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Panther Eye
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Chuck Jones[1]

The Panther Eye,[1] also known as Panthereye, is an alien enemy cut from Half-Life. It comes in two versions: a blue-colored, which was created first, and a red-colored. While not in the retail game files, the source files of the red version can be found in the Half-Life SDK files, where its folder bears the name "Diablo". Both the blue and red versions can be found in the leaked Half-Life Alpha.


[edit] Overview

Like many of the Xen creatures, it has a single eye and is overall very similar to the Vortigaunt. Originally created for Quiver, it was first called "Sound Dog".[1] This theme relates to the Houndeye, who bears a similar name.

[edit] Behavior and skills

  • Of the size of a panther, it was to throw its victims on the ground and attack them somehow with its mouth and some sort of beige tongue located behind its chin (as seen in the red version), while blocking them with its paws.
  • It was also to slash and push its victims with the claws of its upper paws.
  • The blue version has compound eyes, likely allowing the creature to see with a very large view angle.
  • Other animations see it crawling on its belly to avoid being noticed.
  • It was to run very fast, making it a very efficient opponent, and waving its tail while being idle.
  • Overall, its behavior was to be more or less like a panther or any feline animal from earth, hence its name.
  • The leaked Half-Life Alpha contains 4 Panther Eye sounds, used for when it is idle. It consists mostly of high-pitched groaning sounds (reminiscent of the "Sound Dog" concept) and undetermined noises.

[edit] Trivia

The Panther Eye has since appeared in several mods, notably Azure Sheep, Point of View and They Hunger 3.

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