This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
This subject is related to the Combine era.

List of minor cut creatures

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
This subject is related to the Combine era.

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This article lists the various minor alien creatures cut from the Half-Life and Portal universe.


Fast Walker[edit]

Designed by Ted Backman, the Fast Walker,[1] also known as the Spidasaur,[2] was to be a highly intelligent, dog-like alien ally to the player.

Following the player around, it was to act as its guard dog/lookout, running away at the presence of major opponents or barking to alert about what was around the next corner, with the help of its six eyes allowing night vision and heat detection. It was also to learn to love Gordon thanks to the fresh meat he would inadvertently provide through combat. Its well developed forelimbs were also to allow it to use machinery and weapons.[1]

Unnamed creature[edit]

Designed by Ted Backman, this unidentified creature was originally designed for Quiver.[3]

Unnamed creature[edit]

Designed by Chuck Jones, this unidentified creature was originally designed for Quiver.[4]

Half-Life 2[edit]

Antlion Birther[edit]

Most likely designed by Dhabih Eng,[5] concept art of an Antlion form known as the Antlion Birther was leaked during the 2023 repository leak. The existing model in the Half-Life 2 leak, Birther.mdl, is that of a standard Antlion Soldier.

Combine Mobile Mine[edit]

The Combine Mobile Mine was to be a tick-like creature of approximately 12 inches long.[6] Eventually, Half-Life 2 implemented mechanical mines only, such as the Hopper and the Combine Laser Tripmine.


Designed by Ted Backman, the Gasflyer[7] was to have a sack made of translucent polygons with visible feathery organs. Shooting this sack was to cause the creature to come crashing to the ground, helpless.

A flocking creature, it was to use stun gas from vents located on its back to disable the player, similar to the concussion grenade from Team Fortress Classic. Once the player was stunned, this creatures was to change tactics and all rush in, attempting to deliver a fatal sting with its long tail.

It was to have a feeding tube extending once the prey had been subdued, with a stinger at its end. Groups of these creatures were to be seen with their tubes extended, tethering them to their dead prey "like a hellish balloon".[8]

Sewer Fauna[edit]

Designed by Ted Backman, the generically-termed Sewer Fauna was to have a body length of around 5 feet, just enough to pin a human underneath its mouth. It was to have a thin, whippy tail and floppy pouches, and a transparent membrane between its four front legs. All movement it was to make was to be accomplished by leaping from point to point, using its whole body as a spring.[8]


Designed by Ted Backman, the Stampeder was to be a four-legged creature with four hairy protrusions connected to its legs, and a large mouth with four fangs.[9]

Tripod Hopper[edit]

Designed by Ted Backman, this three-legged creature was to be some sort of hairy vagina on three legs. The planned model's hairs were to be rendered through an alpha masked quad, and it was planned to ride on flexcontrollers.

It was to move by hopping from point to point and try to land on the victim's head. Some kind of fluid was to stream from its mouth. From above, it was to appear as a three-pointed star.[8]

Unnamed creature[edit]

Designed by Ted Backman, this unnamed vertical creature was to have a smaller appendix waggling feverishly.[9]

Unnamed creature[edit]

Designed by Ted Backman, this two-legged creature was to have a rat-like face and whiskers, a spiked tail, and be 5 feet tall.[10]

Unnamed Synth[edit]

Designed by Dhabih Eng,[11] this unnamed Synth is seen alongside a Crab Synth in Raising the Bar.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two[edit]

Antlion Egglayer[edit]

The 2023 repository leak revealed a texture for a model named "Antlion Egglayer".[12] It shows an unusual coloration, with skin-like pinkish parts, a long ovipositor-like tube, and sack-like part with veins. The model itself is missing; however, a map from an earlier leak, ep2_demo_guard, includes a group of spherical placeholders named "_egglayers" in form of web spheres attached to the cave ceiling.

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