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It's a Wonderful Half-Life

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It's a Wonderful Half-Life

Michael "Scud" Houston[1]



Publication date

November 13, 1998[2]


9 (83 panels)

It's a Wonderful Half-Life is the 6th issue of an online fan comic called The Adventures of Dank and Scud produced by Michael Houston.[3] It features characters from Quake in an early Half-Life world.[2]


Dank and Scud find themselves back on Earth, only to be caught in the middle of some hideous military experiment gone terribly wrong.[4]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Author Michael Houston was invited to Valve to create an issue of his Dank and Scud series based on Half-Life before the game's release.[source?] The comic was built using early versions of the game content, highlighting a number of models and environments in their pre-release state.


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