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The submarine is a submersible cut from Half-Life 2.[1][2][3][4]


At the end of the original Borealis chapter, Odell and Gordon Freeman were to leave the ship with a submarine, and set off to Kraken Base.

While no submarine is present in any of the Borealis maps, Raising the Bar indicates Kraken Base to be the next location, and the most complete Kraken Base map, proto_deep002b or proto_deep002, indeed features a small submarine brush located in the only possible entrance (other than teleportation) to the base. Moreover, Odell mentions getting to the submarine in his dialogue files, and the journey was confirmed by writer Marc Laidlaw.


The WC map pack map props_borealis shows that at least 4 models related to the submarine, but not found in the leak, were present: sub_thrusters01.mdl, sub_rearcone01.mdl, sub_oxygentanks01.mdl, sub_canopy01.mdl.