber 02, as well as in one of Doug Rattmann's dens near Test Chamber 06. Its last appearance is at the very end of Peer Review, where half of it can be seen on a rooftop above the area accessing GLaDOS' prototype chassis.

In some occasions, Hoopie can be found in the room near an exit to a custom Test Chamber created in the editor.

[edit] Behind the scenes

During Portal’s development, Hoopie was seen as a potential meme by the developers, who were very enthusiastic about it, but players didn't pick it up. Eventually, the Companion Cube and cake unexpectedly became the Portal memes instead.[2][1] Hoopie was more prominently featured in Portal 2, but again wasn't successful, being overshadowed by other new memes, such as the lemons speech by Cave Johnson, or the Space Core's "SPAAACE!" speeches.

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[edit] References

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